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Good Bitch

Another call from Amy this is the fourth time today I look as I hear
the phone ring again.
"Speak!" I demand as I pick up the phone.
"Kim I can't wait until next week please let me come over tonight."
Amy pleads.
" I don't not have time for you tonight, I have someone coming over.
How has my little bitch been today? Being good I hope?" I question.
"I haven't been with anyone else. You told me not to masterbate so
I haven't. I need you before I explode. Please Kim I want you so bad."
She begs again.
"Fine usual time, my place, be prepared for some pain. I am feeling
in an awful good mood today." I smile as I tell her.
I smell of sweat and stale urine but I do not wash. Amy comes over
around 7:00p.m. with a satisfied but pleading look on her face. Wearing a
thin see through dress she walks to my bedroom. I lead her into the
bathroom and demand her to sit and listen.
"We are going to try something you haven't done before. If you do not
help me perform these tasks you will not get my reward. You know you want
me so do as I say."
Standing her up I grab her head and plunge into a deep frim kiss. My
other hand wanders down and feels her already warm crotch. Lifting her
dress above her head and pulling it off I reveal her large supple breasts
and shaved pussy. Taking her hand I lead her into the tub and sit her
naked body on the floor. I climb in and stand above her looking
at this beautiful woman.
"I am going to Pee on you now, I want you to offer you face to me and
let me pee on it. Keep your eyes open but mouth closed. Look at me as I
pee on you. Feel the warmth and let it excite you. If you move I will
yank your head back into place." I instruct the confused girl.
Amy sat very still and willing. She offered her face up and I let my
stream of urine flow onto it. It trickled over her soft lips down her
neck, onto her large breasts and dripped off her nipples slowly falling.
Surprisingly she even smiled as I peed on her body. I held my urine and
moved closer to her head, grabbing her hair I let my urine flow again
into her hair soaking it with my aroma. Happy at how good she was being I
let her stand and I turned on the warm water.
"Stand and wash me, then wash yourself. You have been a good bitch,
very willing today."
Excitedly she stood, enjoying the fact that I had called her my good
lil bitch which I had never done before. She took the soap and washed
every inch, making sure she washed my vagina and ass throughly. Then I
rinsed as she did the same for herself. Having contorl over this woman
and seeing her naked body turned me on that I couldn't wait. I had to
please her. I had to reward her for trying something new for me.
Grabbing her hair I pulled her toward me. Kissing her soft lips I
moved down. I stopped and bit her neck. I bit so hard so bled slightly
into my mouth which I laped up. She moaned. I have trained her well to
enjoy pain and channel it for good. I cupped her breast into my hand and
swallowed her nipple into my mouth sucking so hard she grabbed my head,
with the other hand It pinched her other nipple tightly. Again a soft
moan escaped her. Her noises fueled me. It made me want to to give her
more. Please her, hurt her, Let her enjoy being taken.
Kneeling I pushed her against the wall and found her clit. I sucked
and nibbled so hard I thought she mught cum right now. I knew I had to
slow down and give her time to enjoy it fully. I licked slower up
and down sucking on her pussy lips making them red. In and out I slid my
tongue in her warm cunt. The moans got louder and more steady. I put some
fingers into my mouth and got them wet then harshly stuck 3 into her
tight asshole. She screamed in pain and surprise. Oh how I enjoy her
sounds, this set me off again. I found her clit with my mouth and sucked
and nippled hard as I pumped her ass with my fingers.
After a few more minutes she screamed out "I'm about to cum! Thank you
master! OHHHH thank you! OOOOOHHHHHHH"
I slide my tongue in her pussy deep and laped up every drop. I loved
her sweet and tangy taste. She looked at me very satisfied and I pulled
out my fingers.
"Thank you Kim. Thank you matser. That felt like such a huge relase, I
needed that. May I give you oral now?" She asked.
"No not tonight someone else will take care of that later. It was
your night to have fun. Now remember next time. If you do as I say you
will get rewarded. I have authority but I am fair about how I deal it
out. You have been a good bitch tonight. You may go home now and I will
see you again soon."

End of Story