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Getting to know Rene

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A young lady that worked for the same company as I, is the subject of one of my fantasies. Rene is all of about five foot four, 120 pounds, and about a 36B-25-36. She has short dirty blonde hair that surrounds her lovely face just right. In contrast I am a six foot one, 250 pound, dark brown haired, hazel-eyed male who has fantasized about getting in between this young lady's thighs. I dream about sucking on her pussy, as well as putting my hard dick inside that same pussy for several hours of pleasure for both of us for several months.

In my fantasy with Rene, we have been working on a project all day, trying to get an item correct for a presentation by a supervisor the next day. When we finally get done she comments ?Finally, we are done with that thing. Now I can finally get something to eat, as I?m famished, I have not been able to get a bite to eat all day.? With that I tell her ?In a way, since I am to blame, the least I could do is take you to dinner.? She responds by saying ?Let me get my jacket and purse and we'll go.?

Grabbing a few things from my work area, I go back to Rene's work area to escort her out to my truck so we can depart. After we get in my truck I look at Rene and tell her ?There is something I have been wanting to do for quite awhile now.? She asks ?And that is?? Instead of telling her, I reach out and take her hand, and lightly pull her beside me. Taking her into my arms I proceed to kiss her. She in turn wraps her arms around my neck and gives me back a wonderful, deep, and passionate kiss.

When we separate, Rene says, ?You know we shouldn't really be doing this. What would our spouses have to say?" I tell her, ?Rene, I have to tell you, I have been wanting to do that, and more, for a quite some time. However, if you don?t want me to conduct that type of advances, we will just go eat, and this one incident will have been the end of it. However Rene, I have the feeling that you have wanted to do the same with me. Am I correct? To let you know though, with the way I want to be with you, I could care less what they, or anyone for that matter, would say. If you would like though, we can invite them along with us, who knows, maybe they would enjoy each other's company.? She says, ?What you are offering does sound interesting, and I might really like to pursue it some more. But maybe later, right now I?m hungry, so please let's go get something to eat.? I tell her, ?Rene, what I really want to eat is all protein and only a woman can provide it.? She looks at me quizzically, and I tell her ?I want to suck on your pussy.? Squeezing my hand, she says ?We just might have to see about that, but I really do want some food. Especially since we may just be doing some strenuous extra-curricular activities together afterwards.?

We go to a little, quiet, out of the way restaurant and order a couple of light meals. While we wait for our meals to come, we enjoy a light, playful, and sometimes sexual, conversation. Each of us hinting to the other, there is a possibility of there being some heated sexual activities between us following our meal. Occasionally, I can feel her foot lightly rub against my leg. I reach out and place my hand on her thigh about midway between her knee and her pleasure zone. Rene places her hand on mine and applies light pressure, sort of a way of saying, 'I like that.' Cautiously I start messaging her thigh with my fingers. In doing this I slowly pull her skirt up her lap until I can get my hand under it and feel her tight little leg through her pantyhose. I continue rubbing her thigh, moving slowly towards my intended target, her pussy. As I get closer, Rene?s breathing gets a little faster. Spreading her legs slightly, she allows me easier access to her inner thigh.

When I reach her covered pussy, I rub my fingers against it finding her pantyhose soaked in pussy juices. Rene's breathing continues to be labored. Spreading her legs a little farther apart, she allows me even more access. After a couple of minutes of this I take my hand out and hold it to my nose and smell her aroma. Her pussy juices have given my hand a heady sexy smell to it. I then hold out my hand to Rene's nose and she smells it, then she sticks out her tongue and begins to lick my fingers of her juices.

I tell her, ?Rene, you could go into the restroom and remove your pantyhose and panties for me.? Instead, Rene slowly raises off her chair and reaches under her skirt. I can see her pulling on her pantyhose as she slowly lowers them down her legs. When they reach her feet, Rene slips her shoes off and takes off her pantyhose completely. Luckily we are sitting in a dimly lit corner, as Rene then holds them up to my nose, again I smell a heady sexy aroma.

As Rene takes her hose and stuffs them in her purse, the waitress arrives with our meal and asks ?Is everything OK?" We say in unison "Everything is just fine, thanks." I know the waitress could not miss the sexy aroma that has begun to hang around our table. As Rene and I begin to eat, again I reach under the table and place my hand on her inner thigh. I move my hand slowly up her thigh again, and when I reach what I think should be a panty-covered pussy, I find it wet, bare, and waiting for me to play. In bare, I do mean bare, as I find that Rene is not wearing any panties, additionally I can not feel any hair around her pussy either.

