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An afternoon surprise

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I got an incredible shock this afternoon and it led to the best sex I've ever had. My name is Emily and I'm 45 years old, with medium length brown hair, a slim body I keep in good shape, with 36B tits that haven't yet begun to sag. My husband calls me a MILF and I like that. My husband, Rick is 50, a former athlete, still in good shape and very manly. We live in a fairly upscale area and have a guesthouse on the property that we rent as a vacation rental for a little extra cash.

Rick works from home and so he handles most of the rental duty and enjoys all of the friendly, nice people it has brought into our life. For the past 10 days, we have had a nice gentlemen in his mid-50's, Bob, staying with us. Very distinguished looking with a very confident manner . . . I think he said he had just sold his business after many years.

Upon getting home from work, I found a note from Rick saying he was over with Bob and I should come over. I freshened up a little; I had to admit that I had gotten a little wet several times in Bob's presence. I walked in and sat down with the guys and we each had a drink and chitchatted a bit. All of a sudden Bob clears his throat and says,

"It's time, Rick."

I looked up at my husband who had stood up and was starting to slowly take off his clothes. I stared at him dumbstruck as Bob said, "you're husband has been the best host this week, Emily, and we're going to show just how good."

Rick had stripped completely and was wrapping a cock ring around his cock and my mouth just fell open. Rick proceeded to tighten it down and then started to stroke his cock slowly and I watched as it grew to its full seven-inch length in his hand.

"You see, Emily," Bob continued, "Rick and I started a daily ritual about a week ago . . . and this is the second part of it. Do you want to hear about the first part while you watch?"

I just nodded my head as I kept my eyes glued to my husband's cock sliding in and out of his hand.

"What you will see is what Rick does every afternoon for me," Bob said, as Rick reached up with his left hand and started pinching his nipples between his fingers. "The first part starts every morning at 10:00am," Bob said with a smile. "I leave the door unlocked and Rick comes over to give me a wake up call."

Rick's nipples were both now rock hard and sticking out and he reached down and grabbed a pair of nipple clamps off the table that were connected by a short silver chain. Rick fastened both clamps to his nipples and grimaced a little as they bit in, but then resumed stroking his cock slowly.

"Rick comes in and 10:00am . . . a couple of times I've been awake but usually I'm still asleep . . ." Bob said dreamily. "He strips down, gets himself ready, as he is doing now, and then pulls back my covers and starts to lightly stroke my cock." Bob paused to make sure I heard what he said and I just continued to be shocked . . . but I could feel a little tingle in my loins.

"Personally, though, I like to feel my cock get hard in someone's mouth so Rick will quickly get on the bed so he can take my cock in his mouth and watch feel it get rock hard." With that, Bob stood up and Rick moved forward, abandoning the stroking of his own cock, he reached forward and started to slide Bob's shorts down. Bob pulled his shirt off and looked me straight in the eye . . . only for a second though, as my eye quickly moved to his cock as Rick pulled both his shorts and boxers down to his knees and Bob's beautiful cock plopped out. Bob quickly stepped out of his clothes, both guys were naked in front of me, and I felt myself starting to get wet.

Rick dropped to his knees and gently fingered Bob's balls with his right hand while he guided Bob's cock into his mouth with his left. Rick expertly drew Bob's cock back and forth in his mouth and with each stroke I could see Bob's cock get bigger.

"You see how he can make that happen so well," Bob said, drawing my eyes to him once again. He gazed deep in my eyes and I could see him let out a little moan of pleasure as my hunk of a husband devoured his cock. I felt myself losing a little control as I unconsciously let my hand graze my nipple, which was quickly becoming as hard as Rick's. "You like what you see, don't you Emily?"

I could only nod my head as Rick continued to give Bob a great blowjob.

"So, after Rick gets me hard in the morning," Bob started in again," he gives a good 10-minute tongue bath, plays with my balls and then lays down on the bed next to me."

My head again just nods as I alternated looking into his eyes and back at what has turned into a wonderful eight-inch cock that was fairly thin and looked like it would be a perfect fit in my now sopping wet pussy.

Rick started to suck Bob's cock a little harder and Bob gasped with pleasure and told him to slow down a little. "Next, I get out the lube," Rick said, going back to his explanation of their morning ritual. "I lube up Rick's ass and let him apply a little to my cock . . . and then, I pull his legs up onto my shoulders and I slide my cock slowly inside his ass." He locked onto my eyes and I couldn't turn away while he said, "and then I bury my cock in him deep and start pumping hard. Since he has usually given me such a good blow job I don't last long . . . so after a couple of minutes I just empty my cock into his ass . . . he's really a good lay."

My mouth just hangs open as Bob appears to be getting close to coming so he puts his hand on Rick's head and slows him down again. "You would like to touch my cock wouldn't you, Emily? Bob says.

