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Convincing Wife Kay To Play Part 3

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Convincing Shy Wife Kay To Play Part 3

My wife Kay was really getting to our good friend, Mike, and she was loving torturing him?. secretly letting him see her completely naked through our bedroom window, along with our other friend Jason. She had shown them everything of her beautiful body?.as I stated before she is 47 years old but still gorgeous?..5-1 115 brunette with 32c breasts with very erect nipples and one very nice ass. She had also let them watch her give me a blow job through our bedroom window. And she had gotten a little show herself, getting to see both of the guys jacking off in our shower on our hidden camera.

Our next encounter with Mike was about a week later. He had invited a few people over to his house for drinks and reminiscing?.we were all good friends from high school and all still lived in the same small town. There was Mike, me and Kay, Jason and his wife, and 3 other couples. We all were having a great time talking about all the good times we had over the years. All the gals were looking good?.having dressed so as to accent their best features?..can?t let the other girls look better?.just a little jealousy and friendly competition amongst friends. Kay had worn a slinky little brown dress that was low cut in the back and front, and very short?.with only tiny little spaghetti straps that held it on to her beautiful body. It was a perfect fit on her and you could easily see the shape of her fine ass and beautiful tits in it. She was definitely looking hot and our friend Mike was certainly checking her out and flirting with her. Kay cannot hold her liquor and as the evening progressed was starting to get pretty drunk. She really gets out of control when she is drunk and has little inhibitions. I was loving it and knew things were gonna get good before the nite was over. We continued partying, laughing and drinking for hours?everyone was drunk and having a great time. We were all gathered in and out of the living room and adjoining kitchen. Mike also had a family room and had cranked up the stereo system and offered anyone that wanted to dance could step around to the family room and help themselves. Only the lights from the stereo and the adjoining hallway dimly lit the room. We had all gone and danced a few times throughout the evening?.with our wives and with each others wives. It was a great time and friendly flirtations?.a chance to get to see how it feels to hold a friend?s wife close and feel her body against yours. And my friends were certainly enjoying getting to dance with Kay. Kay and Mike had gone to dance once when no else was in the family room. I could hear him put on a slow sexy song and was dying to know how it was going with them. I asked Jason?s wife if she wanted to go dance so we left the kitchen and headed for the family room. When we entered the family room we both saw Jason and Kay dancing and kissing with his hands all over her ass and her hand rubbing his crotch.. They immediately acted like nothing was going on when they saw us. I started dancing with Jason?s wife and she whispered to me that it looks like those two are having fun. I heard they have a little history from back in high school she said. Jason told me you knew about it too. Evidently he?s very well endowed, she said. Yeah, I know all about it, I said, it was a long time ago and it?s no big deal. Kay and Mike continued to dance seductively until the song ended and we all went back into the kitchen. The party started to break up around 2am and all the couples left except me and Kay and Jason and his wife, and Mike. Jason?s wife had gotten so drunk she asked Jason to help her to a bedroom upstairs where she promptly passed out. Kay was as drunk as I had ever seen her but she was managing to stay standing, barely. She and I and Jason and Mike continued drinking and standing around in the kitchen. Soon the talk turned to high school days and girls we had had sex with. Kay listened and couldn?t believe some of the girls who us guys had been with. It wasn?t long until Jason came out with it ? don?t act so shocked Kay, from what I understand I?m the only guy here that hasn?t had a taste of you. We all laughed and Kay said, ok ok you assholes, now that it?s out in the open and we all know that I gave Mike a blow job, thanks to Mike?s big mouth, I am pissed that this has been discussed with half the people in this town. Both Mike and Jason had carefully checked me out to see if I was getting upset about all this talk about my wife. They could see that I was not. I?m sorry Kay, Mike said, it was just soooo good I had to tell somebody about it. Don?t get your panties in a wad about it he kidded. Well just for your information I?m not wearing any panties, she said, and turned around and lifted her dress up far enough for us to see her bare ass. We all died laughing and Mike lifted his glass to her and said ?touché?.? Hey wait a minute, Kay said, where are my panties? Honey, didn?t I put panties on when I was dressing tonite, she asked me in a smart-ass tone. Yes, baby I remember you putting panties on, where are they now, I asked kiddingly. I don?t know sweetie, she said, maybe Mike knows where they are. Mike, do you think you could tell my husband where my panties are? I have no idea, Mike answered sheepishly. Oh so you don?t want to tell my husband that while you were dancing with his wife you asked me what color panties I was wearing and I told you I couldn?t remember and that I guess you would just have to take them off and see for yourself. She then walked up to Mike and reached into his pocket and pulled out her panties. Well what do you know, here they are?..and look, they are little bitty white ones she said as she twirled them around her finger. Mike looked at me and said sorry man, just wanted a little souvenier. Not a problem I replied. Kay then pulled her panties back on showing us all a glimpse of her pussy. Kay?s dress strap kept falling off her shoulder, exposing an erect nipple through her sheer white bra. She was drunk as hell and didn?t really care at this point. I see your nipples still get as hard as they did in high school Mike said. Jason then commented that he was pissed that she had never given him any?.you never asked, she said and we all laughed again. She was drunk as hell and absolutely did not care what she did or said, and knew that I didn?t care either. This night was getting ready to be really good?..I had a feeling that I was going to get to see my beautiful wife with one of my friends, and maybe both. Let?s all go and relax in the family room, I suggested, so we all fixed another drink and headed that way.

