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A Sensual Memory

As a way of introducing myself to the group I would
like to share a Wonderful and Sensual memory.

During the late 80's early 90's my wife (My Soul Mate)
and I belonged to Wide World, a Swingers club in
Orange County.

For several years we attended the weekend parties
usually twice a month. During these years we met and
made many life long friends who shared our interest in
living an open lifestyle.

It was during one of these parties, no wait it was
after the party we met Tim and Sue. Tim and Sue were
new to the lifestyle, in fact this was their second
party and they had not played with anyone yet.

My wife Bet and I always stopped for a cup of coffee
after leaving the party, this is where we met Tim and
Sue. As usual we found a private booth away from the
other guest, giving Bet and I a chance to relive the
sensual events of our swinging evening.

We had just been served our coffee when Tim and Sue
approached our table. Bet and I both remembered them
from the party.

Tim was 6'1 about 200 lbs dark hair and eyes with a
great smile that made you feel welcome. Tim had a very
athletic body as most young African males did. Bet and
I learned later Tim was a professional athlete.

Sue was Asian, tall 5'7 or 5'8 with a slender body
that made your mouth water. Sue was also very
beautiful with a shy yet sensual way about her.

Tim asked if they could join us, Bet and I both
answered at the same time please do, which made us all

During the next 5 or 6 cups of coffee we got to know
each other. It seems that Tim and Sue enjoyed Bet and
her friend Linda warming up the group room, with a
very hot girl on girl show, with a lot of oral
pleasure shared between Bet and Linda.

I asked Sue what made her the hottest as she watched,
with a slight smile Sue explained, when Bet and Linda
were in a 69 position with Bet on top and Linda's
tongue licked and tongued both her pussy and ass,
while Bet tongued fucked Linda's pussy. Sue said this
was one of her favorite fantasies.

I asked Sue what position she would choose, Sue
blushed and said Linda's. To say Sue's comment turned
Bet and I on would be an understatement.

Tim and Sue were a few years younger then Bet and I
and I had to wonder what was drawing this very sensual
couple to us and we were about to find out.

Tim told us that he and Sue were both very oral they
loved giving and receiving oral pleasure, Sue
especially enjoyed sensual play with another woman.
Tim like most men enjoyed watching.

We also learned that they would not consider
intercourse until they were comfortable with the other
people they were playing with. This is why they had
not played at the two parties they attended.

Sue let it slip, that they had followed us when we
left the party, because they noticed that most of our
play with others, was oral in nature.

Tim also said, that after going to two parties and not
playing they were both in need of some sensual play.
Bet and I could only smile.

I asked Tim and Sue if they felt comfortable with Bet
and I and received a big smile from both of them as
they both answered yes. It was a three day weekend and
Tim invited us to their home for a late lunch and some
sensual dessert.

The next day Bet and I found ourselves in Yorba Linda,
the street Tim and Sue lived on was a culdesac with
their home at the very end. The property was very
large and being on a hill afforded a great view of the
homes below, giving them the utmost privacy. There was
also a pool and hot tub to be enjoyed.

We enjoyed a light lunch before stripping off our
clothes to enjoy the swirling waters of the hot tub.
Everything was very natural and I felt as I had know
Tim and Sue for a long time.

Bet was the first to get naked and she looked
beautiful as always. Bet was 5'9 34c 26 34 with great
long legs and a dark bush to contrast against her tan

Tim and Sue were next, Tim was 6" already hard after
watching Bet and thick. Sue had a wonderful all over
tan thanks to a great backyard. As I looked at her
beautiful naked body, my mouth watered for a taste of
her. Her breast were full and her nipples hard as Sue
turned towards me. Sue ran her fingers through her
dark bush and said it's your turn.

Bet and Tim were already seated next to each other as
the water bubbled all around them. I could tell that
Bet had found Tim's hard cock with her hand by the
look of pleasure on his face.

Sue took my hand and lead me into the tub. I walked
very slowly feasting my hungry eyes on Sue's luscious
ass. Sue like Bet had a very sensual body, a body that
needed the touch of another's lips, tongue or fingers
to bring it to life.

The water had reached our waist, when Sue turn,
licking and parting her lips we shared our first kiss.
Gently holding each other we explored each other's

The touch of her tongue against mine had my cock hard
and pressing into Sue's leg. Sue took my cock in her
hand gently massaging the length. I held Sue closer
and glanced at Bet. Tim was setting on the edge of the
tub his hard cock in full view. Bet was slowly jacking
him off as she lowered her mouth to taste Tim for the
first time.

One of Bet's favorite things is sucking a hard cock
until she feels the splash of warm cum against her
throat and tongue, then sucking the cock dry of every
last drop before swallowing.

My cock jumped in Sue's hand as I watched Bet Sucking
Tim, this caused Sue to turn and look. Oh that looks
delicious she said as she placed her knees on the seat
next to Tim, leaning forward to give him a long kiss.

This exposed Sue's luscious ass to my hungry eyes,
mouth, lips and tongue. I spread the cheeks of Sue's
ass with my fingers licking deeply into her sensual
flesh. I heard a soft sigh escape Sue's lips, as I
explored both her pussy and ass with my lips and
tongue savoring every luscious inch of her.