With the angle that I am at, I start to move my fingers slowly around and push them into her as far as I can get them. When I find her clit I pinch it a little to let her know that I am aware of what that little button can do for her. Her breathing becomes labored again, and she has a hard time eating. I can see that she is trying to control it, especially due to our public locale.

Continuing to play, I can feel Rene start to tense up in an orgasm and she closes her thighs on my hand tightly, trapping my hand between them. When she relaxes, I slowly withdraw my hand, and hold my fingers to my nose so I can smell her wonderful aroma. She watches as I lick some of her juices from my fingers. When I hold my hand to her face she sticks her tongue out to taste herself again. Rene whispers "Let's finish our meal. I need to get out of here. I really need more from you, than just playing in my pussy with your fingers." With that I call for the waitress and ask for our check.

When the waitress returns with the check, I notice an additional slip of paper with it, besides just the normal check. Our waitress winks, turns, and slowly walks away with a smile on her face. As Rene and I walk toward the counter to pay for our meal I look at the additional paper and notice a name, number, and a short note written on it. I look up and see our waitress on the other side of the room looking our way. When she notices me looking her way, she places one of her fingers in her mouth and sucks on it. She then takes it out and smiles again.

When we get outside, I open the paper fully and read the name Tina and a local phone number. Below this is a short note stating "I observed what you were doing and would like some of that action myself. I get off at 11:00, so please give me a call. Especially do so, if you and your friend would like to make it a threesome. I would just love to be able to suck a woman's pussy that smells as sweet as hers does." I hold the note out for Rene to read and she just lets out a sigh of pure pleasure while hanging on to my arm as we continue walking to my truck.

When we get to the truck I open the passenger door for Rene, and I notice her reach up to the catch and zipper of her skirt. By the time I have gotten in on the driver's side, I see that Rene has removed her skirt and tossed it over the seat back beside her. Rene is now naked from the waist down and is beginning to unbutton her blouse. As I start the truck she says ?Let's go someplace quiet and finish what you started in there. Then maybe we can see about calling Tina after 11:00, as I would also love to suck on a pussy. How about you?? I tell her ?Sounds good to me Rene. Remember I told you before that what I really wanted to eat was all protein, and only a woman could provide it. That being, I want to suck on some pussy. I especially want to do so if one of the pussies is yours. I really enjoyed the taste of it that I got inside.? With that we drive out of the parking lot and I head for a quiet and secluded spot.

As we drive along, Rene reaches out and starts to rub my already hard prick through my pants. Lowering her head, she proceeds to blow through my pants, thereby getting me even more excited. Rene then reaches up and goes on to pulled my zipper down and undo the snap to my pants. She pulls my briefs out of the way and starts licking along the underside of my prick down to my balls. When Rene gets there, she kisses them. She then starts back up my prick to the head, which she takes in her mouth. Her tongue starts to swirl around and around on the head of my prick, then she starts to nibble lightly.

All this time I am having a hard time concentrating on driving. Reaching out, I place my right hand on one of her bare tits and start to message it in my hand. When her nipple begins to swell, I take it between my thumb and forefinger and rub around it. After a few minutes I reach for her other tit and do the same to it. Rene has meanwhile been playing in her pussy with her right hand. When I take notice of this, I move my hand down on top of hers and push both our hands against her. She lets out a moan that I can feel through my prick in her mouth.

After a few minutes of driving, we arrive at a place where I can pull in off the road to a spot that is obscured from view. As I stop the truck, and turn it off, Rene really starts to suck on my prick. I reach down and lower the seat back to a reclined position to give her more room to suck on my prick. When I start to feel my orgasm coming on, I tap Rene on the shoulder and I tell her ?Rene, unless you want to get a sperm shake, you should quit sucking, as I am about to shoot a load.?

Rene only starts to suck with more gusto. It is evident to me that she wants to taste my juice. When I do cum, what feels as if a quart spews out, Rene swallows it all. When she has taken all I can give, Rene sits up and sighs, saying, ?Your cum tasted pretty sweet Jon, not as salty as my husband's. That is rather a pleasant surprise. Now, how about returning the favor by getting your face in between my legs??

With that I reach behind her and lower the other half of the seat to a reclined position, making almost a twin size bed in the cab. Then I lay Rene back and start kissing all over her lovely face. Nibbling on her ears, and kissing her chin, cheeks, nose, and eyebrows. Slowly I move down her neck, kissing and lightly nibbling as I move on down her body. When I reach her swollen tits, I take each of her nipples in my mouth and nibble on them, causing Rene to let out little sighs of pleasure. For a few minutes I alternate between sucking and kissing her twin set of globes.

