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Dazed & Confused In Kansas City

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I had a strange experience. I decided to do something for myself and called Hiawatha's Happy Hunting Lodge. I was looking for Gina, a girl I had "dated" a few times before. She got a breast enhancement job many months ago, and I wanted to see how they were cummming along, also she is extremely sensuous and loves to have her ass eaten, but no anal penetration of the cock, and the finger only to the first knuckle.

She was not in, so I asked about the other girls. Hiawatha had 3 in, Dawn who I've done before and is a real firecracker, but what intrigued me was a girl, described on the phone by Hiawatha, 5'9", brunette, 135 lbs., her name was Susan, and I have never really been with a tall girl. I am 6'1" myself and I think the tallest I've ever been with was 5'5" maybe 5'7"....

I got to the hunting lodge, Dawn greeted me, big smile, she remembered me.

I was among her first customers after she returned after having her baby. I felt a little bad about not picking her. (I would really be stressed in a situation like that, you are one of 3 girls, and guys who you have dated before, pick someone else, or no one picks you....sigh)

Anyway, Susan led me to the bedroom. I gave her the money, and since, she was somewhat new, I asked for the entire hour. They have a habit of ringing the room, after 45 minutes, the girls then rush to a close.

One of the previous girls told me to request the hour, and they will give you the full hour. Aaaahhhhh customer service, where has it gone in this country?

We sat down on the bed, and I was immediately attracted to Susan. She had long brown hair, a tinge of red lipstick, was wearing a loose sweater, and some casual long walking shorts. The girls at Hiawatha's never dress like "hookers"... just sorta casual...

I asked Susan if she had any limits, she stretched a bit, saying she was kinky from watching TV on the couch. I asked her if she had any "kink" to spare... and she smiled and said yes. She got closer to me and told me that in answer to my question, she loved sex, and had no limitations. She then asked me what I was looking for. I told her I was pre-celebrating my birthday, and I wanted her to surprise me, she just smiled and our lips locked.

After my tongue had explored the majority of her exposed skin, she reached down to take off one of her shoes. I looked and they were sorta a shoe-boot type affair, I thought of having her wear her shoe-boots when we fucked, but I have an extreme weakness for toes, so the shoes had to come off, I slowly untied them, and pulled them from her feet nicely, making sure to massage her feet afterwards. She seemed to like this. For the time I left her pinkish heavy socks on.

I got brave, I stood her up, and she came very close to my height. I reached down to her butt and thighs and pulled her up on my body. Still clothed she seemed to like this. She reached up and took off her sweater, revealing a blue body suit. I again sucked on more exposed skin, finding her breasts, under the suit, and sucked on them. I slowly dropped her on the bed, reached down, undid the button on her shorts, grabbed the zipper with my teeth, and pulled it down, revealing more of the body suit. I pull off the shorts. and there she was... blue body suit, I could see one of her pussy lips exposed, and then she moved her legs for me. I told her that she was a DANCER. She smiled and nodded yes. She was pretty "limber" and had the ass, hips, and thighs of a dancer.

Then I "complained" about me still being dressed, and we got myself down to my boxers. Then with her lying on her back, me kneeling before her, I took her legs, rested them on my shoulder and started licking from her ankle up her leg, up her thigh, tonguing the flesh adjacent to her body suit, then running my nose firmly up her still covered slit.

I then worked back to her ankle and there, I slowly pulled down her sock, sucking the skin of her foot as I worked the sock from her foot. Once her toes were exposed, I looked her in the eye, she approved, and I feasted on her little piggies. i don't think she has had her toes sucked much!

As I sucked on her toes, she began to play with her covered pussy. She then undid the velcro closure, some where in her crotch, that held the body suit together. She raised the material above her pussy, and as I sucked hard on her toes, her pussy became exposed. Very nice, at first I thought she had a "skinny" pussy. But she spread her outer lips which exposed her sweet inner folded lips, and they were glistening. She then pulled the hood of her clit back, and she had a nice little meaty clit, lickable and vulnerable to a savage like me!