Tim stopped Bet before he could fill her mouth with
his cum, wanting to make it last. We got out of the
tub and headed for the family room.

This was a large room with a pool table, entertainment
center and lots of over stuffed furniture to play on.
Bet and Sue started drying Tim and I off. Sue's gentle
touch was a turn on in itself and my cock remained

Sue was on her knees drying my legs when I felt the
warmth of her mouth surrounding my cock for the first
time. Looking down my eyes met hers as my cock moved
slowly in and out of her mouth. Like Bet, I could tell
Sue love sucking cock.

Taking more and more into her moist mouth, then
stopping to tease the head with her tongue as she
looked up at me was more then I could handle. I knew
I would soon be filling her waiting mouth.

I heard Tim sigh with pleasure, I turned in time to
see him pump Bets sucking mouth full of his warm cum,
Bet jacking him off getting every last drop. That was
all I could take and Sue knew it to, opening her mouth
I watched as my cum shot into Sue's waiting mouth. Sue
continued jacking me off, as my cock dripped warm cum
onto her tongue, before she swallowed and continued
sucking me dry.

Tim and I looked at each other with the same thought
on our minds, we wanted it to last longer. As it
turned out we played right into the girls plans. Now
it was Bet and Sue's turn to pleasure each other.

Setting between Tim and I they started to kiss, Tim
and I watched as their tongues explored each others
mouth, licking each others lips, gently sucking each
others tongues, before drawing tightly together in a
passionate and soul searching kiss, that had Tim and I
breathing hard as we filled our eyes with the sensual
sight before us.

As the kiss continued, their fingers found the
intimate and secret places giving even more pleasure
to each other.

Bet was the first to break away from the kiss, wanting
to taste the moist wetness that her exploring fingers
had found. Bet licked and tongued her way down Sue's
body, stopping to tease her nipples into bullets, then
moving lower to her tummy, licking and tonguing the
sensitive flesh, that had Sue's body jumping in

Sue leaned back into my arms and I held her. Bet moved
to the floor pulling Sue's thighs apart exposing the
moist pink flesh of her pussy. Bet licked her lips at
the sight of Sue's pussy then lowered her head for her
first taste of Sue's succulent pussy.

Sue moaned at the first touch of Bet's tongue raising
and spreading thighs, allowing Bet access to all the
intimate flesh before her. Bet in turn placed the
palms of her hands on the back of Sue's thighs pushing
forward bringing Sue's ass into position, Bet licked
and Tongued Sue's luscious ass for the first time.

Bet could tell Sue was close to cumming. Moving her
tongue back to Sue's moist pussy she fucked her deeply
tasting the sweet nectar of Sue's cum as she sucked
the sweet essence from Sue's pussy.

Both Tim and I were hard again watching the sensual
show before us, but we would need to wait. It was now
Sue's turn.

True to her word Sue lay on the floor and brought Bet
to her in a 69 position. Tim and I watched as Sue's
tongue explored Bet's pussy and ass.

Maybe I am crazy, but there is something very sensual
watching a beautiful woman enjoy, the pleasure of
licking and eating another woman's ass and pussy. Sue
was certainly enjoying Bet's sweet ass and pussy
judging by the sensual sounds Bet was making.

Sue's clit was very sensitive to the touch of Bet's
lips and tongue after cumming several times, so Bet
motioned for Tim and I to stand so she could suck our
cocks while Sue continued eating , tonguing and
licking her pussy and ass.

When Sue's fingers spread the cheeks of Bet's ass
allowing her tongue to lick deeply into her, I swear
Bet started to cum.

Bet was sucking both Tim and I at the same time I knew
I could not hold out much longer, judging by the look
on Tim's face he couldn't either. When we started
cumming we tried to hold our cocks tightly to control
the flow of cum into Bet's mouth.

I watched as Tim shot his load deep into Bet's mouth,
she sucked him dry before turning to my cock sucking
me deeply down her throat getting every last drop of
cum my cock had to offer.

We all needed a little breath now after cumming
several times. Tim made us all refreshing drinks as we
savored the moments of a very sensual foursome.

We found that the age difference was of no importance,
that being comfortable with each other and sharing the
same sensual interest made for a compatible sexual
experience, one that we plan to share in the future.

Before our sensual evening was through Bet and I got
to live out one of our favorite fantasies.

Tim leaned back against the pool table offering his
hard cock for Sue to suck. Sue in turn was on an over
stuffed foot stool on her knees. As Sue leaned forward
to suck Tim's cock, the cheeks of her luscious parted,
like the petals of a beautiful flower opening to greet
the morning sun.

Bet and I were on our knees greeting the cheeks of
Sue's ass with our lips and tongues. First exploring
each others mouth in a passionate kiss with our
tongues seeking each others, then exploring Sue's
luscious ass as our tongues were licking her ass as
one, in what I would call a most sensual three way

A few years have gone by and both Bet and Tim have
been lost to us. Sue travels a lot with her work, but
we manage to share a little sensual time together 3 or
4 times a year.

Sue maintains homes on both coast and I remain in
California close to family and friends.

I would like to meet women who share my interest in
the oral pleasures of life, or couples who enjoy the
sensuality of a threesome.

May the sensual gifts of life be with you always.


AKA Jameschance

End of Story

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