When Rene starts to push on my head and shoulders, I get the idea that she wants me to move on and get to work on her pussy. Kissing and licking my way down, as I cross her tight belly. When I reach her belly button I stick my tongue in it, causing Rene to let out another moan. She again pushes on my shoulders saying ?Jon, you make me feel so good! You are getting my pussy so excited! Please Jon, get on down and find out just how excited I am!? and I move on down across her hips. I kiss and lick all around her hips and across the top of her pussy, never actually touching her pussy itself. Rene lifts her hips when I get close to her pussy, evidently to get me to suck on it. Instead I move on down her legs, kissing and licking to her feet.

When I reach her feet I take each of her toes into my mouth and suck on them one at a time. Rene yells out, ?Oh my yes Jon! Suck on my toes! I?ve never had anyone suck on my toes before. You really know what make a woman feel great!? After a few minutes I begin to kiss my way back up her legs. When I finally get to the area of Rene's pussy, I can see her excited clitoris sticking out through the folds of her pussy lips. I then start to kiss and lick all around her pussy, just shy of touching her nether lips. When I finally stick my tongue to her clit I hear a loud moan of pleasure come from Rene. She grabs the back of my head and pulls me tightly to her pussy while raising her hips up to my mouth.

Rene screams out, ?Yes Jon! Make me cum with your mouth and tongue! I love it! What you are doing feels so good! Please, never stop! I love how you are making me feel all over! It is wonderful! Fan-fucking-tastic! Keep it up Jon!? Rene's pussy by this time is drenched in her own juices, they taste as sweet as a very fine wine. In a matter of a few seconds, Rene's body starts to shake and twist in the convulsions of an orgasm. If it were not for her convulsions, I would have a hard time breathing, as Rene pulls my head hard into her pussy and almost pulls my mouth and nose inside her.

I continue to lightly blow on her clitoris, causing it to somehow swell further with excitement. Meanwhile my fingers play in her drenching wet pussy. When I have my fingers good and soaked with her natural juices, I move one of my fingers to her rear opening and begin to massage her there. Rene tenses up a little at first. When I continue with my tongue action on her pussy and clit, she starts to loosen up a bit, and I am able to get one of my fingers into her rear passage. I continue to massage her anal opening, inside and out. After a short while, I am able to get another finger into Rene's beautiful rear opening.

Continuing to massage, lick, and kiss both of her private openings, while Rene continues squirming around. Her hips start to twist from side to side, making it hard to keep my tongue in contact with her clitoris, if she was not holding my head so tight to her. After several minutes her whole body tenses up in the throes of an orgasm. Holding my head tight to her, Rene yells at me, ?Jon, please keep licking my pussy! Keep sucking on my clit! I feel so wonderful! Keep your fingers in my ass moving as well! You are making me feel fantastic! I never thought that I could receive such pleasure through oral stimulation in my life! Jon, I love what you are doing to me, and how you are making me feel all over!?

After following numerous orgasms, Rene starts to relax and calm down, while I lightly run my fingers across her body. By doing that, I keep her ever so slightly excited. About the time Rene has almost completely calmed down, I lightly kiss her beautiful mouth, face, and ears. When our lips touch with her juices on them, Rene seems to go wild trying to get as much of her own juices as she can. When Rene finally settles down and relaxes in my arms, she lightly runs her fingers across my face, my neck. She then slowly starts to unbutton my shirt with her tiny fingers. She follows this by kissing and licking my exposed skin wherever her fingers have been. She takes my left nipple in her mouth and lightly bites down, exciting it. Meanwhile Rene is playing with my right nipple with her fingers, pinching and rolling it between her fingertips. After a while she switches nipples, and when she does, she bites down a little harder on the right nipple.

All during my activities of licking, kissing, and feeling Rene, my prick had returned to an erect state. However, when Rene starts this activity, it seems to get harder than it has ever gotten before. Rene keeps kissing and licking my body as she moves farther down it. Tugging on my loosened pants, and when I raise my hips, she pulls them and my briefs completely off me. Rene then reaches for my prick, which she takes in both of her hands and wraps her fingers around it.

Rene then starts to kiss the exposed head and opens her fingers to allow herself to kiss the length. Continuing until she has my prick totally soaked in her saliva. She then takes the head into her mouth, sucking on it as if it were a lollipop. Rene then takes as much of my prick as she can into her mouth. As she withdraws off my prick, she lightly bites down, scrapping her teeth on it. When she reaches the head she twirls her tongue around and pushes the tip of her tongue into the tiny opening on the end

Again she sucks down on my prick, taking as much as she can into her mouth. Just when I think Rene can't get anymore in, I feel the head of my prick enter into her throat. The next thing I know she has my whole prick inside her mouth and her nose is buried in the pubic hair at its base. Rene begins to work the muscles of her throat around the head of my prick. Meanwhile she keeps moving her tongue around the base. Lying back, I enjoy her oral activities for a while. After a brief period, I reach out and direct her to move her body around so that we can get in a sixty-nine position.

