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Best weekend so far

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(Last weekend was amazing fun! Thought you might enjoy hearing about it. Can't believe how long this post turned out, but once I started writing it just flowed. Reads like a tale from Penthouse Forum, but every word is true.)

***bold***Friday afternoon***/bold***

I was up-beat, despite a tough week in the stock market. Mrs Two and I planned a hot weekend of play with our new friend J, and a few others, and I was very ready for the fun to begin. The market closes at 1 PM here on the west coast, but Mrs Two wasn't due home until 4:30. "Can't wait for you to get off work, baby!" I crooned to her on the phone. She said, "Go see J, she'll help you pass the time till I get home."

I rang the bell and J opened her door wearing a see-through fishnet shirt and a string thong (nothing else.) She greeted me with a deep, wet kiss. J is 5'7" and has long brown hair and a sultry smile. She's completely tan, with a slim, smokin' hot body and firm, small tits. Her sweet nipples poked through the fishnet material in a wonderfully sexy way.

We kissed and caressed in the doorway for several minutes, but soon moved to her bedroom. She removed my shorts and boxers in one smooth move, taking my already stiff cock deep into her mouth. J has amazing oral skills, and I groaned with pleasure as she sucked me with abandon. Soon we moved into a 69 position, with J on top. As I flicked her clit with my tongue her whole body responded. I was amazed how fast she climaxed, quivering with each stroke of my tongue till she could stand no more. Sliding off me, but keeping my cock in her mouth, J redoubled her effort to send me into orbit. It was intense beyond words. I soon would have burst, but I pulled away. It was time to fuck.

I entered her slowly, as she lay on her back. J let out soft moans as I slid my cock in and out of her, but I held back from giving her my full length - J likes to start out fucking slow. Soon we were in perfect sync. She moaned for me to fuck her harder. My cock throbbed as I began to ramp up the strength and depth of each stroke.

We moved through a half-dozen positions, never letting up our rhythm. Finally J's whole body shuddered as she reached an intense climax. We lay together in an embrace, softly kissing and touching, my cock still in her. J was glowing.

I kissed her at her door as I left, saying, "See you tonight." J needed to go into SLO to take care of a few things, and I wanted to be home when sexy Mrs Two (the love of my life) returned from work. Driving home I grew even more excited about the coming weekend.

***bold***Friday afternoon Part 2***/bold***

Mrs Two beat me home by a few minutes. As I walked in the door she wrapped me in a hot embrace, kissing me deeply. "Did you enjoy linking up with J this afternoon?" she asked. "We had a very hot time" I answered. "Show me" she smiled, and lightly licked my neck with her hot tongue.

I carried her to our bed and began to kiss her mouth, neck, chest, and belly, slowly unbuttoning her shirt as I nibbled and flicked her skin with my tongue. Mrs Two is fast: before I knew it, she had my shorts on the floor and my stiff cock in her mouth. All the while, I was massaging her pierced clit with my fingers. Suddenly she stopped her eager sucking, pressing my cock to her chin and looking up at me with wanton eyes. "Fuck me, baby."

We fucked in every position imaginable, and after about 30 minutes she began to cum. We continued fucking as her orgasms rolled over her in waves. Finally she was on her knees at the edge of the bed as I stood, fucking her from behind. Then she said, "I want you to put your cock in my ass."

I continued fucking her doggie style as I poured lube on my hand and began to massage her ass. She moaned and wiggled in delight as I slowly slid my thumb into her puckered hole, all the while stroking her pussy with my cock. Her groaning told me she was very ready, so I slipped my raging hard-on out of her pussy, coated it heavily with lube, and slowly rubbed the head of my cock against her tight ass. As I slowly pushed my cock in, she moaned with pleasure. Her tight sphincter squeezed my cock as I gently fucked her ass with my entire length. I repeatedly slid my cock all the way in, then all the way out, just the way Mrs Two likes. Each time I pushed my cock past her sphincter she groaned with intense pleasure. "Harder" she begged. "Fuck me hard!"

***bold***Friday evening***/bold***

We had showered and eaten, and before long came an eagerly expected knock on the door. It was J, looking very sexy in tight jeans. Mrs Two and I greeted her with sweet caresses and deep three-way kisses.

There is something wildly erotic about two women and a man kissing uninhibitedly. Mrs Two and J are bisexual. A FMF threesome allows for a lot of positions and combinations, but as much as they enjoy oral both women also need and want a hard cock. They love to fuck! I'd serviced both earlier in the day, but it wasn't near enough for any of us.