Again, I just nod and he pulls his cock out of Rick's mouth with a plop and I'm faced with this beautiful cock just inches from my face. My left hand has found my wet crotch and is gently massaging near my clit while I reach forward with my right hand and softly stroke Bob's cock. His cock his velvet steel and I let my fingers run up and down the shaft. "Go ahead and suck it if you like," Bob says with a smile. I pull his cock closer and let my tongue slide around the head and lick him like an ice cream cone before pulling as much of his cock as I can deep down my throat.

"So after I come in Rick' ass," Bob continued, "I give him a little reward. I lower his legs so they are resting on my thighs and I let him jack off for me." My eyes are locked on his as I suck his cock and he says to me, "Why don't you take off your clothes, Emily?" In a trance, I rise up and shed my clothes as quickly as possible. While doing that Bob slides his cock back into Rick's mouth who devours it greedily.

"While Rick is jacking off, of course, I give a little pull on his chain . . . kind of like this," as Bob reaches down and yanks Rick's nipple chain, causing a grimace of pain but also pleasure. "When he gets close I pull of the clamps and pinch both his nipples hard . . . and it usually makes him come right away," Bob laughed. "Once he comes, he catches what he can in his hand and he gets to swallow it."

I can't believe my ears as Rick has never before shown any bi-tendencies but he sure looks the part now. As I finish undressing Bob puts his hands on Rick's head and starts fucking his face hard.

"Now I'll let you see how much he really likes cum," Bob said just before erupted tensing up, pulling out and then erupting an enormous rope of cum all over Rick's face. Bob then grabbed Rick's head and forced his cock back into Rick's mouth where he proceeded to shoot six or seven more ropes of cum down Rick's throat. "Show Emily how well you have learned to swallow, Rick." Rick opened his mouth and showed he had swallowed every drop and then dropped his mouth back onto Bob's cock to clean up the leftovers.

In shock, I watched my strapping husband clean up Bob's cock and then Bob broke away and glided over to me. "Let's go get comfortable shall we," Bob said, a statement not a question. He guided me to the king size bed and laid me down. "Now, it's your turn," he added as he lay down next to me and started to caress my tits. He softly felt them, rolled my nipples in his fingers and then kissed his way from my neck down to the bottom of my tits. He licked and kissed all around both tits but never made contact with my straining nipples. His mouth then moved lower down my body, across my navel and between my legs. Again, he licked and kissed everywhere but where I most needed it, as he avoided my clit to drive me crazy.

Bob then started his way back up my body, kissing his way past my tits until he found my mouth and suddenly our tongues were dancing. He continued pulling his body up until he was straddling my waist . . . I looked over and saw Rick staring at me with his cock disappearing in and out of his hand, harder than I'd ever seen him before. Bob pulled further up my body and I felt his hands guiding mine to my tits and he proceeded to push my hands together so he could slide his now rock hard cock between my tits. As he slid his cock between them he would extend his cock farther every once in a while so I could suck on the tip of his cock, that was exuding just a drip of precum that tasted delicious. Just as I was hoping to suck the whole thing down my throat, he disappeared and his mouth was at my tits. This time he was all over my nipples, furiously pinching and kissing them and taking my breath away. Now, he was at my clit and he nibbled, licked, and assaulted my love button for all he was worth. I was rewarded with a massive orgasm that flooded the bed.

Bob scooted up, kissed me passionately and then rolled me over on top of him. He had me impale his cock and told me to give him a ride. I got on a rode for a while and Bob then turned me into a reverse cowgirl and ordered Rick to come give us both a lick. Rick came forward and starting licking my clit and sent shivers down my spine. I came again as he was licking me and pulled Bob's cock out, as it was just too intense. I fed Rick Bob's cock and watched as he hungrily sucked it into his mouth. I was ready for more so I stuck Bob's cock back in and laid out flat in his arms. Bob pumped his cock in and out and I could feel Rick's tongue on my clit and Bob's cock. Bob shouted out he was cumming and let loose a huge load. "Keep eating her," Bob commanded. "I want her pussy licked clean . . . and my cock."

Rick continued licking me, occasionally sucking on Bob's cock to clean it off. Bob's cock eventually softened and fell out of my pussy giving Rick all the room he needed to clean me up. With Rick's tongue and Bob pinching my nipples, I came in minutes, flooded the bed once again, and then collapsed on the bed next to Bob.

After regaining control Bob pointed at Rick and said, "Look at poor Rick . . . he needs some relief." Looking over Rick was standing, out of breath with his cock at its biggest ever. "Go ahead, Rick," Bob laughed. "Make yourself cum."

Rick looked at me for help but Bob caught the look and said, "No, Rick, do it yourself . . . and don't make a mess."

Rick nodded and started to jack off faster . . . it wasn't going to take him long. Suddenly he tensed up, moaned loudly, and started blasting cum from his cock. He directed the cum onto his stomach and when he was done coming he licked his right hand, where much of his cum ended up and swallowed it down. He then scooped up all he could from his stomach and fed himself that. Next, he milked the remaining last drops from his cock and licked them up. He turned to Bob and Bob smiled and said, "Good job . . . no mess."

I just looked at both guys and sighed after having the best sex ever and asked, "When do you have to leave, Bob . . . I think we're vacant for another few days."

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