Rene does not let my penis escape from her mouth as I move her around. She then lowers herself onto my awaiting mouth and tongue. Which I begin using both on her clitoris, as well as all around the opening of her pussy. It gets hard for me to concentrate on what I am doing, with her oral activities on my prick. Things get a little rough for her to concentrate as well after a while, with my tongue and teeth action on her. Just as she starts to have another orgasm, I begin to feel the strains of built-up fluids in my balls. Rene continues to suck and gets faster in her actions, taking me again and again into her throat. I continue my action on her clitoris and pussy lips. Shortly her body is heaving in the thralls of an orgasm, which is joined by my own ejaculation down her throat.

Rene again swallows all of my cum, and does not remove my prick from her mouth until it has started to shrink in its spent stage. Even then she rubs the head of my prick all over her face, kissing it whenever she gets it near her mouth. I move Rene around so that we are facing each other and we hold each other tightly. Lightly kissing each other, and tasting each other, we calm down from our mutual orgasms.

After a few minutes Rene sits up and takes my penis in her hands. She begins to pull on it, then starts to kiss on it. Slowly it starts to stretch back out to the swollen state of erection Rene evidently wants it, as she lets out an audible sigh when it starts to swell. Rene then straddles my hips with her legs. Still having a hold on my penis, she guides the head of it into contact with her soaking wet pussy. Ever so slowly she lowers herself onto my prick. In doing this, Rene allows me to enter into one of the tightest pussies that I have ever had the pleasure to have my prick stuck in. When she is fully impaled on my prick, Rene just sits still for a while. Shortly, she slowly raises her hips up until just the head of my prick is left inside her pussy lips. Then she forcibly sits back down, again impaling herself with my prick. Rene then starts to rock back and forth, side to side, and up and down on my prick. Reaching up, I take her nipples in my hands and lightly pinch them to full erection. I keep on massaging Rene's tits while she continues the motions of her hips. Reaching down with my right hand I rub her clitoris, which brings out another moan of pleasure from her.

Gradually she begins moving her little body faster and faster on her way towards another orgasm. Abruptly, Rene impales herself completely on my prick and begins to move quickly back and forth. The next thing I know, Rene tilts her head back letting out a long continuous sigh then screams out ?Yes! I feel so wonderful! Fuck me with your hard prick Jon!? in pleasure as she reaches her orgasm. Then Rene collapses forward on me and I can feel her pussy pulsating as it twitches around my hard prick.

Letting her relax for a few minutes, I start moving my prick slowly in and out of her love nest. I turn us over so that I am on top of Rene and take her legs and place her knees over my shoulders. This allows me an opportunity to enter all the deeper into her tight pussy. Slowly I pull my prick out until only have the head is still inside her. I then slowly enter her until I am completely inside again. Continuing this for numerous minutes, then when Rene starts to scratch my back and raise her hips in an attempt to keep me inside her while I am pulling out, I start to increase my pace ever faster and faster. The faster I move, the louder Rene moans in pleasure. I continue at my fast pace until I can not hold back any longer and I bury my prick into her pussy to the hilt, hold on to her hips, and empty all the cum that I have into her. Meanwhile, Rene shakes her way through the thralls of numerous orgasms herself. Rene scratches my back with her fingernails and squeezes my head where it is between her knees over my shoulders. Slowly we calm down, and I take her legs off my shoulders. As my prick shrinks, it withdraws from Rene with a loud ?pop?, as though it doesn?t want to let go of it. We again hold each other tightly, kissing the other's face and neck. Rene comments ?That has got to be the best orgasm that I have ever had! I have never came so hard and long in my life!? I tell her ?There is plenty more where that came from sweetheart.?

Slowly I begin to move my kisses down Rene's body. Kissing on both of her breasts, taking her nipples in between my teeth and lightly biting down. I keep kissing down across her tight belly until I reach her soaking wet pussy. I pull back the folds with my fingers, slowly I blow on her extremely excited clitoris, and stick my tongue fully inside her, tasting the flavor of our combined juices. Rene clamps her legs together on my head and puts her hands on the back of my head pulling me tightly to her. When I use one of my thumbs to begin play at the entrance to her ass again, she pulls my head all the harder into her. Rene begins to twist and squirm her way to another orgasm. I lightly caress her until she calms down and we lay back holding each other.

