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Another Way To Pay My Cpa (great Use Of The Bard...

Another Way to Pay my CPA
By Lori W.

If only I could get away with this, I wonder if I could write it off, LOL!!

She came into the office like a breeze, she was wearing a caramel
colored cashmere sweater that crisscrossed right over her ample
breasts. Within the cleft of her breasts rested a gold medallion. I
could feel myself getting aroused. She walked up to my desk and
asked me if I was busy and I looked up into her cool blue eyes and
stammered, " Uhm no, no I am not busy at the moment. Please sit down
what can I do for you?"

She smiled, and told me that she needed her taxes prepared and that a
friend of hers recommended me. I was inwardly thanking whomever it
was that brought her to my office. I stood up and shook her hand and
we exchanged names and other pleasantries. I caught her looking down
at my crotch and she could see my member growing in my pants.
Smiling, she sat down, her skirt hiked up to the point where I could
almost see her panties as she crossed her legs. She didn't even try
to adjust herself. I think she knew she was tormenting the hell out
of me.
I started her return and I was asking her the basic questions and she
answered them like I knew she would.

She kept staring at me making me uncomfortable. I kept shifting in
my seat, thinking that her perfume was intoxicating, it felt like it
was wrapping around my head. She was still staring at me and I told
her I couldn't make out one of the figures she had wrote down and she
bent over my desk to me to see what I was talking about and her
breasts were right in my face, the medallion touching the desk. I
thought they were about to spill out of her soft sweater.

I couldn't help myself and in a swift motion I started caressing her
breast on the outside of her sweater, her nipple grew hard and not
realizing what I was doing I pulled my hand away really fast,
apologizing. My face reddened in shame, she was grinning at me and
in a quiet and sweet tone, she said, "You know, it's okay. You look
like a very nice man that hasn't had it in a while."
I kept thinking, "what, is it written on my forehead?" I couldn't
stop apologizing to her enough. She just rubbed my arm and said, "no
harm done."

She had come in late, it was almost closing and we were the only two
people in the office. I told her that I needed to close up but if she
didn't mind waiting I would finish her return for her. She looked at
me and asked if I was planning on locking the front door and I just
nodded. She winked at me and told me to hurry back. A tingle of
excitement went right down to my crotch, wondering what in the world
was happening here.?
I came back to my desk and she was sitting on the outside of it,
right on the edge.

I told her I only had a few more things to fill out and her return
would be done. She did a playful whine and said, " Oh, that's really
sad, I was really enjoying your company." I smiled and returned to my
seat. She came around to the other side just behind my seat and
surprised me by taking her hands and rubbing her thumbs right down my
neck. Chills went down my spine and I was asking her what she was
doing. She whispered in my ear, “I think you know exactly what I'm
after." I couldn't believe this woman was flirting with me like
this. She walked around the chair and sat on the desk right in front
of me, her feet propped up on the chair on each side of me. Her
skirt was pulled up to her thighs and she opened her legs, to my
surprise she had no panties on at all. I was drooling.
I could feel her heat, I started to sweat. She leaned down and took
my glasses off and cupped my face in her hands and planted a kiss
right on my lips. She licked my top lip and then the bottom and
stuck her tongue in my mouth. She sucked on my tongue and nipped my
lower lip. I was trembling.

She sat up and I started rubbing her breasts outside of her sweater,
her nipples were so hard you could see them through the material. In
one quick move she had pulled the sweater off over her head and I was
staring at her nipples through a sheer bra that had a clasp in the
front. I unhooked it and her titties spilled out of the cups. I
took each in my hands taking great care to lick and suck all over
them. By this time I had stood up and she was almost lying on the
desk. I told her that I wanted so badly to please her, I wanted to
taste her. She was so excited she just moaned and told me that I
could do anything I wanted to her. I made sure that she was on the
edge of the desk and I knelt down and started kissing her from her
ankles to her inner thigh, she would sigh the closer I got to her
pussy. I took a breath of her and I realized that she had sprayed
that perfume there as well, it was so arousing and her pussy was nice
and smooth, not one hair on it. This made me even more excited!!

I took my hand and touched her mound, she immediately lifted up from
the desk telling me softly that she needed me to kiss her there. I
parted her lips and started kissing all around and then I took my
tongue and licked her clit. She moaned and started petting my head,
she was mewing softly. She instantly became wet and I started licking
her all over paying special attention to her clit. It was all she
could do to keep from yelling out and she took her hands and wrapped
her fingers around my head holding me down telling me to keep licking
her hot pussy. It made me so aroused!!

After sucking and licking her for awhile and her cumming a few times,
she told me that she needed to taste me. I was astounded at what I
was hearing, here was this hot woman telling me that she wanted to
suck my dick. I sat down in my chair and she knelt down before me
and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I lifted up and helped
her pull them down. She told me that "he" looked tasty and she held
my shaft in her hand and started sucking on my balls. I put my head
back, enjoying the sensation of her mouth on me. She was looking up
at me and she started licking my cock from the base up, sucking on
the tip and doing it all over again. Never did she take her eyes off
of my face, she was drinking up the emotions that were so apparent.
I was enjoying this so much; I had a silly grin on my face.
She kept telling me how good I tasted and then she would take my
whole shaft in her mouth. I put my fingers through her hair. I was
being rocked by the pleasure. She didn't miss an inch of me, I could
feel her loving my dick. I wanted so badly to cum and I kept telling
her I was close.

She let up and got back on the desk, her feet propped up and her legs
spread open. She gave me a smoldering look and in a raspy voice she
asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was speechless all I could do
was nod. She pulled me close to her and guided me to her, French
kissing me the whole time. She grabbed my ass in her hands and
shoved me into her. I went in and out of her slowly, enraptured at
the tightness around me. Her pussy was clenching around my member
and she wrapped her legs around me. She was grinding against me and
I was biting her neck and nipping at her breasts. We were moving in
unison going back n forth rocking and she started moaning and
digging her nails into my back. She was loudly exclaiming that she
was about to cum and I started kissing her to get her quiet. She was
bucking into me and she got really tight, I could feel her drawing me
in and I came so hard into her hot, wet pussy.

We kissed until my climax subsided and I was about to melt into the
floor. She held me like a child, tracing my face with her fingers
and playing with my hair. All I could think was "This is Great!"
She smiled at me and I told her that she didn't have to pay for my
services and she started giggling like a school girl. I couldn't
help but laugh myself.
She paid me better than any money could.

End of Story

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