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Grace While everyone else in the family was planning on taking a 2 week trip I was informed that I had to work those weeks. It was not my idea of fun to have to work. But what else do you do when you are in effect told your job depends on it. So I bit my tongue and broke the bad new that I would not be able to go on the family reunion. The wife was not to happy but she understood a little. A few days before everyone was to leave one of my wife's grand-nieces decided she did not want to go. Grace's mother at first would not stand for it. Grace had just turned 18 so she really worked on her mother. When she finally got permission it was only that she stay with me. So her mother would know where she was when Grace was not working.

Everyone else left early Friday morning just before I left for work. I had never given Grace much thought. Sure she was a very pretty girl. But I always left it at that. That afternoon when I got off work I headed home and began doing some lawn work before Grace here. I had barely gotten out of the shower and dressed when I heard Grace call out my name.

I met her in the hallway and asked what she where she wanted to eat, here or out. She decided to eat out. She changed her clothes and we headed out. I chose an Italian place not very far from the house. We had a nice meal and then headed back to the house. It was on the way back that I noticed that her skirt was ridding high on her thighs. I had never seen such legs on any 18 year old before. I continued to make small talk with her all the way back home.

Once home I took out a bottle of wine and poured a glass. I was sipping it when Grace asked if she could taste it. So I let her have a sip of mine. Then she asked if she could have a glass. At first I thought I better not. But then I thought what the hell, her mother would never know. So I pour her a glass and brought the bottle back with me. We were sitting there watching TV and talking. I was still on my first glass when I noticed that she was pouring her third glass. I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back out she was had left too. She came out of the extra bedroom wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. As she came back on the sofa I poured her another glass of wine. This time she sat down closer to me. Before long I could tell that the wine was having an effect on her. Grace picked up a pillow placed it on my lap and laid her head down on it.

As she had her head on my lap we continued to chat not much was on TV so we turned it off. At one point I placed my hand on her head and gently stroked her dark brown hair. As I did that she just laid there enjoying it. I glance at her and she had turned her head more toward my body. So I gently touched her face. When I did she sat up and did the same to me. As we sat there touching and stroking each other face Grace moved her face closer to me. Before long we were kissing. At first it was just very tender kisses, then they became more passionate. I knew I should break this up but I had no desire to. After all how often does a 48 year old man get to kiss a 18 year old girl.

As we got more and more involved in our kisses our hands naturally began to roam over each others body. When my hands found her breast Grace moaned and moved closer into me. I pulled her onto my lap sitting facing me and continued kissing and feeling very tight body wiggling over my lap. I worked my hands under her T-shirt and moved them up until I had a hand full of her teenage tit. It was then that I learned that she had removed her bra. At that I pulled her shirt up and off of her. There she was sitting in my lap in just her shorts. So I moved my head forward and took a lick on a nipple. This brought a moan from Grace's lip's. She moaned even more when I fastened my lips around it and began to suckle it. Grace was pulling my head into her breast and moaning and whispering my name.

When I moved my head from her tit. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. I pulled her closer and began to kiss and nibble on her neck while moving my hands up and down her back. I finally lowered my hands onto her tight teenage ass and pulled her even closer into me. I turned her around and slowly lowered onto the sofa while still holding and kissing her. I brought my hands around and lowered then to her shorts and undid them. She raised her hips as I began pulling them off of her. I slipped my hand between her legs and began to work a finger into her. As I did she moaned into my mouth. I continued working on her until she was bucking up onto my finger. I stood up and removed my pants and boxers and moved back to her. She scooted over and we where laying there both naked on the sofa kissing and feeling each other.

When I could not stand it any more I pulled her until she was on her back on the sofa and moved between her legs. I gently began to enter her. Man was she tight. I slowly began making love to her. I wanted it to be good for both of us. As we were fucking each other she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her more and came. I kept my pace going until I came and she did too. After ward we lay there still joined together reflecting in our after glow. I knew at that moment that we were in store for a glorious 2 weeks together.

We eventually made into my bedroom and fell into the bed. I moved to her breast again and started working my way down to that lovely pussy of hers. Once I reached her love nest I began to tease her with my tongue. When we could not resist any longer I slid it into her and started eating her out with all I had. After several minutes she came again calling out my name. I then move upward and began entering her again. I did not care about any thing this time but just to fuck her. That is just what I did too. I pounded into her as she moaned her approval. All the while she was urging me to fuck her harder. After we both had a climax we rolled onto our sides and just held each other tightly and kissed. Pretty soon we drifted off to sleep.