Rene starts to kiss my face clean of our juices. Continuing to kiss her way down my body until she is taking my prick into her mouth again. She continues working on it until she has it back to life and ready for some more action. Rene stays up on her hands and knees and tells me ?Jon, I want you to enter me from behind, doggy style.? When I get into the necessary position, she reaches between her legs and places the head of my prick against her pussy. I push forward while she is pushes back, and get into a slow rocking motion. After a few minutes, Rene surprises me when she reaches back and takes my penis in her hands and directs the head of it towards her anal opening. She tells me ?Jon, I want you to fuck me in my ass!? I ask her, ?Are you sure that is what you want Rene?? She says ?Yes Jon, I want your prick where your fingers were earlier, in my ass! It felt great when you played in my ass with your fingers earlier, and I want to find out what a prick would feel like up in there. So do it now Jon, especially before I change my mind!?

With that said, I reach down and get my fingers good and wet in her pussy juices and begin to spread some of it in and around her anal opening. Working my fingers around on the outside and then moving a finger into her rear opening. Slowly I work in a second finger, and eventually third, in an attempt to loosen up her ass for my prick. Rene says ?Jon, I want your prick up my ass not your fingers! I tell her ?Take it easy sweetheart, I?ll get to that pretty soon. Believe me Rene, you are going to find out what it is like to have my prick in your ass. I want my prick in your tight sweet ass as much as you. I just do not want to hurt you when I put my prick in your ass, especially if it is virgin to a prick penetrating it. I want to make sure you ass is relaxed and wet enough to take my prick in it without any discomfort for you. She replies ?Please Jon, my ass is ready enough for you to fuck it with your prick now! Get to fucking me in my ass with your prick not your fingers now! I truly want to know what it feels like to be filled with a prick in my ass.?

With that I place the head of my prick against her ass and slowly push forward, meeting with only a little resistance. After the head of my prick has entered her, I stop to allow her ass to adjust to its size. Rene says ?Please Jon, I want all of your prick in my ass!? I tell her ?Sweetheart, I want to make sure your ass is relaxed enough to take all I have for you back here. Don?t worry you will get all of it in just a short bit, relax Babe. Then you will get a fucking that you will never forget.? When I can feel her muscles relax, I slowly push forward again, stopping every so often to allow her sphincter muscles to adjust some more. Eventually I get my prick fully embedded inside her, and when I do Rene screams out ?Oh yes Jon, your prick feels wonderful in my ass! Fuck my ass! Do it hard! I need you to ram it to me, please!? I remain still for a few minutes, to both allow her to adjust to my prick, and for both of us to enjoy such a personal connection of our bodies.

Slowly I start to withdraw until just the head of my prick is left inside. I then reenter Rene a little bit faster. Rene says ?Oh yes Jon, fuck your prick in and out of my ass! You?re making me feel so good! I?ve never felt this good before! Yes! Yes!? Meanwhile I reach around her and start to play with her pussy and clitoris with one hand and her tits with the other. Rene's hands join my hand on her pussy and we both start to work on her clitoris. She starts to push back harder and harder every time I am on a down stroke into her ass. Rene starts to move faster and faster as she approaches an orgasm. Her ass clamps down a little harder on my prick and the next thing you know both of us are in the thralls of a gut wrenching orgasm. Our heads pull back, looking skyward screaming out our cries of lust and pleasure. We both collapse on our sides, gasping for air. I reach around and pull her tightly to me. When my prick shrinks down and pops out of her ass, she twists around and wraps her arms around me and holds me tightly to her.

After a few minutes, Rene looks up into my eyes and says, ?I feel so wonderful and satisfied. I have never felt as completely satisfied after making love with anyone, including my husband, as I do now. You are a fantastic lover Jon. We really need to do this again, the sooner the better.? Then she asks, ?What time is it?? When I tell her ?It's about 10:40.?, she asks, ?Would you like to go see if Tina would still like to play with us or not? I know I just told you that I?m satisfied, and I do love what your prick has done for me. But, I haven?t eaten pussy since college, and I would like to see if Tina has a sweet tasting pussy.? I tell her, ?I?m game Rene, let's get cleaned up a little, get dressed, and go find out.?

After we are ready, and have straighten up the seats, I drive off back towards the restaurant. While we are driving, Rene plays with my prick through my pants. As we pull into the parking lot, Tina is walking out the door. Rene rolls down the window as we pull up beside her and asks, ?Tina, are you still game for a little fun?? Tina had noticed the truck approaching, but until Rene spoke she was not really paying attention. She looks up smiling and says ?Yeah, of course I am! Follow me, we?ll go to my house where we can get comfortable.? With that she walks over to a car, gets in behind the wheel, cranks it up, and starts to drive off. Rene and I follow in my truck.

