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First Time For Everything (mmf)

Fulfilling my wife's fantasy..... My wife's fantasy was to have a threesome encounter with another man, so I initiated my search for another man. After looking for sometime, I found a gentlemen that I was comfortable with. I also, felt that my wife would be attracted to him, which was important. The big night finally came, we met for drinks, so that my wife could get to know him. I didn't imagine that my wife would be so nervous. She couldn't even look at K, eventhough she had expressed so much excitement before. After a few drinks, we went to the hotel for the cumming out party. The anticipation was great, and the air was filled with excitement for everyone. I am sure that K could feel the nervousness that we were giving off, so he told us he would join us after he showered. As soon as he left the room, my wife started to give me head like she never had before. It was so intense, I could feel every stroke of her tongue as she tugged at my penis. At that moment I knew she was aroused, by the both of us. To my surprise, I opened my eyes as saw K watching us and stroking his penis. K entered the dimly lit room and began to eat my wife's sweet, wet pussy. She moaned, letting us know that she was getting just what she wanted. We began to 69 with K getting it from the back while I watched and licked her clit. I could feel her body begin to shake, and I knew she was about to gush all over my face. Then K began to cum, I was a little nervous. I had never been this upclose and personal with a man before. He began to release and it fell down into my mouth, and to my surprise I liked it. Wow, what the hell, but it really turned me on. My wife began to suck the rest of his juices out, and then it happened. Yes, I helped her, and I liked it. And to my surprise, K liked it too. Me and my began to alternate licking K's 9 to 10 inch erect penis. No, it didn't stop there, we changed positions and all released several times. My wife's fantasy became reality and my first time with another man was great. The moral of the story is you should try everything once, you pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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