They began our play by sharing my cock, eagerly sucking it, licking my balls, kissing the head (and each other) until my erection was nearly ready to burst. Mrs Two took a condom off my dresser and said, "I want you to fuck J with that hard cock." J lay on her side and I entered her from behind. As I slid my stiff member in and out of J's pussy, Mrs Two stroked J's clit with her tongue. Before long J was shaking with her first orgasm. FMF threeways with Mrs Two and J are always amazing. We shared an intensely erotic evening of passionate sex, going late into the night.

***bold***Saturday afternoon***/bold***

Next day Mrs Two and I made plans to meet R&D, a new-to-us couple visiting the central coast on vacation. (It's nice to live where other swingers want to vacation!) R&D found our web profile, and emailed to set up a lunch meeting with us. After seeing R&D's profile and pics, we were very interested in meeting. Assuming we felt chemistry, we planned to invite them to a play party at our home later that night. R&D turned out to be an amazing couple! Fun, sexy, confident, intelligent, and very ready to play. D is smoking hot, 5'4", 123 lbs, shoulder-length blond hair and a tight body, with nipple piercings, a pierced belly button, and a pierced clit. R is 5'11", fit, 170 lbs, a great guy and a true gentleman. We immediately clicked as a foursome. R&D were very up for joining the Saturday evening fun.

***bold***Saturday evening***/bold***

Our friends M&K arrived at 7 PM. K is an amazing, sensual woman, passionate and completely uninhibited. M is extroverted, delightfully witty, and all about K's pleasure. Next R&D arrived, and soon after came J, wearing tight embroidered jeans and a short see-through white cotton shirt that left her belly button exposed.

We shared some wine, cheese & crackers, and flirty conversation for most of an hour, then moved the gathering to our California king size bed. Mrs Two was the first to undress, removing her short black skirt and silky top. Wasn't long before all seven of us were naked and going at it.

A very hot element of the sex that night was the bi play between Mrs Two and D. They are both strongly bi, and reveled in kissing, licking, sucking, and caressing all the pussies and cocks in the bed. (Four women, three guys. Good thing we have a big bed!) I gave my attention to each of the women, fucking them one after the other, taking showers in-between so I was fresh and clean for each of them.

Saturday night ended with a threesome between M, J, and me. (As it happens, it was J's first MFM threesome ever.) J lay on her back and sucked my cock as I knelt on the bed in front of her, and M licked her clit. Then I turned her over and fucked her doggie-style, as M knelt before her and she sucked his cock. My thrusts rocked her body back and forth, pushing M's cock in and out of her mouth. After a nice round we switched, so M could fuck J while she sucked me. J's first MFM threesome was a very hot way to end to an awesome night of play.

***bold***Sunday evening***/bold***

On Sunday J invited Mrs Two and I, and her male friend, B, to her place for dinner. He arrived a half hour after us, his fit 6'2" athletic build immediately catching Mrs Two's eye. J and Mrs Two were turned on, and flirted with each other, B, and me. A wonderful sexual tension filled the air between us as we enjoyed the delicious dinner J had prepared.

B and J disappeared after dinner, while Mrs Two and I were cleaning up the dishes, but we soon found them, naked and on J's bed. "There you are!" we giggled, as we disrobed and joined them. Mrs Two sucked my cock while J sucked B's cock, until Mrs Two and J said "let's switch" at the same time - lol! J moved over to take my cock into her mouth, while Mrs Two began to suck on B. Soon J and I moved into a 69 position, with J on top. After several minutes I felt her body quiver, waves rolling over her body as I stroked her clit with my tongue.

J moaned softly, "It's time to fuck."

She positioned herself above me as I lay on my back, lowering her tight pussy onto my very stiff cock. We fucked with her on top, underneath, on her back, on her side. All the while B repeatedly fucked Mrs Two, and licked her clit, going back and forth between fucking and licking. Finally we fucked both women doggie-style, standing at the edge of the bed side by side, as Mrs Two & J kissed each other and moaned in pleasure.

Afterward I lay caressing Mrs Two while J and B sat in the backyard, cooling off in the night air. Mrs Two began sucking my cock, and soon I had yet another erection. I began to fuck her doggie-style at the edge of the bed, and she started to cum again. She was SO hot! I was about to explode, and I know what Mrs Two likes, so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pointed it at her open mouth. "Yes baby!" she said. "Cum in my face!" I blew my load all over Mrs Two's tongue, lips, chin and neck. Then she sucked my cock dry.

Late Sunday night we were home in bed, remembering our sexy weekend. Mrs Two said, "I had SO much fun! It was the best since we started playing." She squeezed my cock and kissed me, and very quickly I was erect again. Moving down she began to suck my cock with abandon, fast and furious. It wasn't long before I erupted into her mouth a second time. Again she sucked my cock dry.

"That's two in the same night!" Mrs Two purred, as she hugged my belly and stroked my still-hard cock. "Thank you for a wonderful weekend my love."

"Baby" I said, "Your pleasure is mine."

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