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  • Oral Stories : Delightfully Oral, Oral, Poem_enjoying The Flavor ...

Delightfully Oral, Oral, Poem_enjoying The Flavor ...

Delightfully Oral

I want your sweet pussy so please give it up.
I’ll lick that clit until you erupt!
Take extra time to trim off that hair
Trimmed or clean shaven…
That’s how I like it down there.
I’ll tickle your clit with the flick of my tongue
Are you ready lover to now have some fun?
I’ll part those swollen lips and probe inside
My tongue will make you cum like the ocean tide.
Wave after wave, ecstasy; one after the other.
You’ll scream “oooh Yes, here come's another!”
When the spasms stop and you’re all done
You smile a sly smile saying “Now I’ll have some fun”.
Wetting your lips you say “Now I’m in charge”.
With skillful hands stroking….you make my cock large.
I tell you be gentle don’t handle him rough….
You tell me “Lay back and enjoy, I do know my stuff!”
Lowering your head with your lips parted some
You start with a kiss, now my pleasure has begun.
Steady constant rhythm as snow falling in winter
You think; Let me just see how many licks to his pleasure.
Pumping up and down with both mouth and hand
You make my cock harder and taller it stands.
Faster then slower….you purposely tease
Judging from my moans you know how to please.
Down at my toes to the roots of my hair
Starting at my cock; there’s a tingling everywhere.
You take me in deeper and faster, causing me to explode
And to my surprise….you swallow the whole load.
Though you haven’t stopped yet,
You’re going to suck me bone dry.
“It hurts so fuck’n good!!!” I uncontrollably cry.
You lick the last drop from your lips with a smile.
Saying; I’ll give you a few minutes….
Then we can fuck for awhile.


End of Story