I was awaken a few hours later by her getting back into bed. As she did she snuggled up next to me and placed her hand on my dick and gently stroking it. As she did it began to respond to her touch. I reached out and began stroking her as I did she moved over me and began kissing me and started working her way down until she got to my hardness. At first Grace used her tongue to lick around the head while she moved a hand down to my balls. Slowly she started to ease it into her small delicate mouth and suck on it. I reached for her head and started easing it further down onto my now rock hard dick. As I did I would gently ease her head back up and gently lower down a bit further as she continued to suck me. I wanted to take this slow as I did not know if she had ever hard a dick all the way into her mouth before. I continued this until I hear her gag a little. I eased her head back and began to work her down even still farther down on me. This time she did not gag but instead she grabbed my hips and pulled into her hot little mouth, then I felt her nose buried against my skin. Soon we found a steady pace as she gave me a blow job like I had never had before. After a few minutes of this and the muscles in her neck working on me I shot off into her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. She continued use her tongue on me until I was hard again. This time I moved her over onto all fours. I got behind her and entered her in one push. I took hold of her hips as I pounded into her. Soon she was coming and urging me on. After she came she collapsed down as I followed her. She was breathing hard but very relaxed.

I pulled out of her oh so tight teenage pussy and just moved my hands up and down her back until I reached her tight ass. I began to rub and massage them and that produced a series of moans from her. I got a little braver and moved down and started kissing the cheeks of her ass. I moved her legs apart until I could see everything between her legs. I raised her ass in the air and slid a finger into her pussy from behind. As I did she moaned and turned her head to one side and told me how good it felt. I bent down and licked her juicy wet slit all to way to her virgin asshole.

Once my tongue touched her asshole she moaned, "Nooooo". But that was soon replaced with her groaning her approval. I spent several minutes just licking and kissing her ass before I eased a finger into her tight ass. As I did she moaned even louder. I started moving my finger in and out of her ass getting her use to it before I introduced her to a second finger in her now relaxing asshole. As her ass relaxed more with the use of 2 finger her body started reacting to this new sensation. I reached over to the bed side table and got the lube I kept there. I placed a glob on her hole and began working it in with my 2 fingers as she relaxed more and more I was able to place a third finger into her now stretched asshole. I moved my fingers in her ass in all kinds of positions. By this time she was just moaning and urging me on.

At this point I lubed my dick up and removed my fingers from her. As my fingers came out of her Grace moaned to me, 'no put them back in". I guided my now lubed up dick to her now relaxed asshole. When I touched it her body moved back toward me and I slipped into her virgin ass. I did not ram it all the way into her for fear of hurting her to much. As she relaxed and realized what we were now doing she pushed her ass further onto my dick. Soon I was buried all the way in that ass most teenage boys would die to fuck. We started off slow and began working into a true ass fucking. As I pounded her ass she kept telling me to fuck her. Soon I felt that tension building and I started to really pound that ass of hers. As I erupted in her ass she came so hard she was shaking all over. I collapsed on top of her back and rolled on to my side carrying her with me. She turned her head toward me and we kissed. Soon we fell back to sleep until morning.

The morning brought on new surprises for us. We awoke and after a quick kiss headed to the bath room separately to freshen up from the night before. We headed into the kitchen where I made coffee for me and she had juice and toast. As we sat there nude enjoying the after glow of the night before Grace announced that she had never expected any thing like that to happen between us. I agreed but I told her I was not sorry that it happened and she quickly agreed. She then told me that she could not wait for more of the same the rest of our time together as she sat down in my lap. Since it was Saturday we had the whole weekend to explore each other more. And we certainly did! Beginning right there in the kitchen.

As she was sitting on my lap I began getting hard just thinking of having such a young thing to play with for 2 weeks and to train to my liking as well. She got up and took the dishes to the sink and I was right behind her. As she rinsed then off I stood behind her and pressed into her and wrapped my arms around her and cupped her breast. I began kissing and licking around her ears and soon moved to her neck. I lowered a hand to her pussy and discovered it was soaked. I pulled her back a little and stepped between her legs. I thin aimed my dick up to her and pushed it in. A gasp came from her lips as I began our first session of the day. She bumped and grind against me as I thrust into her. Soon she was moaning and calling my name as I took there in the kitchen.

When her orgasm hit her it was like her legs suddenly gave out on her. I held on to her as I continued to plow into her. I pulled out and turned her around and lifted her up onto the counter. I then stepped between her legs and reentered her. This time she was able to wrap her arm's around me as she held on for dear life. I pounded into her as she moved her legs around my waist and pulled me further into her. When I blasted into her she had a screaming orgasm that was sure to arouse the next door neighbors. As I pulled out of her I lead her over to the sofa. I had her kneel in front of it and place her upper body on it. I then moved behind her and started kissing and licking her ass.

Almost on instinct she reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I licked and kissed her asshole until she was begging for me to fuck her. I then guided my dick to her ass and began pushing slowly into her tight ass. Half way in she moaned that it felt so good that I just rammed the rest of it in. When I did she cried out with both pain and pleasure. Soon I was giving her what we both wanted. As I took her ass she kept begging me to fuck her harder. As I did, I told her how much I loved her tight ass and that I wanted to fuck it all the time. This got to her and Grace was most agreeable to it. She said I could have her ass any time and any way I wanted it as long as I took care of her other needs from time to time.