While we are driving down the road, Rene goes back to playing with my prick through my pants. Telling me, ?I can hardly wait to see how sweet Tina's pussy is, how about you? Do you think she will want to suck on my pussy as well?? I tell her ?I believe that was what she said in her note at the restaurant. But if she doesn't, I'll make up the difference. However, I think she will like your pussy?s flavor, almost as much as I like it.? With that she gives my prick a squeeze and says, ?Do you really like the way my pussy tastes?? I tell her ?Yes, and Tina will also like your pussy?s flavor.? She replies with ?Do you really think so?? ?Of course I do.? I tell her driving on behind Tina's little car.

In a matter of minutes Tina pulls into a driveway of a little house on a secluded side street. When she gets out of her car she waves for us to follow her inside. As Tina walks towards the house I notice that a couple of the buttons on her blouse have been loosened. It also appears that her skirt is a little more wrinkled than I remember it from the restaurant. When she reaches the door she unlocks it and enters. As Rene and I approach we can see Tina pulling her blouse from her skirt. Tina asks us, ?Would you like some wine or something to drink?? We both say, ?Some wine would be nice. Thanks.?

With that Tina disappears, returning a couple of minutes later with three glasses and a bottle of white German wine. Her blouse has even more buttons undone now. She sets the glasses on an end table and pours some wine into each, then hands a glass to Rene and I. She the states, ?Here's to friends and lovers who enjoy life and its wonders.? The three of us take a sip from our glasses.

Tina then sets her glass down, looks at me and says, ?You don?t mind if I get things started with her do you?? and reaches out for Rene. Taking Rene into her arms, Tina starts to passionately kiss her, running her hands around Rene's back and sides. Then she returns her hands to the front and starts to unbutton Rene's blouse. When she has it completely unbuttoned, she runs her hands over Rene's tight belly to her loose tits, as Rene did not put her bra back on after our prior activity. Rene's nipples have already started to swell in their excitement of Tina's manipulations. Tina lowers her head to take one of Rene's nipples into her mouth while continuing to rub the other with her free hand. Rene in return takes the shoulders of Tina's blouse and pushes it off her. Rene then starts to kiss her way down to Tina's bra encased tits. Undoing the front snap of the bra, Rene begins to kiss both of the volumus tits that explode out from their entrapment. Seeing these I think ?Damn, she has got some of the biggest tits that I have had the fortune of seeing up close and personal?.

If I had to guess, Tina?s measurements must be 36D-24-35. Her aureoles are larger than silver dollars, her nipples are about a half an inch in diameter, and they stand out about three-quarters of an inch or more in their excitement. Tina puts her hands behind Rene's head and pulls her tightly to her chest telling Rene, ?Suck on my titties baby. Make them feel loved and wanted.? Rene's tongue flashes out as she licks around Tina's tits. She bites down slightly on one of the swollen nipples, which causes Tina to let out a little yelp. I can only watch mesmerized while the girls carry on and learn the other's body.

When I snap out of my trance I move over and reach between them and undo the snaps and zippers of their skirts. When I have them loosen, I tug them down off their hips. This leaves Tina being the only one of them wearing any clothing, and that is only pink thong panties and pantyhose. Moving behind Tina, I put my hands inside the waistbands of both and push them downward. When I get them to her feet, she raises each foot one at a time so I can remove the undergarments. Looking forward, I see Tina?s beautiful ass in all its glory. Moving forward I plant a kiss on each cheek. Meanwhile, since both Rene and Tina are now in their birthday suits, they start to rub their bodies against each other while engaged in a deep passionate kiss. When I stand back up I notice that the contrast in the sizes of their tits is quite evident. But both women are quite lovely in their own way.

When they finally break, they both look my way and say in unison, ?Hey no fair, you need to be naked as well.? With that, they move over to me and start to remove all of my clothing. As Rene pulls down my pants and briefs, Tina reaches out and takes my swollen prick in her hands. ?Just what I need, a good hard dick in my mouth, in my pussy, and up my ass. You probably got some enjoyment out of this earlier, didn't you?? Tina comments while looking at Rene.

