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Afternoon Delete

Afternoon Delete,

I meet Annie online while looking for someone to chat with. She made it clear that she only wanted to chat. We soon set up a meeting at a local coffee house. When we met we talked for more than an hour about our sexual experiences. She proceeded to tell me that she loved to suck cock most of all, it gave her a since of power over the man and she loved to be in charge. I told her that when I get sucked I wanted her to insert her finger in my ass that it really made me cum hard. She said she really wanted to make love with me and could we go to my place right now and play. It was written all over her face, she was hot from all this sex talk.

When we got there she undid my pants, took out my cock and leaned forward as her mouth opened and she went down on my cock sucking and licking, slurping and giggling. I told her, she was good, the best cock sucking I’ve had. I soon filled her mouth with my cum. She swallowed and licked my cock as I continued to ooze more for the next minute or so. She got every drop and loved it and continued to suck my cock. Annie just kept sucking me with a slow steady rhythm.

Afterwards, as I put on my pants, Annie left in her car without saying goodbye

After that I never saw her again…….

The end of a true story

End of Story