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Finishing what we started

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Well my wife and I had thought that we had found the perfect couple, or at least they had come across that way.

So after a meet and great at their house where we had our first meeting over a glass of tea and small talk, we left to talk over our felings in private and arranged to get in touch with them for a later meeting if we all agreed.

Well in private my wife told me that they were attractive, fun, witty, and sexy so all of the goals we had set were met and we contacted them to set up another meeting to see where things would go.

We agreed to get together for dinner, and had a great time killing a few bottle of wine, a nice dinner and then started playing a board game. It didn't take long for the wine to kick in and we soon found excuses to shed our clothes and start exchanging a few kisses and even a few touches and feels. While my wife has an ample bust, she also gets excited at their touch and with both me and the other husband getting our share of touches and feels , along with the other wife adding her knowledge of just what would feel best, we adjourned to a bed to take things to the next step.

My wife didn't waste any time getting the other husbands pants off and proceded to give him the sucking of a life time, while he stretched out on the bed. Not to be outdone, I positioned his wife on the edge of the bed and started down on her, but when I suggested that she watch was going on between her husband and my wife, she flat lost it in a fit of rage and things ended. My wife and I talked about how far things had gone (she admitted that he was just about to pop his load when things went bad, and that she was turned on beyong belief and wished that things had not ended the way the had, and that she still remebered the taste of his precum before they had been forced to stop.)

But the sight of my wife bobbing down on the other husbands dick never left my mind and I decided that if his wife couldn't stand the sight, then she would just be left out of the action and arranged for him to stop by our house, without his wife, as a little surprise for my wife.

Well it was one evening after work, and he did stop by.

We had talked over the phone and agreed on a date and time, and while I had not told my wife we would be having a guest,I did coax her to put on one of her sexy shorts with a playful top that was very revealing and sexy.

My wife was in the kitchen finishing up her dinner, when the doorbell rang and I ran to admit our guest. He looked both sheepish and shy, and asked if things were still on, and I just nodded and said follow me.We walked in the kitchen and my wife looked up to ask who was at the door, and her look changed to shock and surprise when she saw just who our guest was. I said "Look who just happened to drop by" and she replied "Was this a chance happening or are you up to something?" I replied "Well I hated to leave things unfinished so I thought I would see if we could pick up where we left off." With that she smiled her agreement, stood up, and proceded to walk over and great our guest with one of the biggest kisses I have ever seen.

I guess he had done a lot of thinking about how things would go, and returned the passion while letting his hands slide under her top to refresh his memory of just how good feeling her breasts felt. And clearly my wife was not wasting any time, letting her hands drop down to his pants, and freeing his cock that had started growing larger by the minute. I suggested we should all adjourn to the bed room, where we could get more comfortable and also shed the clothes that were getting in the way so they seperated and we walked (very quickly) up the stairs and to the bedroom.

They proceded to kiss each other and peel their clothes off while I shed my clothes and found my camera. Once she had his shirt and pants off, my wife lost no time in dropping to her knees and taking his rod into her mouth to pick up where she had left off a few months ago. Apparently she had used the time to think over the things she wished she had finished and her head was bobbing back and forth while she proceded to suck and devour his rod while I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the action. But I could tell he was getting weak in the knees and suggested she slow down and at least let him lie down on the bed and she stopped just long enough to let him get onto the bed and stretch out where she could kneel over his groin and continue to suck his tool. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load into her waiting mouth, and after I had taken more picture of his cock sliding in and out of her lips, and finally shooting gobs of cum into her mouth which trickled out around his dick and down her chin, I could tell he needed a break and she needed a little attention for herself. So I laid the camera down, climbed up on the bed and positioned myself between her legs and started pumping my own dick into her very wet pussy while allowing her to lean over him and give him the opportunity to suck and lick her by now, very sensitive nipples.

Well after giving our friend the blow job of his life, she was hotter and wetter than I had ever felt, and I buried my cock as deep into her as I could. But I wanted to take my time, give our friend a chance to recharge, and also enjoy the view, so I paced myself as best as I could, but the event was just too damn hot and I found myself shooting my load into her pussy sooner than I had wanted, but obviously not too soon as our frieind had started growing hard again, and turned my wife around to where she was now straddling his cock and she was able to put her hands on his leg to steady herself while she pumped up and down on his dick for her second fucking of the day. I was able to find the camera and take a few more shots of this awesome sight but then noticed she was motioning for me to come over and bring my cock up to her mouth as she had wanted some more double teaming so I was ready and willing to oblige.

Things went a little slower this time, but it wasn't long before she was able to give us her own climax, and we obliged with his shooting his second load, this time into her pussy, while she swallowed a load from me down her throat. I was able to grab my camera and took a few more pictures, which him in her pussy while she sucked my dick, that we still cherish and enjoy and hope to repeat.

But eventually our tools started to deflate, and we all agreed that this had been a very enjoyable event that was worth repeating, and we would try to reschedule at a later date. We also agreed that we would try and find a way to bring his wife into the action, either on her own, or as a couple, but that we will leave for another time. So we called it a night and I saw our guest out the door and returned to see if I could muster up the energy for one more time before we valled it a night and slept a well deserved rest.

We hope reading this story brought you as much fun, as the experience brought us and who knows, maybe we can get together with you too, someday, as we both agreed that this was well worth repeating.

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