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Cocksucking in Penneys

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Sherri had taken on a real love of sucking cock, and the thing is that she did not care when or where she got it. She seemed to need at least 3 or 4 a day and that was besides mine. We went shopping a lot and usually just window shopping cause of our money situtation. Sherri and I were at a mall one day and looking around. We had a little to spend so we were each going to buy someting. I am sure that everyone is familiar with the round racks of clothes on the sales floor of stores. Some have clothes hanging on them that go all the way to the floor and others not so much. Well, we were in Penney's and looking at stuff in the mens section. Sherri was there next to me and there were, as usual several guys there looking at stuff also. Well, Sherri had on her cut offs and a tank top, no bra and some sandals. She had recently began cutting her shorts so that the only part that was between her legs was so thin that they could, with some movement slip between her pussy lips. She loved this and they were very often there. Well, one of the guys struck up a conversation with Sherri and she pointed me out as her husband. He seemd nervous and was looking for an exit when I came over and said Hi, Hi man, he returned back, still nervous. Sherri used to get really breathy and hot and her nipples got hard at just the thought of sex as she was in that condition now they were shining like headlights. The guy and his friend stared at her and me wondering what was going on. One tried to change the conversation and said, I need some swim trunks but I am not sure what size to get. Sherri got close to him and her hand went to his crotch, he couldn't move, frozen I could see she was massaging his cock thru the pants. After a couple min. she said, I bet it is a size 8 at least. We were near a rack that had stuff hanging to the floor and Sherri began to unzip him and he said, What are you doing? I am going to measure you better she said. Here in the fucking store the guy was red faced. Yes, right here as Sherri went down to her knees and backed into the clothes pulling him closer. So here he is standing close to the rack his front concealed in the clothes rack and red faced. Sherri is on her knees and she has taken his cock into her mouth..He is silent, his eyes closing and looking around as they rolled aournd. His frind is saying This is hot man, I can't believe it. I was there. I should have warned you, my wife needs to suck at least one cock every coule of hours or so, I just can't take her anywhere. He stood there,knees weak and then it was obvious he was cumming, Sherri hidden in the clothes slurping up his cum. He was holding on to the rack and managed to stand straight up when Sherri's head came out of theclothes and she smiled, motioning the other guy to her trap. He stepped forward and took on the position while his friend and I faked talking so as to not attract store personel (unsuccessfully I might add, but that is at the end of this). The zipper came down and Sherri uttered a lustful, Oh my god, this one is hung. Then she began doing her magic on the cock in her hands. The guy almost lost his balance several times and it took over 15 min for Sherri to coax his cum from the treasured cock in her mouth but finally she did and he was holding in moans and groans all the time. Then one of the sales men came over. So what is going on guys. He was very close to the place that Sherri was on her knees. We all smiled, oh nothing, just talking. Well, you need to move on okay, no loitering. Then he gave a startled look, "What the hell?" is all he said looking down to find Sherri at his zipper. What the fuck he said now, what the fuck. We were trying not to laugh too loud but Sherri had managed to get his cock out and in her mouth and was now keeping him quiet. He was weak as she took care of his cock and finally almost melted as he unloaded in her hot mouth. Then her head poked out of the clothes Come on hunny she said to me, you need to do somethiing about that erection too. I stepped up and she took care of my hard cock that had been there for way over a half hour watching these men get relief from her magic mouth. She finally stood up, her shorts soaked with her pussy juice and her tank top showing very hard nipples and her face flushed red from her pleasure. She smiled at them and the salesman looked at her, Damn lady, you are hot. Then I can come here anytime and shop for cock she asked him. Sure he told her. Good, what days do you work? He told her and she said, I will be back then, make sure you have lots of customers for me to suck...Lady, half the fucking store employees will be here for you. Great, lets go as she took my hand. I wanna go to Sears now.

Okay Hun and we walked to the Sears. They were having a sale and the mens department was really busy....

see ya later.

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