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First Time With A Guy

I have always believed that the thought of sucking a cock has crossed most guy's minds from time to time, and I'm no different. With me, it was a matter of curiosity more than anything else. At 50, I have had plenty of time to evaluate my sexuality and not feel threatened by very much. I'm also very happily married.

To make a long story short, I sent a new member a "welcome" message on a lifestyle site and got a very nice reply. He was listed in his late 20s and bi. We bounced a few messages and brought up the subject of my curiosity. He offered to be my first if I wsas interested.

His work schedule and mine made it pretty tough to get together, but an nice afternoon finally presented itself and we met at a safe, secluded spot. We talked for a few minutes and the conversation quickly turned to sex and sucking cock, and I asked him if he wanted to teach an old dog a few new tricks.

He got into the passenger's side seat of my pickup and I was standing outside the passenger's side, and he unbuckled and pulled his pants down to his ankles. I was a bit relieved to see that his cock was "average" size at best, nice balls and completely shaved. He just said, "Go ahead", and I started playing with his balls. Basically, I just did what I like having done to me!! I played with his balls for a few minutes, then wrapped my hand around his cock and started stroking him. Even that felt good! He was still mostly soft, but the head was big and round. Suddenly, I thought "Now's the time" and I bent over and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking him. He leaned back and started moaning as I sucked a cock for the first time in my life. I knew I wasn't ready for a load of cum in my mouth and told him so, and he said he'd warn me. I sucked and licked his cock, but he never got totally hard and I had no trouble taking all of it in my mouth.

It didn't take long for him to tell me he was going to cum. I raised up and jacked him off, and really enjoyed watching him cum.

He pulled his pants up and we traded places. I pulled my pants off and he quickly started sucking me. The whole experience had be about ready to be explode anyway, and I told him I was going to cum. He returned the favor by jacking me off and I cum all over his hand.

We kind of laughed at each other and ourselves because we were both so turned on a little excited that neither of us last more than a few minutes.

And unfortunately, we haven't been able to get together since! But we're working on it!!!

End of Story