I put on some slow music hoping Kay would dance with my friends. Jason asked her first. They slow danced and Kay made the first move, feeling of his ass and then moving one hand around to his crotch. She rubbed his dick through his pants as Mike and I watched. Jason had his hands all over her, running his hands up the sides of her thighs and pulling her dress up so we could see her panties and beautiful ass. She turned around with her ass grinding his dick while he held her around the waist and felt her tits. She was loving it and so were we. The song ended and we all laughed and talked some more. Why don?t you put on a sexy song and dance for me and my friends, I asked Kay. Well if you really want me too, Kay said. Yes I really really want you to honey, I said. Then I?ll do whatever you want, she said?.just tell me OK. She put on a really nice sexy slow song and proceeded to dance very provocatively while me and my friends watched. She ran her hands through her hair and held it up above her head as she slowly moved her ass to the music. We were all about to fucking die watching her. She ran her hands down over her breasts and down to her thighs. She pulled the sides of her dress up as she danced, exposing her panties to us. Now I want you to take your dress off baby, I said, and do it slowly. She continued dancing and reached behind her to unzip her dress. She held it in place for a minute and then slowly pulled it down far enough to expose her see through bra and erect as hell nipples. She then turned around and slowly swayed and moved the dress down past her sweet ass. She then let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. She continued dancing with only her bra, panties, and heels on. Kay, I want you to take off your bra, I said, again do it slowly. She turned her back to us and unclasped her bra and slowly lowered it over her shoulders and off of her arms. She covered her bare tits with her hands and turned to face us while continuing to dance. We were all rubbing our raging hard ons and watching intently. Kay, I want you to take your hands off of your beautiful tits and show my friends your half inch nipples. She did and we couldn?t believe how hard they had gotten. Now I want you to take off your panties, slowly, and show my friends your sweet pussy and ass. She slowly lowered her tiny little panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She continued to dance, running her hands over her ass, tits, and now very wet pussy. Is this OK baby, she said, do you like watching me dance naked for your friends. Yes, I love it baby and I thank you for doing what I ask. What do you want me to do now, she said, it looks like your friends are really getting turned on. Well, I would like for to see about my friend Jason first Kay, but what I want you to do is come over here and tell him exactly what you want him to do to you, tell him exactly how you want him to fuck you. I want you to tell him what you fantasize about him. You do fantasize about him fucking you don?t you Kay. Yes I do, she whispered as she looked Jason in the eyes and walked over to where he was sitting on the couch. She straddled his lap and rubbed her pussy over his hard on and rubbed her erect nipples over his face. She reached behind her and grabbed his hard dick and stroked it through his pants. She scooted herself back on his lap a bit where she could unzip his pants and pull out his raging cock. She started jacking it off slowly and leaned over where she could whisper to him what she wanted. Jason, I want you to fuck me now, I?m begging you to fuck me now. I?m sorry I never fucked you in high school but I am going to make it up to you now, I promise. Here?s what I want you to do, here?s what I beg you to do to me Jason. I want you to stand up first so I can take your clothes off of you. Jason stood up and Kay slowly unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed her hands over his chest and sucked on his nipples. She then went to her knees and pulled his jeans and underwear off. She moaned and jacked his dick while she put his balls in her mouth. She pulled on them with her mouth till they popped out of her mouth or she would have pulled them completely off his body. She then licked up the shaft of his dick and put the head of his dick in her mouth. She sucked on the head while using both hands to jack his dick and fondle his balls. She then stood up and whispered to him that she wanted him to fuck her until he was ready to cum and then she wanted him to put his dick back in her mouth because she wanted to swallow his cum. She knew his wife would not do this for him and that he wanted that really bad. She took him by the hand and led him over to a wall where she turned her back to him and placed her hands up against the wall and spread her legs and arched her ass out where he could get to her pussy. Fuck me from behind Jason but tell me when you?re ready to cum ok. Jason guided his dick into her pussy and slowly put it all the way in and began a slow in and out motion in her pussy. She looked back over her shoulder and told him?.I want it hard Jason?.fuck me hard. Jason then grabbed her by the hips and began to furiously pound his dick in her pussy. She began moaning first and then getting louder with screams of yes yes fuck me Jason fuck me Jason fuck me hard. She climaxed so hard that she was banging her head against the wall. About the time she climaxed, Jason said he was going to cum. She pulled his dick from her pussy and turned around and went down to her knees, quickly taking most of his dick into her mouth. She pulled it out of her mouth and continued to jack him off. She then looked up at him and told him to please cum in her mouth. He immediately started shooting his load on her face as she grabbed his dick with her mouth. He was yelling yes yes and grabbed her by the hair as she swallowed everything he had. She stood up to him and with her finger guided the cum that was on her face into her mouth. She showed it to him on her tongue and then obviously swallowed it. She kissed him and asked him if he liked that and he replied, that was the best I?ve ever had?.you?re fucking unbelievable. So were you she said as she caressed his ass that she was so impressed with.