Rene tells her, ?You bet. I fucked the living shit out that prick, and it kept coming back for more. I swear it can last forever. What I really need right now though, is for us to go somewhere so I can see how good your pussy tastes. I have been wondering since we got your note you earlier this evening if you had a sweet pussy or not.? Tina tells her ?That sounds delicious to me, then I can suck on this prick while you eat my pussy. Maybe we can see if we can wear this thing out tonight.? Looking at me she asks, ?What do you think?? All I can say is, ?Go for it beautiful ladies.? With that Tina says, ?Follow me to the fun room.?

As we walk in to the room I see a big king-size four poster bed and several sex toys. A vibrator, a double headed dildo, and what appears to be a set of hand cuffs peering out from under a pillow, to mention a few. Tina jumps up on the bed, looks at me and says ?Get that prick over here so I can really get a good look at it.? I walk over her way and she takes it in her hands and begins to lightly caress my prick. Sticking her tongue out, Tina starts to lick the length of my prick. She comments, ?If what I am tasting is her pussy on your prick, then I am in for a treat when I get to lick it directly from the source. This is sweet tasting.? When she reaches my balls she takes them into her mouth and gives them a good soaking in her saliva. Moving back to my prick, she starts to take the length in her mouth. When she just about has it all the way in, she lets out a sigh that I can feel through my prick. When I look around I see why Tina is happy, I see Rene has moved between her legs. She has started licking all around Tina's hairy pussy. Licking and rubbing her fingers around her clit. Meanwhile Tina continues her sucking of my prick into her mouth, licking and sucking as far as she can get down on it. After a few minutes I can feel the head of my prick enter into Tina's throat. Deep throated twice in one night is more than I can take and I start to ejaculate down her throat. Tina swallows all that comes out of my prick. When it starts to shrink, she comments ?For starters that was pretty good. Now I can concentrate on what she is doing to my pussy. It feels so good sweet thing. Keep it up.?

I move off to the side of the bed and just watch Rene in action between Tina's legs. Her tongue is moving a mile a minute. When I move out of the way she reaches up and takes Tina's tits in her hands and starts to massage them. Tina lays back and continues to moan in pleasure and telling Rene, ?Keep it up, that feels wonderful. I haven't been licked like that in a long time. I almost forgot how wonderful another woman could make me feel, especially with her mouth on my pussy.? Then she reaches down to take Rene's head in her hands and pulls her tightly to her.

After a few minutes I can see Tina's body begin to shake all over, and then she goes tense as an orgasm races through her body. Screaming out ?Yes! That feels wonderful! Boy has it been a long time since I have felt this way. Oh yes! Agh! More! Keep it up baby!? While Tina slowly calms down, Rene continues to lightly kiss and lick around Tina's pussy. Then she starts to kiss and lick her way up and over Tina's body to her belly button and on to her tits. After a few minutes Rene looks up at Tina and says ?You have got one of the sweetest pussies I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The only problem is the hair around it kept getting in the way. What say we do something about that?? Tina looks at her and says ?Maybe later. Right now I want to taste your pussy. I need to know if what I tasted on his prick is really what you taste like.?

Rene moves on up on her knees and positions her pussy over Tina's face, who reaches up with her hands and begins to lightly touch around the outside of Rene's swollen pussy. Tina comments, ?Smooth. I like the way you have your pussy shaved bare. This gives me an unobstructed view of your pussy and I can clearly see your clit sticking out excitedly. Also there are no hairs to tickle my nose while I lick it. Maybe I will have to shave my own pussy. I want my friends to enjoy my pussy as much as I am going to enjoy yours.?

As Tina raises her head, Rene lowers her pussy on to her waiting mouth. Tina's fingers continue massaging Rene as well. Tina then takes one of her fingers and starts rubbing it against Rene's back door. Rene pushes back against the finger and Tina's finger enters into Rene's ass. Rene starts moving her hips back and forth, causing Tina's finger to pump it and out of her ass, and causing her pussy to rub across Tina's lips, tongue, and teeth. Rene starts to moan in pleasure and reaches down to grab Tina's head, pulling it tight into her pussy. She cries out ?Oh that feels so beautiful. Tina, I love the way you suck my pussy. I feel so wonderful! To be made love to by two such wonderful people in one night is great!? Then her body starts to shake towards her forthcoming orgasm. Suddenly she pushes down hard against Tina's mouth and finger, and begins to quiver violently, screaming ?Yes! Oh my yes! I love this! Suck my pussy darling! Play in my ass with your finger! Oh yes, make me feel loved!?

