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A Moonlit Picnic

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At the appointed time I come to your house and pick you up. I wear a pair of jeans, a white tank top and a red long sleeve button down is around my waist.

I am holding a picnic basket and as you open the door, I smile.

"Hello sweetie" As I look at you my smile broadens, you look relaxed and comfortable, but sexy as well.I say we should walk to the little park down the street to have our little meal. You grab your keys and then take my hand as we begin to walk.

As we walk youtr hand slides around my shoulders and mine around your waist.

I smile as I begin to tickle your side. Laughing a little you seem to like it. However we are approaching the park so I stop. We break our embrace as we look for the perfect spot. Finding it we lay out the blanket. You sit with your arms supporting your torso and your lags out, I sit a couple feet away, the picnic basket between us, my legs folded under me. I open the basket and begin to pull out the food I have brought. I make us each a plate, potato salad, cole slaw and buffalo wings. Then I pull out out two sodas.We make small talk as we eat, looking at the night sky and commenting on it constantly, the beauty overwhelming us both. I set my plate aside not hungry for that anymore, and I move closer to you. As you look into my eyes, I take your hands in my and gently begin to lick you r fingers clean.

Slowly you turn on your side, facing me, my legs still folded under me i am leaning towards you now. I lean in and we kiss long and deep.My hands grasp the sides of your face caressing them. Gently i unfold my legs, this moves me even closer to you. my hands move to the back of your naeck and my lips moe to the front.I kiss your neck tenderly as I move my body again. I gently push you onto your back as I continue with my kiss, i slowly get on top of you, strandling your chest, on my knees. Slowly I pull back

I look down, and reach towards the top button on your shirt. I grasp it, and undo it while gazing into your eyes. Your breathing has slowed; you dont want to move. Down your shirt I go, undoing button after button. After I have finished, I draw you close and kiss you again. Reaching towards your collarbones, I put my palms on your shoulders, and running my hands over your smooth skin, I push your shirt off your body. As i do this your fingers begin to massage my breasts through my shirt. As I am not wearing a bra, my nipples become erect quickly. I kiss your chest hungrily, my tongue continuously returning to your nipples circling them, and every once in a while my teeth grazing across you. I can feel you becoming more excited as I do this, my leg brushing against your cock continuously. As my lips remain around your nipples My hands move to the buttons on your pants, slowly I undo them and push them down. I leave them like that, as I return to your mouth for a kiss. A long beautiful kiss in which we engage, out hands roaming each others bodies, our tongues dancing showing the building of our energies.

Then I return my attention to your body. Your hands find their way to my hair and begin to run through it as I begin to manipulate your swollen cock.

I continue to use my hands, exploring still, as the area is still new to me.

I want to use my lips and tongue, but know it will be better if I make you wait, as i saw from your discriminating use of your own tongue against me. I do begin to lick your shaven skin, my fingers pinch and rubs your balls, a gentle but noticable force against you.

Finally as I can almost feel the throbbing in your cock I move my tongue to you. I lick you up and down my tongue filling in each one of your fold of skin. Pulling the sweat from your glands. As my tongue continues I feel pre-cum on my cheek. I decide to help you along more.My moth opens and i help you dissappear into me. I begin to suck on you with more force than I wanted, but as I taste you I realize my own wants and desires.I begin to suck on you harder, kissing your shaven pubus, just as the tip of your cock reaches the back of my throat.I feel your hips begin to thrust as I continue to suck on you. My craving increases and I can see yours does as well as the rhythm of your hips becomes faster, more forceful.Finally I feel you beginning to tremble.I try to open my throat, awaiting your sweet juice.I suck hard and feel you give one final thrust as that sweet liquid begins to flow down my throat.

I feel you collapse against the blanket as I contnue to suck and lick you clean.When finished I move back up to you, and as you and I smile at our accomplishment. I kiss youonce and then again, then I fall against your naked body. As I feel you embrace me, I feel oh so satified because I feel that finally you have been. I get up as you get your pants back on. Leaving your shirt off, you lay back down looking up at the stars once more. I kiss and nibble on your ear as we gaze together. Quietly I say, this could never end. then smile as I know it isn't true. But thinking to myself, at least it won't for a long time to come.

We sleep there for the night in each others arms, the warmth between our bodies more than enough to keep us comfortable, in more than one way.

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