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Camping Neighbors

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Camping Neighbors by Eric Drew

It was a beautiful September afternoon as we pulled into a campground just south of Crescent City. We had been traveling along the coast of California for the past week enjoying the beautiful costal scenery and the lush redwood forests along the way. That particular time of year seemed to be a perfect time to tour the coastline as the fog typically remained off shore or if it did venture inland it burned off early in the morning. The State Park we were in was about five miles from the shoreline and was surrounded by beautiful redwoods. School had started so most of the vacationers had returned home and the park was less than half full.

We pulled our trailer into our assigned space and realized that the other sites around us were vacant except for one a few yards away where a nylon tent had been pitched. After getting the rig set up we pulled out the lounge chairs and relaxed under the awning of our trailer to enjoy a cold drink. My wife Jan and I are nudists and typically enjoy parading around in the buff and were very tempted to do so at the moment but better judgment won out and we remained clothed.

My wife Jan is a very attractive woman with gorgeous 36C breasts capped with dollar sized aureoles and berry sized nipples. She rarely wears a bra and is not bashful about showing them off. After pouring drinks she changed into a sleeveless tank top and shorts. The attire was perfect for showing off her great tits and her shapely legs and thighs.

A half hour or so after arriving at the site, our camping neighbors drove in and climbed out of a Ford F250 truck. The guy was very good-looking, muscular and stood about six feet tall. His female companion was about the same build as Jan with dark hair and a great body. Her breasts were smaller than Jan?s but were beautifully shaped and it was very evident she too was not wearing a bra. She was wearing a halter top and shorts that showed off her beautiful ass.

They waved and hollered a polite hello as they sat about popping a couple cans of beer and setting things out for dinner. We watched with keen interest as they moved about the campsite. Jan and I have enjoyed swinging for several years and while we have concentrated on threesomes with other guys, we still enjoy an occasional foursome and are always on the lookout for likely prospects with which to share some sexual pleasures. I looked at Jan and saw that she was intently staring at the guy and realized that her thoughts were paralleling my own.

Watching them eat made us both hungry. While I fired up the BBQ to fry our steak, Jan went inside the trailer to mix up a salad and prepare the side dishes. When things were ready we sat outside and ate as we watched the sun go down behind the treetops. After cleaning up the dishes, we poured us each a glass of wine and turned on some soft music and sat there listening to the sounds of the forest as evening settled in.

Our neighbors sat outside of their tent for an hour or so then taking a propane lantern, moved inside the tent. As soon as they were inside they started to undress. As we watched the shadows dancing on the walls of the tent, we realized that we could see just about everything they were doing and it quickly became obvious they were about to make love. We watched intently as the woman dropped to her knees and took the guy?s cock in her mouth and started sucking it. The shadows were bigger than life and it was plain to see that he was very well endowed. A few minutes later he lay down on one of the cots and pulled her body over his. When she climbed on his hard cock and lowered herself over him, I thought my cock would explode. Their sounds of unrestrained lovemaking had its affect on us both and we had to relinquish the view and go inside and fuck.

The next morning over coffee we continued watching them as they prepared their breakfast and straightened up the camp. ?Why don?t we take our coffee and walk over and introduce ourselves?? I asked taking another sip.

?I was just thinking the same thing!? Jan replied getting up to refill the cups. ?Give me a second to get ready and we?ll walk over there!? Jan went into the trailer and changed into a halter-top that clearly displayed her ample tits. She selected a pair of shorts that were as tight and small as she could squeeze into then capped it off with a pair of wedges.

After applying some makeup she announced that she was ready and we took our cups and walked hand in hand to their campsite.

?Hi there!? we announced as we drew near. ?Thought we would come over and introduce ourselves! My name?s Eric and this is my wife Jan!? I said reaching out to shake hands.

?Hi Eric and Jan! I?m Tom and this is my wife Cindy! Where are you folks from?? he asked as he gestured for us to take a seat. We spent the next hour or so engaged in small talk. They were from the Bay Area and told us how much they liked camping. As the conversation moved along Cindy made a statement that made both Jan and I perk up!

?We love camping!? she said and then continued to tell us that their favorite thing to do was to make love in the tent. ?It?s a real turn on for us especially if we think someone might be watching us like you were last night. Before I could make any excuses for our gawking behavior she asked, ?Did you enjoy the show we put on??

?You guys really did put on a great show. It was absolutely incredible!? I replied, not sure just what to say. ?You guys turned us on so much we couldn?t wait to go inside and make love.

?Glad it worked out all the way around,? Tom remarked. ?We have discovered that having other people watch us is very exciting.?

With the conversation turning so frank, I decided to open up and admit that Jan and I were swingers and that we often enjoyed frolicking with others. ?We?ve been married for 15 years and have enjoyed quite a few couples and single males.? I admitted. As my confession poured forth, I noticed them look at each other and smile.

?We haven?t played around that much!? Tom remarked, ?But we do enjoy an occasional foursome. Cindy is bi and likes women as well.?

We?ve never tried a threesome with a male but that sounds interesting and something that we might like to try sometime!?

?Eric and I are going over to the Coast this morning!? Jan remarked. ?Why don?t you guys join us for dinner this evening. We have a tri-tip that we can throw on the BBQ.

?We?d like that!? Cindy said, ?I?ll bring the side dish and a salad. Do you guys like wine? We have a couple of bottles of the best Cab you will find. I?ll bring them along as well.