While this has been ongoing my prick has come back to life and is ready to be introduced to Tina's wet pussy. But not before I get to taste how sweet it really is. I move between her legs and start to kiss and lick just above the hairline of her pussy. I stick a finger inside against her clit and find that it is stiff and excited. When I touch her clit I hear Tina let out a moan. Slowly I move to where my mouth is now over her pussy and insert my tongue inside, flicking it across her clit. This causes another moan to come from Tina. Taking her clit between my teeth I lightly bite down and nibble on it. She starts to twist and wriggle. I stick a couple more fingers inside her pussy to get them good and wet. When they are, I move one against her ass and start to massage it. She says, ?Do it! Stick your fingers in my ass! I love what you are doing! I feel fantastic all over! You are making me feel so wonderful with your pussy licking and your finger playing on my ass!? With that I stick a finger on into her ass. After a few minutes I get another finger inside her, then another, then another, until I have four fingers in her ass twisting and turning. Again she yells ?Yes! I love it! Fuck my ass with your fingers! Get my ass good and stretched out, as I want your dick up my ass next!? She starts to really twist against my fingers and push her hips out against my face. Her breathing becomes very labored, but she says, ?I didn't know there was a man who could eat pussy and make me feel this good. Yes, I know a woman knows how to eat another woman's pussy and get her going, but not a man. Thank-you for proving me wrong. You?re making me feel great all over. I love it!? With that her body starts to shake in her convulsions of an orgasm. Her body then goes taunt, and she pulls my head tight against her pussy screaming ?Yes! Yes! Lick me! Fantastic!?

While Tina is still twitching about, I move up and place my prick against the opening to her pussy. When she feels it there, Tina pushes her hips up against it. I move away a bit so that it does not enter into her pussy. She screams out, ?Please put that thing in my pussy! Now!? I ask her, ?Put what thing in your pussy?? She says ?Your big dick, stick it in me now! I want you to ram it into me. Make me cum again and again.? As I slowly push the head of my prick into her, she wraps her legs around me and pulls her body to mine. When my prick is buried to the hilt, she lightly releases so I can start a slow withdrawal from her pussy. Just as the head reaches the entrance she wraps her legs tight around me, again driving my prick inside her. While I am withdrawing this time I move her legs so they are over my shoulders. When the head of my prick reaches her entrance this time she tries to tilt her hips to maintain contact. I withdraw completely out and lay my prick across her pussy, allowing it to rub against her excited clit. Tina screams ?Get your prick back inside of me please! I need it bad!? I ask her, ?You need what bad?? She says ?Your big dick, stick it back in my pussy now please! I want you to ram it in me. Make me cum again and again!? I then move so the head of my prick is again at her pussy's entrance. This time I shove it inside her as hard as I can. She cries out ?Yes! Fuck me hard! I want to cum continuously!? I continue to drive in and out of her pussy until her body tenses up and she starts to shake through the throes of an orgasm.

Just as she is calming down, I pull my prick out of her pussy. I move it to where the head is now against her ass entrance. Tina yells out ?Oh my yes, please fuck me up my ass! I need it there as well so very bad!? That said, I begin to apply the pressure needed to push my prick passed her sphincter and on into her ass. She cries out ?Yes! Oh yes! Fuck my ass! I love it! Everything feels great. I love having your prick in my ass!? I continue pistoning in and out of her ass until I can feel a pressure build up in my balls that just has to be released. Moving in and out faster and faster, she starts screaming ?I can feel your prick getting even bigger in my ass! Please make me cum with you!? Just as my cum starts to shoot out of my prick, she goes into another set of orgasmic throes, on her way to an even bigger orgasm than she had before.

All this time Rene has been watching from the side fingering and sliding a vibrator in and out of her pussy. As Tina starts to calm down, Rene starts to really plunge the vibrator and fingers in her pussy, on the way to an orgasm of her own. When she finishes Rene says, ?You two looked fan-fucking-tastic, fucking like you were. I just couldn't help myself as I needed relief from my own excitement.?

As my prick shrinks and comes out of Tina's ass I lay down between her and Rene. I take each of them in an arm and pull them to me. I tell them, ?You both are great, and I wish this night could go on forever, as I would love to see the two of you use that double headed dildo, and maybe see what you have the handcuffs for Tina. But Rene, your husband and my wife are probably expecting us in our homes sometime tonight. Maybe the three of us can get together again in the future. How about it girls, does that sound good to you??

They both let out a sigh, hug me and say in unison ?You bet we will be getting together again.? Tina adds ?Maybe your spouses would be interested in joining our party next time. Maybe I can also get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, if not both, then we can have us an even better party. I would love to have all three of my holes filled with live pricks at one time. Sound good?? I tell her, ?No that sounds great. How about you Rene, would you be game to try that little trick?? She responds ?As long as I can feel the way I do now, anything sounds great to me. I love how I feel right now, soundly sucked and fucked.?

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