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Be My New Friend?

Sitting at the bar , drinking my 4th long island ,My friend is reaching down and touching my bare thigh , sending messages to my pussy. A guy I met on this site shows up and sits down on my other side , he orders a beer and a shot. I can tell he is nervous and I put my hand on his knee and say ``relax``, After a few more beers he gets up the courage to join in and start lightly touching my other thigh , Oh my god I`m so fuckin wet from the attention of 2 men . All I can think of is sucking both cocks as hard as steel.
After few minutes of this I`m so ready to go to the house and play , I tell my new friend I`ll ride with him so he doesn`t get lost . I really just want to get in his car and rub his bulge to see if I can get him squirming, when we get there , he leans over gives me a kiss and says `` I`ve never done this before`` I reply `` well then we`ll have to make it alot of fun so you`ll want to again lol``, When inside i pop in a good porn dvd , with the sound off and turn on some music , both guys watch as I dance, I sit down next to my new friend and begin rubbing his crouch again , I look at my man and motion him to sit on my other side , it doesn`t take the 2 long to have me undressed and totally soaking wet . I have to have my new friends cock in me , so i start sucking his cock head really hard , drawing as much blood into the top as possible , I can taste his pre cum and waste no time sitting him up and lowering my wet pussy onto his now huge head slowly taking just small amounts til I just let go and drop all my weight down on him , taking every inch , his balls are up against my ass and I squirm my ass as fast as i can til he cums in me hard , then i get on all 4`s and suck him back to life while my man , fucks me silly ,
Once my new friend is hard again I tell him my ass needs filled now , I turn around and let him slowly enter me with his throbbing head into my very tight ass hole , it hurts little at first as I coach him to be easy , as soon as the pleasure is more then the pain , I slam my ass against him , getting all 7 inches in me , the rush makes me cum instantly as he pounds away I`m cumming over and over like waves of ecstasy , as he cums he passes out for just a second and almost falls over , now I have to satisfy my man , so he throughs me on my back and just wears me out,while my friends sucks my tits as I jerk him off
Hope my new friend had a good time and calls me soon , maybe bring another friend i really hope so) with him next time , mmmmmmmmmmmmmm xxxoxoxoxxx Brenda,ps.don`t be affraid , please make me happy

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