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Business Meeting

It's late and the meeting had been canceled. His flight was late as well,
par for the course today. The only good thing to come out of all of this
was the fact that the hotel screwed up his reservations and gave him a
deluxe suite at the regular room rate as a way of making it up to him. He
drags himself up to the room and tries to use his card key. It takes him
several tries until the door unlocks. It seems even the doors are against
him today. He enters the room and the door closes behind him. He drops
his bags and heads for the wet bar. He really needs a drink. The bar is
fully stocked, the only thing going for him at this point. He pours himself
some Absolut over ice. Grabbing his drink he heads for the couch.
Grabbing the remote he begin to surf the channels. He takes a drink and
the cool vodka burns as it slides down his throat; it is a sensation that he

He plops down on the couch and takes another drink. There appears to be
nothing on the television. He lets the channels wander to the preview
channel for the satellite movies. Most of the stuff is boring. There is a
preview for True Lies, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Clear and
Present Danger, starring Harrison Ford. He finishes off his drink and sets
it on the table in front of him. He begins to nod off, his head bobbing as
he falls into slumber.

He can't remember when he fell asleep or for how long, the only thing he
remembers is the sound of a woman moaning from ecstasy; it was a
preview of the soft core porn films. He grabs the remote and clicks off the
television. He thought he was dreaming even after the television was off.
He could still hear the moaning of a woman. A soft light comes from the
bedroom and he figures he might as well crawl into bed. As he
approaches the bedroom the moaning becomes louder and louder. He
enters into the bedroom and sees her lying there. She is naked with her
legs spread, playing with her pretty pink quim.

Her eyes are squeezed tightly shut. All of her concentration locked on the
center of her being. He watches in amazement as her hand moves faster
around her lips and across her clit. She has two fingers from her other
hand inside her so that she gets the sensation of being fucked. Her
moaning gets louder and he hears her whisper "fuck me, fuck me with
your beautiful cock," over and over, like a mantra. He watches as her
body begins to quiver and then shake as she begins to orgasm. He is
transfixed as he watches her body squirm. He sees her juices flow from
those pouting pink lips and he can stand no more.

He crawls between her legs and begins to lap at her dripping box. She is
startled by his tongue, but relaxes after opening her eyes and seeing him.
"I wondered how long it would take you to realize I was here," she says
between moans. Lapping at her love tunnel, he is too busy to answer her.
He takes in every precious drop of her sweet nectar. She grabs his head
and forces it into her pussy, wanting his mouth on her hot box. He takes
his tongue and flicks her clit. She gyrates her hips and rubs her wetness
around his face. He takes hold of her hips and plunges his tongue deep
inside her, sucking on her engorged lips and nibbling on her clit. She
moans and gasps as he fucks her with his tongue. He loves her taste. It is
spicy sweet. He feels that she is on the edge of orgasm again as she begins
to shove her hips into his face to get all of his tongue. He clamps his
mouth over her pussy and sucks hard as he tastes her sweet cream. He
takes every drop that she has.

In the glow of the light he sees the sheen of sweat on her body. He begins
to kiss his way up her body. He plays with her bellybutton, licking and
kissing it, swirling his tongue around the outer edge. He feels the muscles
of her stomach jump underneath him. He pauses for just a moment and
then continues upward. He moves up over her ribcage to the bottom of her
breasts. He takes one of her exquisite tits in each hand and begins to
knead them as he hungrily attacks one of her stiff nipples.
"Oooooohhhhhhh yyyyyeeeessssss . . . Just like that," she moans. He
continues to play with her breasts as he kisses his way to her face. He
leans over her face and she traces his lips with her tongue. He parts his
lips and their tongues begin to tease each other. Finally, neither of them
can stand any more. They kiss, deeply and passionately. She can taste
herself in his mouth and she pulls him closer to her. He feels the heat
emanating from her snatch. "I want you in me, I want you to fuck me,"
she whispers in his ear. He is willing to oblige.

She spreads her legs for him and he kneels between them. He rubs his
cock around her engorged lips. Massaging her clit with the tip of his cock,
he slides himself up and down her soaked snatch. "Oooooohhhhhhhh, quit
teasing me. Fuuuuuuccccccckkkkk Mmmmmmeeeeee!!!" she moans. He
continues to stroke the outside of her snatch while she thrusts her hips and
he is deep inside of her. They both moan, she from the feel of him
penetrating her and him from the sensation of her tightness. He begins
thrusting. She moves her hips to meet him. He moves faster, feeling her
wetness. Thrusting harder and harder, moving faster and faster he feels
both of them on the edge of orgasm.

She rolls him over and begins to ride him. He watches her breasts bounce
as she impales herself on his cock. He comes up and starts sucking on her
sweet firm tits. Taking the nipple and as much of her breast into his
mouth he sucks hard, running his tongue around her areola. With one arm
around her waist and another kneading her tight ass he feels her body
tremble. She pulls him close and whispers in his ear, "God, yes. Oh, yes.
You feel so good, so fucking good." She pushes him down and holds him
tight. "You still need to cum for me," she whispers in his ear. He feels
the muscles of her cunt squeezing him, trying to milk his cock.

"How did you know I would be here?" he asks. "Simple, I called your
office and told them I was your client," she tells him. "They were more
than happy to give me your hotel information; I explained that I wanted to
do something special for you. Were you surprised?" His breathing
becomes very labored and she can tell that he is about to cum. "Very," he
whispers between ragged breaths. "Shoot your load deep into my pussy.
Fill me up with your hot cum." Her words send him over the edge and he
begins to shoot deep into her. The muscles of her cunt milks him dry.
They lie in each other's embrace and fall asleep.

He wakes the next morning with a start, realizing that he is going to be late
for his meeting. She sits up in the bed and begins laughing, very hard.
"Calm down, you aren't going to be late, silly." He stops what he is doing
and looks at her. "And why is that?" he asks. "Simple," she says with a
smile, "I really am your meeting. And I do believe that this will be a very
informal one." She motions him back to the bed with a finger. He drops
everything and crawls back into bed. This is one meeting he is definitely
looking forward to.

End of Story

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