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A Tale Of Two Couples

As I watched you walk into the room the noise at the
dinner party vanished. My entire focus shifted to the
way that you entered the room. As you made your way
over to our table, Russ pushed a lock of my hair back
from my face bringing me out of my brief reverie. I
smiled as you and Ken made your way over to our
table.I loved your short skirt.. and your low cut
blouse had me feeling like liquid heat was running
through my veins. When you sat down next to me, I
caught the scent of your exotic perfume and felt my
body begin to pulse. As the table made small talk
around us, I told you just how incredible you look.
With an impish grin, you lifted up your skirt a bit to
show me that you were totally naked underneath....I
felt my pulse begin to race at the sight. I slid my
chair closer to yours and made sure that the table
cloth was over your lap before sliding my hand up your
leg and rubbing your outer lips...I could feel
goosebumps of excitement form on your skin...slowly I
ran my hand up and down your legs teasing you without
touching your inner folds..The waiter appeared behind
us and from his expression he knew exactly what I was
doing...I looked at him and smiled as his erection was
very transparent. The table ordered drinks and dinner
and salads began to this point the last
thing I wanted to do was eat...but nonetheless I
picked at my salad and ate just enough so as to not
arouse to much suspicion from the rest of the
table..but I was so eager to get back to the task at
hand...When I placed my hand back under the table and
on your lips..I could feel your wetness dripping from
you...the idea of public masturbation had obviously
aroused you a great deal..I lightly moved my fingers
inside of your lips and tenderly rubbed your clit..I
heard you gasp and your breath begin to quicken...I
twirled your clit ring around and around before
sliding a finger inside of your tight, hot, and very
wet pussy..I felt your walls tighten around my were pumping at my hand urging me to go
faster...I could feel my own wetness..seep between my
legs...I felt your orgasm peak and your body spasm and
a small gasp came from your lips and the table looked
at us with peculiar started to cough and
said that your throat was a bit dry..Russ and Ken
could not contain the smiles on their faces as they
were both well aware of what was going on...We excused
ourselves and went to the bathroom in the foyer..After
checking to make sure we were the only ones in the
large formal bathroom, I locked the door eager to
finish what I started at the table. I grabbed you and
pulled you into a tight embrace before kissing your
soft lips and neck..I so enjoy running my fingers
through your hair and caressing your neck with the
tips of my fingers..I led you over to the small couch
and had you sit down...I moved between your legs and
kneeled down in front of you..and slowly kissed my way
up one leg and then the other before teasing your lips
with my tongue the way that I did with my fingers
earlier..before opening your lips and sucking your
clit lightly moving the barbell with my
began to moan with pleasure no longer caring to be grabbed my hair pulling my mouth closer
and harder against your swollen began
grinding your pussy against my mouth moaning aloud
with pleasure, I could feel your orgasm begin and your
body shake with the after effects...I laid my head in
your lap and relaxed as your fingers played with my
hair....all of a sudden there was a loud knock at the
door...and I could hear someone very loudly ask what
is going on in there... unlock this door...we both
began to giggle and stood up and straightened our
clothing...and let them in....after hurrying past the
waiting women we went back to our table..your flushed
cheeks were a dead giveaway to the men waiting for us
at our table...I felt like my body was on fire I was
so turned on and ready to the time we
walked out of the banquet hall I could feel the
wetness in my panties as the cool air hit me...we
walked over to my car and you pushed me into the back
seat and quickly stripped my panties off... I was
sopping wet and right there in the parking lot you
begun to lap my pussy..driving me to the brink and
bringing me back again..Russ and Ken were trying to
shield us from prying eyes..but with the light on the
inside of the car it was pretty obvious something was
happening and a small crowd had begun to gather around
us...we were oblivious to anything but each other and
that moment...your mouth was like sweet torture...and
my body felt like it was on fire..I was pure liquid
heat and totally lost in the thralls of the passionate
moment at hand...As you slid a finger inside of me and
begun to gently fuck me with you fingers..I felt my
body begin to spasm and my orgasm peaked and I
screamed at the force with which it hit me.....I
quickly pulled you to me and kissed you deeply and
passionately tasting myself on your wet lips......My
how I wanted to take you to bed that minute...the men
quickly got in to the vehicle after getting you inside
and we left one vehicle there in our haste to get to a
bedroom any bedroom..There was total silence in the
car as we drove to our place the two of us were
totally wrapped up in each other in the back seat...we
arrived at Russ house and we walked towards the back
door...upon entering the living room we quickly moved
over to the futon downstairs and begun undressing each
other kissing the entire this time Russ and
Ken had had enough of just watching and made haste
with removing their own clothing..I felt Russ behind
me his erection pressing against my ass and Ken pulled
you into his arms...Russ slipped his cock in my
drenched pussy from behind me and began fucking me at
a fast pace...he quickly stood up and rolled me over
onto my stomach and began to fuck me doggy style..I
seized the opportunity to take you clit in my mouth
and you began to suck Kens very hard cock...and Russ
fucked me harder and harder from behind smacking my
ass I licked your clit and slid 2 fingers inside of
you.....causing you to scream with pleasure as Russ
pounded me hard pulling my hair like a stirrup..I felt
my orgasm hit me like a tidal wave..I felt like a
river was flowing between my legs...the same time I
felt you begin to orgasm and with the two of our
screams of pleasure Russ was unable to contain his own
orgasm and his yell echoed our I laid down
beside you with Russ holding me in his arms..Ken
plunged his very erect cock inside of you in one
stroke..he set his pace at a very hard and fast one
throwing your legs over both shoulders...I begun
sucking your nipples while Ken fucked you and I could
feel your body begin to were moaning aloud
in your pleasure as Ken fucked you harder and
harder....he stopped and flipped you over into a
doggie style and begun to lightly smack your ass..the
sound really turned me on...I reached down between
your legs with my hand and began to play with your
clit as Ken continued to fuck you...I could feel Russ
behind me as his cock had begun to get hard
again.....your already sensitive clit did not need too
much attention before you were crying out as another
orgasm hit you and this time Ken came with you
was an incredible moment seeing the two of you come
together and knowing what a special passion you shared
with each other and Russ and I smiled at each other
feeling the same magic pass between us..we truly were
lucky the four of us..

End of Story

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