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Wow, what an evening we had. I loved every second of it. So I never thought it could get any better. But, I was so wrong.

After a few days of sitting around wondering and being dreamy minded about the great time my husband, our friend and I had in the hot tub I decided to make the call myself.

"Hello." Our friend answered his phone.

"Hi." I said and waited for a responce. Normally when I call he never wants to talk and gets off the phone pretty quick.

"Hi. I didn't think you would be calling me. Your husband always calls or I call him." He tells me.

"Yeah, I know. I wanted to call you and let you know that I really enjoyed our last 2 times with you and my husband and am really looking forward to the next time. I hope there will be a next time." I confided in him.

"Well, I will have to say that I loved it myself and I too am looking ahead to the next time. Yes, I do want to get with you guys again." He tells me.

"Ok. We don't have anything planned tonight." I let the statement speak for itself and waiting to hear him say he would or wouldn't come over.

"Around 9?" He asked.

"See you then." I tell him then hung up the phone.

Just talking to him on the phone got my pussy wet and I had to take care of it right then and there.

My husband got home from work around 6:30 and made his way into the shower. Afterwards he relaxed on the sofa with a cup of coffee as he usually does. I went in and sat beside him and gave him a little kiss and went right for his cock. For several seconds I rubbed him until he spoke.

"What's this all about? Has anything been going on while I was at work?" He asked as he put his cup down.

"Nothing has been going on. I just felt like playing around a little before dinner." I told him. I wasn't lying, really. I wanted to mess around and I wasn't going to tell him our friend would be coming over at 9. Something naughty in me wanted to surprise him.

"Fine with me." He said as he pulled my tshirt up over my head and reveiled my braless breast.

"Why don't you go get your clothes off while I get the hot tub ready?" I asked him, knowing he would jump at that idea.

"Ok." He said as he stood and began to strip.

I went to the back porch and turn on the tub and sat on the edge. The evening air felt great on my breast and the memory of the other night came back to me. That feeling of wetness returned to me as I watched the water begin to swirl.

I stood up and pulled my shorts off and then the thong I was wearing. The crotch area was already wet from the thoughts I was having.

Going back into the house I walked past my husband and made my way to the bathroom.

"Where you going?" He asked as he gave my ass a gentle slap.

"To potty." I told him as I wiggled my butt walking down the hall. On the way past the kitchen I grabbed the phone.

"Why don't you go out back and relax for awhile, while I do what I have to do?" I said and he walked toward the back door.

Once in the bathroom I sat down and dialed the number.

"Hello." Our friend said.

"It's me again." I said.

"Oh hi. Calling to cancel tonight?" He asked in a kind of dejected tone.

"No way. I was calling to see if you could come over now?" I asked in a hopeful tone.

"Well,I have been just sitting here at the office and was watching the clock tick. I'll be there in 10 minutes." He said and hung up.

My pussy twitched as I heard the words. Smiling I walk out the back door and there was my husband in the hot tub waiting.

It was obvious that he had been playing with himself cause I could see his erect cock in the water.

I got in and bent over. Backing up against him I rubbed my ass in his face as I slide down him.

"You don't know how long I've wanted you to do that." He said as he reached for me.

"Not yet. Why don't you sit on the edge of the tub so I can play a little." I instructed him.

He got up and sat down on the edge of the tub. I crawled over in the water and began to lick his cock from his balls to the tip.

"Ummmm." He moaned. "Every man should have a woman like you to come home to." He contined.

I heard a car pull into the drive then a door shut.

"Was that a car I heard." He said and I took his cock deep into my mouth and began to try and swallow the head.

He loves it when I try to do that too him. Just then we heard a voice.

"Oooops. Am I interrupting anything?" Our friend asked as he opened the door to our hot tub room. I let my husband cock fall from my mouth and turned to see our friend.

"Not at all. Care to get in?" I asked as I turned back to my husband.

"Sure." He said as I listened and heard his zipper go down on his slacks and then I heard him step into the hot tub.

"Hey man. Don't just sit there watching." My husband said as our friend sat on the other side of the tub.

"Didn't want to bother you, you look like it was beginning to feel great." He said as he came over close to my.

"Yes it is. But, that doesn't mean you have to stay over there." He said to our friend as I took more of his cock into my mouth. Right away he knew that I had called him and that I was really turned on that he was there. Also, he knew that I wanted him to fuck me from behind.

"Why don't you make yourself useful?" My husband said as our friend began to fondle my ass cheeks.

My pussy spasmed and I took more of my husbands cock inside my mouth. I could feel his large cock head pressing at my throat.

My husband grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth so I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart to give our friend complete access to me.

He leaned forward and licked my pussy from the top of my clit all the way to my asshole. I thought I would come right then, but I managed to hold it off.

"Your pussy taste so good." He told me as he sucked on my clit and rubbed his finger around my butt hole. I had never liked that before today. For some reason it was feeling so good I didn't want him to stop.

I pushed back against his tongue and pulled my husband down to the top step of the hot tub. Pushing him back I slowly climbed on top him and sank his dick as far as it would go into my pussy.

"Hey that's not fair." Our friend said with a chuckle.

"It's ok. There's other things to do back there." I told him as I leaned forward to open myself to him.

Seconds later I felt his cock head as he rubbed it on my clit and up to my ass. I had never liked anyone messing with my butt, but for some reason today I wanted him too.

As he rubbed my clit with his cock he kept one finger massaging my ass and I was loving it.

He kept sliding a finger or two into my pussy to get them wet. Then he would take his fingers and wipe them on ass. Slowly he sank one finger then two inside my ass while my husband fucked my mouth with his cock.

After a few minutes of this he pulled his fingers from my ass and then he started to rub his cock on my ass where his fingers had just been.

My husband was too busy fucking me and sucking on my breast to notice that I was about to let our friend do something to me that my husband had only done maybe 3 times the whole time since we met some 9 years ago.

My husband looked up the very instant he felt our friends cock or maybe balls touching him as he fucked me.

Our friend was rubbing his cock on my ass and I pushed back every time we opened our site. After a couple times of this he got the hint and began pushing.

Never before then did I want a cock in my ass, but I wanted it now.

He pushed slowly as I rocked onto my husband. First I felt the large purple head of his cock as it made it's way in my ass.

This was the first time I had ever tried what's called double pentration and I knew that I really wanted to try it with him and my husband together.

After a little more moving on him I felt as thogh I was ready so I pushed back really hard. Almost instantly I felt my ass give way and his cock begin to fill me from the rear.

"Oh wow. This feels incredible." Was all my husband could say.

"Yeah it feels great and thats for sure." He was now slowly pushing and pulling his cock in and out of my ass and I knew I want more. Suddenly he pushed forward with more force and felt my ass being feeled with his wonderful cock.

Just then I felt my husbands cock begin to throb and I knew he was getting close to cumming. Also our friend was gettign closer also.

I held still and they both began to pump me faster and harder.

Suddenly they both began to cum at the same time and I loved the feeling of having my pussy filled and my ass filled at the same time.

I was spent and couldn't move my leg but I didn't care. I jsut wanted more of these 2 cocks that I've come to want everyday.

More to follow

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