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My cousin Amber came to live with us when I was 15. She was blonde,
5'10", and had green-hazel eyes. Her parents were the adventerous
types, and had left on a 14-month trip around the wold.

Amber took the room next to mine. We soon adjusted to her, and she
became part of the family. My parents gave her chores, which included
doing laundry, folding, and distributing it.


For the first three weeks, she gave me no special attention. Then,
one day, I reached into my drawer for some boxers. Absentmindedly, I
pulled them on, and then noticed something was different. Amber had
put a pair of her panties inside the boxers, and then folded them
together. I took them out, and threw 'em into the laundry hamper.

Since Amber never said anything, I assumed it was a mistake. Then, a
few days later, it happened again. This time, however, I asked her
about them.

"Amber, these were inside my boxers."

"Oh! I was wondering where those were." She said as she took them
out of my hands. She was wearing a nightshirt and shorts, and as I
soon found out, nothing underneath. She dropped her shorts, and
slowly pulled on the panties before replacing them.

I was staring at her blonde haired snatch for about three full seconds
before the panties came on. "Thanks! Now, out you go! I have some
homework to do," she said as she ushered me out of her room.


About a week later, we were sitting on the couch, watching Oprah, when
Amber turned to me and said, "Can you rub my shoulders and back?
They're sore from practice." (Amber is a gymnast)

Amber got off the couch and sat on the floor in front of me, between
my legs. I reached down and began to knead her shoulders. Oprah
ended, and about ten minutes into Donahue, Amber said, "Now do my

She leaned forward, and I put my thumbs next to her spine and began to
squeeze and unknot the tense muscles. As I made my way up her back, I
noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. As I reached her neck, I suggested
that it might feel better if I rubbed her skin directly. She agreed
and shrugged the shirt off.

I began rubbing her naked back, while looking at her beautiful breasts
in the mirror above the TV. Amber glanced up at the mirr, and seeing
me admiring her form, said, "They feel better than they look."

Taking the not-so-subtle hint, I reached around and began to rub her
breasts. Amber closed her eyes and smiled in pleasure. I pinched her
swelling nipples and traced long circles around her areoulas. I
stopped my motions, and whispered in her ear,

"Do they taste as good as they feel?"

Not waiting for an answer, I leaned over and wrapped my lips around
one nipple. I flipped it with my tongue, and traced the adges of ther
areaole, before moving to the other. A few minutes later, I stopped
my suckling, and moved to her lips. We kissed long and deep, our
tongues interplaying.

After a few minutes, we stopped, and she turned to face me. She was
just reaching for the snap of her jeans, when the garage door began
opening, signaling the return of my parents.

Amber threw her shirt back on and said, "Come to my room tonight at
one." I said Ok, and she ran off to her room.


That night, I lay awake in my bed until one. Then, I got up and crept
quietly into Amber's room. I closed and locked the door, and Amber
turned on a small light near her bed.

She held her finger to her mouth and motioned for me to lay on the
bed. I complied, and she stood at the end of the bed and removed her
negligee. The small lamp highlighted her beautiful breasts and great
body perfectly.

Amber climbed onto the bed and advanced toward me like a cat. She
rubbed her breasts on my legs as she slowly crept up my body. By this
time, my cock had become quite stiff, and was making a tent of my

Her breasts made their way towards my groin, until they were
straddling my dick. Amber began licking my belly-button and squeezing
her tits around my cock. She then proceeded to remove my boxers with
her teeth.

After I was stripped, Amber mader her way back up to my cock. This
time, instead of engulfing it in her boutiful cleavage, she wrapped
her lips around it.

She was licking my head, while moving her lips up and down my shaft.
Her tongue darted out of her mouth to titilate my balls.

I told her to swing her hips around, so that I could get a better view
of her pussy. She briefly stopped her cock sucking to plant her
crotch in front of my face.

I licked her lips, and began to suck on her growing clit. I wrapped
my lips around it and lapped up the small head that protruded. Her
already wet pussy was now leaking great amounts of fluids, so I moved
from her clit and encircled her vagina with my mouth.

I stuck my tongue in and out, whill swallowing as much of her
secretions as possible. As she neared orgasm, her love muscle began
grasping my tongue and pulling it further into her. Amber reached
orgasm, and a river flowed from her cunt. I, of course, slurped it up

Amber's orgasm caused her to suck on my dick even harder, and in a
short while, I could feel the swelling in my balls. Between clenched
teeth, I said, "I'M COMING!!"

She pulled my cock out of her moth just as it pumped out the first
load. A stream of jism hit her in the cheek, two in her hair, and
another on her shoulder. Then, she took my still squirting dick in
her mouth and drank deeply of my come.

End of Story

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