So there I was standing on my knees, sucking on the toes of her feet, she was gingerly fingering the inner folds of her pussy, touching her clit, making eye contact with me, and looking like she was definitely enjoying herself. I couldn't help myself, I heavily wet the toes of both of her feet, by now my cock had pushed nicely out of the opening of my boxers, and was eagerly looking for a taste of nookie! I guided her feet to my erect uncut cock, and she instinctively started to massage my cock with her feet and toes....Very, very, nice.... I thought for a bit of asking her to jack me off in this manner. But not knowing her "rules", I could have been out of luck for any further fancy, since with some girls, once you cumm in the hour thats it, with other girls, they say its ok, to cumm as many times possible in the allotted time. Not wanting to negotiate at a time like this, I just froze the image of this in my mind. Her wonderful dancer legs raised up, bent, and her feet stroking slowly my uncut cock, her fingers, slowly frigging her pussy for me, and her eyes making soulful contact with mine.

After a bit of this, I raised one of her feet to my mouth, and slowly ran my tongue up her ankle, under her knee, this brought a low moan from her, up her thigh, then I circled her shaved snatch. She had just a little mound of pubes above her clit. Also what I noticed there was a fair indention of skin above and surrounding her clit and hood. Very nice, Oh what trouble I would get myself into if I were an OB-GYN doctor...xxxtreme grin!

I ran my tongue over her blue body suit, up to her breasts and tried to suck her breasts into my mouth thru her body suit. She seemed to like this.

My tongue then danced to her neck, as I layed now on her body, sorta dry humping her, my hard cock finding a resting place somewhere on her wet snatch. We frenched for a while as we slowly humped, then I ran my tongue to her ear, and whispered..."Time for me to be lazy!"

She smiled and I rolled over onto my back, I propped two pillows under my head and gazed up at her. Susan was on her hands and knees, looking panther like, with her well formed dancer ass, thighs and legs waiting to pounce on me. She leaned down towards me and asked me what I wanted. I told her to surprise me. I noticed a pendant she was wearing and I asked her what it was. She said it was a pentangle? (I probably have this screwed up..)

and that she practiced "Wicka"...I said, "Oh, then you are a witch", she nodded her head, I then smiled and whispered, "Now, are you like the wicked witch of the west, or the good witch of the east"...(Wizard of Oz reference, hey I live in Kansas...) She looked at me, smiled and said, I would just have to find out.... Hmmmmm, fantasy was humming along nicely!

She then surprised me! She got up on her knees and positioned herself next to my erect cock. Remember, she was still wearing her body suit, but it was opened at the crotch. She took the material in her hands which had been covering her snatch, and started to slap it against my unsuspecting cock!

She looked down at me in a very domm manner and asked, "Why should I suck your cock"? She slapped the material again and again. Of course it didn't hurt or anything, but the situation was very nice! I told her she should suck my cock, cause I complimented her on the size and nature of her clit. This brought a laugh from her!

She reached into the adjoining night stand, and pulled out a condom and put it on my cock. She then leaned over me, started to slowly stroke my cock, while we kissed. She ran her mouth to my nipples and started to suck on them, then she tasted cock. (I absolutely love to be licked on my entire body, but I have a hairy body and most women don't like "dental flossing" when they are having sex...sigh...) She gave me a marvelous blowjob, as I watched "an artist at work"! She paid attention to the underside of the head of my cock, went down deep on me a few times, and sucked on my balls and my inner thighs as well.

I played gingerly with her long brown hair, and massaged her neck and head as she sucked me. I commented on her body and her lovely dancer legs, and I told her, "I bet you have a wicked pair of over-the-knee-boots"! She stopped sucking me, looked me in the eye, smiled, and said, "Yes, I do, next time give me notice and I will wear them for you"! She also asked me if I was into "leather" and I told her I was into enough things to keep me perpetually in "trouble"!....she seemed to like that answer...