?Great! See you guys tonight around 5:30, is that ok?

With the arrangements settled Jan and I went back to our RV and made ready for our day at the ocean. When we returned at four that afternoon Tom and Cindy were gone. Jan went inside to shower and clean up and to whisk away new hairs that might have grown around her pussy. Jan is meticulous about her grooming and keeps her pussy shaved clean except for a tiny puff of blond hair just above her crack that she keeps fashioned in the shape of a tiny heart. About five Tom and Cindy returned and spent the next half hour in their tent apparently cleaning up as well. At 5:30 on the dot, they walked the short distance between our two campsites carrying a small ice chest that contained their part of the dinner and the bottles of wine.

Cindy was right about the wine, it was absolutely the best and it made the tri-tip taste even better. We spent the next couple of hours eating and chatting about everything including sex. Somehow the conversation even got around to talking about shaved pussies and balls. Cindy admitted that she too shaved her pussy but Tom was reluctant to shave his for fear of being ridiculed at his gym club. That bit of conversation led the topic to oral sex, which led to discussions on other sexual techniques. ?I like having two men at the same time!? Jan admitted.

?I love sucking Eric while being fucked by the other guy and I especially like it when they both come at the same time and spurt their juices on my breasts.? The conversation continued in that vein for the next half hour or so and it was getting everyone very turned on.

?Why don?t we go inside? This conversation is making me horny as hell!? I remarked taking Jan?s hand to lead the way. With that, all four of us got up and went inside closing the door behind us. During our dinner, I had made sure that all of the lights had been dimmed and that a good selection of music was in the CD player.

As soon as we were inside the trailer, Jan and Cindy snuggled up to Tom and began unbuttoning his shirt. I sat in the lounge chair and watched as they kissed and caressed his body slowing inching down until they were both keening in front of him. Jan reached out and began to undo his belt and then the button at the top of his shorts. Cindy was cupping his balls and stroking his cock as they pulled the shorts down to free his eight-inch prick. Jan curled her fingers around Tom?s cock and pumped it a few times than bent forward to kiss the bulbous head. ?Mmmmm!? she gurgled as her lips closed over it and she sucked the full eight inches in to her wet throat. As Jan mouthed the massive cock, Cindy tore at her clothing, first removing her top then pulling her shorts off. As soon as Jan was undressed, Cindy quickly removed her own clothing.

Jan paused momentarily and turned to look at me. ?Are you enjoying watching me suck his cock?? she murmured. ?He tastes so good!?

?Oh yes, suck it baby, I love watching you lick a big cock. Suck him good!? The words were no sooner out of my mouth than Cindy moved between my legs and began to tear at my belt and zipper. Within seconds I was undressed and Cindy was lapping at my turgid cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she took me deep in her throat. She was as much an expert at giving head as Jan is. Every few seconds she would pause long enough to turn and look at Jan as she lapped on Tom?s massive tool.

Jan had her hands clasped on Tom?s ass and was pulling him deeper and deeper into her throat. Tom was moaning and chanting how good it felt as Jan let out soft whimpers of pleasure as his meat slid in and out of her mouth.

Tom and I were both on the verge of letting it go. As if by some hidden cue, we pulled our cocks free from the hot lips that surrounded them and reciprocated by giving the woman the pleasure of our tongues on their hot and wet pussies. Before diving into Jan?s pussy, Tom removed his remaining clothing. A few minutes later both of our ladies were in heaven as we licked and sucked their sweet cunts. Their thrashing and moaning told us that they were both on the verge of a mind-blowing release.

?Oh fuck, I?m cumming!? Jan screamed as her climax surged through her body like a freight train. Her screams of pleasure set off Cindy and she too erupted in an earth-shattering climax. As the two women writhed in ecstasy, Tom and I continued to lap at their pussies with abandoned lust.

My cock throbbed and was in need of a hot pussy. I couldn?t wait to feel Cindy?s hot cunt and quickly moved between her legs. Lifting her legs with my arms, I pushed my cock past her swollen pussy lips and into the deepest recesses of her vagina. On the couch Tom had done the same thing with Jan. The trailer rocked from the wild and abandoned lovemaking as the four of us fucked our brains out.

?Your cock feels so good!? I heard Jan murmur as Tom pounded in and out of her. ?Push it deeper, oh yes, like that!? she hissed as their tempo increased rocking the trailer even more. ?Oh yes, yes! Now don't move, I just want to feel you in me for a few minutes!? she gurgled holding Tom quiet. I glanced over to watch for a moment as her body quivered from the wild sensations that surged through her.

Turning my attention back to Cindy, I buried my cock as deep as it would go and started pumping for all I was worth. Cindy?s eyes were closed and she hissed her pleasure through clinched teeth. Cindy wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me firmly against her as we humped together in a pounding rhythm. The sight of Jan being so beautifully fucked and the feel of Cindy?s hot pussy wrapped around my cock was too much. ?Fuck me, fuck me!? she screamed as I lost control and sent gobs of cum shooting into her very depths. ?Yes, yes, yes, I?m cumming!? she screamed as her pussy contracted and her juices began to mingle with mine.

The sounds of our mutual climax sent Tom and Jan over the edge and they both explode in a simultaneous orgasm. For the next half hour we cuddled together in a satiated relaxation. After making love one more time, Tom and Cindy left and Jan and I fell exhausted into bed. We had three more days at this campsite and it was sure to be an exciting and sexy three days.

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