Mike was next?.and I knew this was the one she really wanted and the one I had wanted to watch her fuck for years. She came and straddled his lap on the couch like she had done Jason before. They kissed and Mike felt her ass and sucked on her huge nipples. She would tease him and pull them away from his mouth and then gently rub them around his face. She reached around and played with Mike?s huge dick through his pants. I?m gonna tell you something Mike, she whispered in his ear to him but loud enough where me and Jason could hear, the real reason I am pissed at you is that all those years ago when I sucked your dick, you left me unsatisfied. You didn?t make me fuck this big dick and you know I wanted it?.you know I wanted it in my wet pussy. Why didn?t you just try a little harder and I wouldn?t have had to wonder all these years what it would be like to have you inside me. I have fantasized about you fucking me for years now and I want you to do it now Mike?I want you to fuck me now like you didn?t do it back then. But first I want to bring back some good memories for you and suck your cock. Now everyone can see for themselves how I sucked your cock. And I did love sucking that cock Mike?.I couldn?t believe how big it was and how good it tasted. Remember me taking both of your balls in my mouth while I jacked you off Mike. Do you want to see if it still feels good when I do that Mike. Yes, yes please Mike moaned. Lean back and relax she whispered. With that, she slid off of Mike and down to her knees between his legs. She undid his pants button and slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He wasn?t wearing underwear so his huge dick was out in the open for all of us to see and it was rock hard. Kay looked over at me and gave me a wink. She then kept her eyes on Mike?s as she started with one hand just slowly jacking him off?.she then used both hands to jack him, slowly making twisting up and down motions on his dick. She continued this and started licking his balls and softly moaning at the same time. All of us were about to die watching her?she was literally making love to his dick. She moaned and would occasionally pull her mouth off of it and just slowly jack it and just look at it as she did. She was admiring it and thinking about what it was going to feel like to have it deep inside of her. Mike I can?t take it any longer, she said, I want it in me, I want it deep inside me. Mike pulled his dick out of her mouth and stood up over her while she remained on her knees. He jacked his dick slowly in front of her face teasing her with it. You want this, he said, you want me to fuck you Kay? Yes, yes she said. Then lay down on the floor and spread your legs for me, he said. Mike took her legs and lifted them up over his shoulders. He was positioned where she was going to take every last inch of his hard thick dick and she knew it. Go easy, she said, you may hurt me?.knowing she had never had a dick this size in her. Mike took the head of his dick and slowly ran it up and down her pussy lips, rubbing her clit and then just putting the head in. He repeated this play, each time putting a little bit more of his dick into her pussy. She moaned a little louder each time he entered her with more and more of his cock. Give me all of it she begged, I?m ready, I can?t take it any more. Give it to me Mike. With this, Mike slowly pushed the rest of his dick into her. She moaned as she took each additional inch?..oh?.oh?.oh??oh??my??God. Kay climaxed furiously when she felt the last inch of his dick inside of her, digging her nails into Mike?s back and screaming. At this point Mike began to pound his dick into her, making sure to bring it almost all the way out and then all the way back in with each stroke. He made sure she felt every inch of his thick, long dick with every move. She came again. Mike then told her to get on top of him so he could suck on her beautiful nipples while he fucked her. She straddled him and leaned over where her tits were available for his mouth. She now had control of taking his dick into her as far and as fast as she wanted it. She started out slow, enjoying feeling each additional inch as it entered her. She soon increased the speed of her up and down motion of taking his massive pole. Before long she was practically jumping up and down on it, moaning and screaming uncontrollably. They came together as she grabbed his head and furiously rubbed her tits all over his face and mouth. It was even more of a show than I could have imagined between the two of them. This encounter had been building for a long, long time and they made the best of their desire for each other.

Kay looked at me and said?..was that good baby, did you enjoy it? Are you ready for your turn now? I got up and went to her. She turned over and got on her hands and knees and said, take me in the ass baby, I don?t think I can take any more in my pussy. I got on my knees behind her and teased her asshole with my dick until it was ready enough to enter her. I slowly and easily entered her tight ass completely. I continued entering in and out of her ass with my rock hard dick as she moaned and climaxed again. After Mike and Jason had gotten ready to go again, they got on their knees in front of her while I fucked her ass. She rotated taking each of their dicks into her mouth. They both ended up coming in her mouth and on her face again. I climaxed in her ass with more cum than I had ever released from my dick before.

What a night. We left Mike and Jason completely spent and headed home. Before we left, they both thanked both of us and pleaded for us to get together again. I?ll think about it, Kay laughed with a wink.

For more stories about Kay, watch for ?Playing With Kay?. Maybe you can even help me take care of my beautiful wife?s sexual desires !

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