She raised up looking for a position change. She moved like she was going to mount me, cowgirl style, but I grabbed a hold of her ass, she straddled me, and I pulled her ass up to my mouth. There I was, pussy inches from my mouth, she looked down upon me, raised her arms and pulled off her blue body suit, exposed a lovely pair of 34 or 36 B cup tits. The kind I can suck deeply into my mouth. I parked that idea for later. I pulled her pussy to my mouth, and started to lick the outer folds of her snatch, I looked up at her and as she braced her hands on the wall, I sunk my tongue deep into her wet pussy, tasting her juices. The taste was not unusual, but her juices were real thick, almost the consistency of male cumm???

I then inched my lips and tongue up to her clit. She back off a bit, and did me a favor by pulling the hood back, exposing her morsel. I eyed my prize, blew on it, then started to lightly tongue it. I could tell that she appreciated oral sex. I am a very oral person, and love to please, and I like to see the results of my efforts.... I worked her snatch and puss pretty good. I began to finger her inner canal, while licking at her clit.

This really got her going, then I made it a point to have her watch me suck the juices of her cunt off my finger. I was due for a position change, so I started to rimmm the area around her asshole. This got her moving pretty good, and I got the green light for phase two of my oral delight.

I pulled myself down between her spread legs. Instinctively, she knew what I had in mind. As she lowered her upper body, and got into the doggy position. Her legs spread, exposing a beautiful dancer ass, and puckered wet asshole. I started to kiss her ass, and thought about going right for her hole. But I decided to tease her a bit. I started at the crack of her ass, and ran my tongue slowly up her spine. I find that many women have fine hairs in the small of their back, some running up their spine. Light tongue action can raise these hairs. I find it very erotic feeling these fine hairs raise as my tongue travels over them. From the moans I hear, I can only believe that the effort is "appreciated". I sucked on her back, shoulders, and body sides for a while, always working down to her ass cheeks.

Finally, I ran my tongue down her spine, and instead of stopping at the crack of her ass, I ran it wetly down her crack and rimmed her butthole good. I could tell she liked this, I tried to penetrate her with my tongue and she liked the effort. I raised up, her ass crack was very wet by now, and I fingered her asshole then slowly dove my finger into her Hersey Highway. No negative response from her. At this point, many women say,,,no-

no, which I respect, but Susan appreciated the fingering. I began to finger fuck her ass. I got two fingers in her ass....Thinking of possibly dilating her, so I could get uncut gem to cruise in her Hersey Highway. Two fingers were tight, I removed one, then with my other hand, I put two or maybe three fingers up her wet snatch. There I was, her body doggy style in front of me, one finger up her ass, two or three fingers up her snatch. I was fingering pretty good, touching my fingers between the tissues of her snatch and ass. I feel self-conscious about asking women when or whether they cumm during sex, I don't know if some of their answers are true or not. I would say that Susan was multi-orgasmic. In reference to Dawn, who I referred to earlier. Every time she would cumm, she would tell you and thank you....

Time for a position change, I rolled her over onto her back and started to suck on her breasts. Again, 34 or 36B cups, very suckable into the back of my mouth, and her nipples got long and hard as I sucked. Position change again, I got on my back. I asked her what she wanted to do. Fuck me, or if she wanted me to eat her pussy some more. She said, "I want you to eat me"!

For an oral person like myself, this was an answer from heaven.

I told her I wanted to 69, she swung her body into position ontop of mine (my favorite position), those dancer thighs around my shoulders, she pressed her snatch to my face, and we got busy. I pulled on her labia, stuck my nose up her snatch, licked and fingered her ass. She inhaled my condom-clad cock, sucked on my balls, and tongued around my ass. I could feel a finger probe my ass, but she evidently backed off, when she found.........

Anyway, she raised up, reached over into the drawer of the nightstand, and pulled out a nice, soft 8 inch long, 2 inch or more diameter dildo and handed it to me. In the 69 position still, with her sucking wildly on my cock, I rubbed the dildo up her snatch, slapped her clit with it, then sunk it deep into her snatch. I started to pump it in and out. She raised herself, smiled, took control of the dildo with her hand, turned her body so she could she what she was doing, and started to pump the dildo within her. I went for her clit and tongued and mouthed her clit and labia as she pumped away. This was quite a sight for me, she was pumping only inches from my "glazed eyes"!