By this time I was ramming her so hard that she just laid her head down on the sofa and let me do it to her as hard as I wanted. When I came in her ass she also came as well and cried out that she loved me. We fell onto the floor just hugging and kissing and pledging our love and lust to each other. After we cleaned up we returned to the sofa to rest for a while. I then asked her if she meant what she had said and she told me that yes she did. And that she could not wait for me to keep her ass full of cock and come. I then explained that she would also have to learn to suck me any time I wanted her too. This too she agreed to.

With this out of the way I stood up and told her to kneel before me and start sucking me. Grace was a wonder to behold as she knelt down and began sucking me into her mouth. Soon I was holding her head and just fucking her face. I was very proud of her be able to take it all the way to the root with very little gagging. But I did not want to come just yet so I pulled of that mouth of her and pushed down on her back. I moved over her and grabbed her legs and lift them up to my shoulders. with one push I was soon back in her ass. This time though I did not just pound away at her ass. I began a slow pumping into her ass really making love to her and her ass. All the while we were clutching each other kissing and promising or love and devotion to one another. Finally we reached the stage were we both ready to come and boy did we. Like an electric shock wave we both came at the same time. After we had both come down from it we cleaned up and headed out to eat.

After enjoying a lovely meal we headed back home and stripped again for some more fun. But then the phone rang and it was Grace's mom checking up on her. I handed the phone to her as she told her mom she was having a wonderful time and that we had just gotten back from lunch. While she was talking to her mom I got between her legs and started eating her delicious pussy. It was not long before she told her mom bye and that she would see her in when she got back. After she hung up the phone she just reached down and pulled my face harder into her pussy as I ate her out and when she came her whole body shook from it.

After she had calmed down some she told me that having me eat her while she was talking to her mom on the phone was the most exciting thing and that she could not wait to do that again. I knew at this point I had created a sex maniac like me. We then decided to head to the bedroom where we spent the rest of the day with me either in her tight pussy or even tighter ass. By the time we were ready to call it a night I had been in her 5 time 2 times in her pussy and 3 times in her ass since that phone call. Not bad for a 48 year old man with an 18 year old girl.

The next morning I was awaken to her sucking me back to life. See her lovely trimmed pussy in front of me I pulled her toward me and began giving her the same treatment in return. After we both came we headed to the bathroom to shower together. As I washed her back I let my hand drift down to her ass and I squeezed and pulled it. I then placed her hand onto the rack so she was bend over slightly. I then entered her for the first time that day. After our bathroom adventure we headed back to bed. Once there I guided her into the middle of the bed on all fours. I started by licking her juice slit and worked my way up to that lovely asshole that she so willing had given to me. Once I knew she was ready I slowly began entering her ass as she moaned her approval. As we slowly worked up to a steady pace of me sliding in and out of her ass she was telling me how much she loved this from me. Being the ass man that I am I had to agree. When I shot up my load into that ass of hers she came as well. The rest of the day we continued to please each other in any way we could think of. By night time we were totally spent.

With the end of the weekend it was time for both of us to return to work Monday morning. After kissing each other bye off we headed. to work. She was home when I got home from work and she had already prepared dinner for us. As we ate we our feet began playing with each other under the table. Grace told me she had a hard time keeping her mind off me all day. I told her I had had the same trouble too. After clearing the table and doing the dishes we stripped nude and returned to the living room where we began watching a movie together. As we held each other just enjoying being together we decided to retire early. As she joined me in bed I pulled her to me and slowly began to make love to her. As she came I withdrew from her and eased into her ass and we continued to make love to each other until we both came. We then fell fast a sleep until morning. Every night of the week we were like a young married couple having sex each and every night.

Our routine continued until just before all the family was due to return. Everyone was due back on Sunday so on Friday I had something special in mind. I got off early and headed home when she got home after working she found me already nude and waiting for her. Grace quickly stripped and we soon headed to the bed. I guided her down upon it I had attached some ropes to the post of the bed and tied her hand and feet to them. I then moved down and began licking and eating her out. When she came she was moaning for me to take her. But I just continued to eat to another orgasm. I keep this up until she had come about 5 or 6 times. I then moved over her and entered her sloppy wet pussy to the max. I rammed her until she was begging for me to untie her. As I came she also did too shaking all over with delight. I then untied her and raised her legs and entered her ass. This sent her over the edge as she just lost it and began encouraging me to fuck her ass. Our pace increased until we both came with such force that the bed shook from our massive orgasm. As we rested we talked about what we would do since that family was due home in 2 days. It was then that we decided to try and return to the way things had been before. But we both knew that that was going to be hard to do.

A few months later Grace moved out on her own into an apartment of her own. And before long I found myself being called upon by her to help her with some task that she needed done. She always came up with something new either her computer was down or her car need work. Of course these were just so we could be together and renew our love for each other. This has been going on now for 2 years and now we are thinking of just moving away to another state so we can be together forever...

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