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Going To The Adult Theatre Drunk

I love going to an adult theatre. I like watching xxx movies in that kind of atmosphere. Watching a woman have sex with a group of men ,while other guys are jerking or sucking each other off is erotic as hell. I would go once every few months or so and enjoyed it. I never got involved with any of the action going on inside eventhough i had a huge curiosity about it. I would sit in the area where the action always seemed to take place hoping to get a closer look at the action. Sitting in that area i got propositioned alot but i always declined. One night i went out and had a few drinks with friends from work .we are all married so the night was short since we all had to get wife was out of town visiting family so i didnt have anything to do at home. I decided to go to the theatre and check out the action. It was around 10:00 or so at night .i didnt know what to expect because i usually go durring the day. This place was almost full unlike when i usually go. I had to look for a place to sit because of all the people. I couldnt belive how much was going on people getting blowjobs everywhere,a couple guys were getting fucked in the ass bent over the chairs. This was the wildest thing i have ever seen. After a few minutes the guy sitting beside me started rubbing my leg. To my surprise i just let him. I guess it was the alcohol i had been drinking but in a matter of minutes i had my pants off and was letting him swallow my dick. He sucked me for a little while then said lets move down front so we have more room. I followed him to the right front corner of the place. He fell to his knees and resumed with the blowjob. We had several people standing around watching us . He stopped and stood up and said if i would return the favor. I had always wondered about doing it but never thought i actually would. But before i knew it i was on my knees looking face to face with a mans dick. Must have been the alcohol because i didnt care . I just started licking and sucking like i knew what i was doing. I started fast and was getting tired really quick so i slowed down which is when i realized he was really enjoying it. I wasnt thinking about myself all i could think about anything but doing it good for him. He started pulling back away from me but i wouldnt let him i wanted to finish him the was i always like to be finished. He started to tighten up so i knew what was gonna happen. I just kept sucking just not as hard. He started fucking my face and was cumming all down my throat . I sucked until he backed away totaly limp. I was on my knees ,with a mouth full of cum,in front of a bunch of horny men with their dicks in their hands so i just reached for another one. I started sucking him and everyone else closed in on me. I hed so many guys around me i could tell who was who. Some white guys some black guys some large some small i didnt care i sucked them all . I dont know how many ,but probably 15-20 guys before i had enough. I had made myself cum a few times while i was on my knees so i was totally spent. I got in my car to leave and noticed it was 3:00. I had spent 5 hours almost on my knees sucking dick and swallowing cum. It was an awesome night dont know if i will ever do it again ,but i will be careful about being about drunk next time i go to the theatre.

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