She took the dildo out, and I could see a nice milky white substance pulled from the depths of her snatch, resting on her lips. I sucked this "cumm" and went deep into her snatch for more. She was very, very juicy.....

Just then, the time buzzer in the room went off. Signaling it was time to "wrap things up". Knowing that to screw her, the way I wanted to, would take more time, and I didn't have the money, for another hour on me, I told her to take the condom off and jack me off. She reached over to the night stand for some lotion. (I saw the dildo there, and thought for a moment about both of us "cleaning it off") She lubed me up and started to gently jack me off, I jokingly whispered that this would take about 30 minutes, and she gave me a naughty smile back, and said, "no-no", and proceeded to get busy with her hand. I thought again of rolling her body around, and jacking myself off on her luscious ass, or breasts, or better yet, her red toes,,,then licking my cummm off her flesh....

But I was content where I was, and she had me to the brink, I told her to back off her pumping a bit, and I came. She had my cock pointed towards my face, and I shot, and got a good load of spew into my eye and forehead. I smiled in shock and approval! She pumped some more, but she was concerned about my eye and profusely said how sorry she was. "Hey", I told her, "It was my fault..."! I also told her what a girl in a massage parlor told me many years ago, "that like a painter, you don't do a good job, unless you get the "work" all over yourself"!

I lay in ecstasy, she gave me some Kleenex to clean my eye and forehead.

She asked me if it burned, cause cummm burns her eyes....(hmmmm, maybe she would take a facial from me next time I thought?).... She hurriedly got dressed, to go out and get me a warm wet wash cloth to clean myself.

I cleaned myself with tissues, and while she was gone, opened the "magic drawer" to the nightstand to see what other toys were in there. Just a plain jane dildo, some batteries, and some condoms.

She returned, handed me the wet cloth and I began to finish my "cleaning".

I asked her if she was still dancing, "No", where she had danced, and why she quit, "to take a break from it". She then did something that was unusual. She said she was going to leave the room and I could say good-bye now. I found this very strange. Almost all the girls talk to you while you are getting dressed. They tidy up the room, for the next "guest", etc. I really do like this small talk, I learn a lot about the girls, and I ask them certain things about what we may have done, etc. Sometimes offer to meet them outside of the happy confines of "Hiawatha's Hunting Ground". But no, Susan said she was leaving. I don't remember what I said to her, but her response was, "Do you want cheese with your wine"! This thru me, I admit I am a little "thick" at times, and asked her again, what she meant, she repeated it, then saw that I didn't get it, then told me, nicely I admit, that, "I was whining"......sigh She left the room.

Like I said I do like the casual intimate conversation with the girls while getting dressed. And as you know, most women love to talk, not like most of us guys!... So, I sorta had my feelings hurt with her departure. It was like a light switch was turned off with her feelings toward me. Granted, I seek out "professional women" with the knowledge that I will not be "exactly sweeping them off their feet"! But with Susan, I thought she really did enjoy our brief, but heated encounter. I wanted to ask her about her over-the-knee-boots, her leather items, whether she could meet me outside of Hiawatha's, etc, etc., but it was not to be......

I got dressed, then discovered something else which bummed me out. Looking at my watch, I didn't get the full hour I requested. But they had rang the buzzer at 45 minutes, this peeved me a bit as well. I figure if I pay for an hour, I should get an hour not 45 minutes, and "clean up time". Oh well, if Susan would have taken the time to speak with me afterwards like all the other girls do, I wouldn't have minded about the time, since I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It felt strange leaving the bedroom unescorted. I went into the living room where Susan and another girl were watching a movie on the big screen TV Hiawatha has. I glanced over at Susan she didn't even look back at me, the other girl smiled at me, and said good-bye. I said good-bye back, I don't even know if Susan said anything... I walked to the back door, in the past the girl would always escort you there, tell you good-bye, squeeze you and maybe give you a good-bye kiss, but today, nothing.....I noticed the back bedroom door was shut, and that Dawn was probably in there. How I would love to "watch that"....but as I left I was still bummed about Susan's "tude".

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