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Camera Masturbation

I had just finished another long exhausting day at my first job when I
got home and I was not looking forward to my nitetime job in the
least. I got in the house and looked over to see my phone answering
machine light blinking. I hit the button and felt a big smile come
over my face when I heard my boss' voice telling me I had the night
off. I thought for a moment and decided since I was home alone, why
not spend it giving myself some pleasure ?

I got undressed and set up my Polaroid Captiva. It felt great walking
around nude - scary and erotic at the same time. I was feeling
playful and decided to try something I had read about and get a good
photo at the same time. I got a pillow set on my bed, set up the
camera and set the delay shutter. I got on the bed, held the pillow
and smiled into the camera as it shot the photo. I got the camera and
waited until I was sure it had taken a photo I could live with then
decided to try the act I had read about.

I knelt on the bed and placed my pillow between my legs. I grasped it
between my thighs and began to move my pussy across it slowly. It
didn't take long for me to get wet and feel the familiar sensual surge
coming thru my body. Not wanting to rub too long on the cotton
pillowcase, I lay back and slowly fingerfucked myself until I came. I
caught my breath as I fondled myself and got ready for a special

I donned my black satiny floor length nightgown and again set up my
camera. I took two more of me in front of the
shower and another of me fondling my shaved pussy and my breast. I
then started the shower and after adjusting the water to right warmth
and closing the drain to the tub, I stepped into the warm spray.

The gown instantly glued itself to my ebony body when the water hit
it. I turned around slowly as the tub began to fill from the shower
spray, loving how the wet nightgown felt on my body. I began to
gently squeeze and fondle my breasts thru the gown as the water flowed
over me, loving the sensual thrill going thru my body.

When the tub was filled deep enough, I switched the water flow until
the tub was filled then shut it off as I knelt on the bottom of the
tub. My tub was big enough for me to lay out in it and be completely
submerged. I stretched out in my tub, the water up to my neck and
smoothed the air bubbles out of my gown. The movement of the water
brushed the gown up against me from time to time all over my body and
it felt so sensual and I could feel the juices start to flow in my
pussy. I began to gently fondle my breasts thru my gown and, taking a
deep breath, slid underwater.

I lay on the bottom of the tub, running my hands over my body. The
water caressed my body adding to the tingle coming from my breasts and
pussy. I slowly floated up for air, and I floated for a moment with
just my face above the water, enjoying the feeling. I slowly moved up
my gown and slid underwater to strip it off before coming up for air
again. I floated again for a moment, then slipped underwater again.

As I lay on the cool tub bottom, I began to fondle my breasts and
slowly slid a finger into my pussy. I slowly finger fucked myself,
letting my head float up from time to time to get air until I came
underwater. I then laid on the bottom for a moment, then let myself
float for a bit before climbing out of the tub.

After toweling myself dry, I then went and got out my vibrator. I
laid out spreadeagled on my bed and began to stroke my nude body. I
ran my fingertips over my recessed nipples, and gently squeezed my
breasts. I slowly massaged my breasts, running my hands over them,
and feeling the warm tingle begin to flow thru my ebony body.

I picked up my vibrator and turned it on. I ran it along my clit and
the lips of my pussy, my body tensing with a jolt as the vibrator sent
a thrill through body. I could feel my juices flowing and I was so
wet. I slid the vibrator deep in my pussy. It slid in so nice and
easy and it's throbbing sent a surge through my pussy and all through
my body. I kept the vibrator deep in my pussy and began to fondle my
breasts until I felt my orgasm wash over my body like a wave. My back
arched up off the bed and I let out a loud moan as I came. I could
feel my pussy quiver around the vibrator and a series of small cums
surge through me.

I then reached down and began to fuck my pussy with the vibrator. It
felt so nice to just lay out and cum and just enjoy the feeling over
and over. Orgasm after orgasm washed over me as I slowly fucked
myself with my vibrator and played with my breasts. After long last
long orgasm surged through me like a shock wave, I drew out my
vibrator and turned it off, lapsing into a deep sleep as a cool breeze
from my nearby window caressed my nude ebony body.

End of Story

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