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wifes first extra marital encounter

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I am 36 years old and my gorgeous, hot, sexy, very leggy wife Cheryl is 20. She has fantastic toned legs which never fail to catch the eyes of other men when she flaunts them in skimpy shorts or mini-skirts and heels. We have sex often and it is very hot but after awhile it started to become routine. As such we decided to spice it up by fantacising about others. When we would get to a peak point, the other could ask who was being fantacised about and it got very hot. I asked my wife if she would consider letting another man fuck her while I watched. She said while it sounded hot she thought she would be too nervous to go through with it and as such didn't think she could do it. I told her that perhaps she should try it solo at first. She said she might be able to do that.

We were having a repairman come by our house the following day as our master bathroom shower had developed a leak in the wall. During hot sex that night she fantacised about this stranger fucking her and it was very hot and wild. I encouraged her by pretending to be that guy. She climaxed repeatedly moaning loud and wildly. So it was agreed that she would entice the guy the next day while I was at work and when I came home, she would be wearing what she had on when he was there, leave her hair the way it was when he left, and leave the bed as it was.

Needless to say, that next afternoon at work, I had a tough time focusing on work as I kept envisioning my hot young wife being fucked by this guy. I was eager to get home that night and when I walked in the door, she greeted me as always but her hair was not messed up at all. She was wearing a pair of very short, very tight white shorts, a skimpy waist revealing halter type top and heels. She said she was sorry but nothing happened.

I said you mean he wasn't interested or didn't excite you and she said it wasn't that at all. He kept eyeing her legs as she flaunted them to him in various poses and at one point she heard him make a low grunting type sound. He even told her she had great legs and she said she smiled and thanked him. He asked her if she had any secrets she kept from me and she said she did not and we told each other everything. He said that was too bad as it was good for any marriage for couples to have their own little secrets. I told her that was his way of trying to seduce her and she asked me if I thought so.

He was to return the next day to finish the job which was well over half done. During hot sex that night she said she would try again the next day. So again the next day I was eager for the day to end. I got a phone call however late in the afternoon. It was my wife. She said, "I thought I would let you know that I soloed today." Wanting to be sure what she meant, I asked her and she replied in a low sexy voice, "I got fucked". My cock sprang to life. I asked her if she had enjoyed it and she said, "oh yes." I asked her if he had cum in her and she said, "a lot". I asked her one last question, "would you do it again?" She replied, "oh I think so."

I rushed home to find her dressed in a super hot, sexy, body suit and heels which flaunted her entire luscious legs. Her hair was majorly messed up and so was the bed where she had been fucked. As I fucked her she relived it for me. Everything went normal at first with the guy hungrily eyeing her and telling her she really needed to have her own secret. He got finished and she offered him a cold beer which he said he would have if she would join him and she agreed. They were sitting at the dining room table with her in a chair that was 90 degrees to where he sat. She sat in a sexy position with her luscious legs folded beneath her and pointed towards him. Again he kept eyeing them hungrily.

Finally she boldly said, "I have been thinking about what you said about having a secret and I think I would like to have one." He wasted no time, standing up right away as did she. He stepped forward, pulled her tightly to him and locked his mouth onto hers, tongues entwining as his hands roamed her ass and pulled her mid-section tightly against his bulge which she said was rock hard.

They went to the bedroom where she sat on the edge of the bed while he quickly stripped. His hard cock popped up straight up in the air in my wife's face and she said she began to suck it (she is a fantastic cock sucker). He groaned a little but quickly got her up on the bed and first started to eat her pussy. She said it felt great gut he didn't do it long (later telling her he was afraid she would change her mind so he wanted to get in her quickly). He mounted her and she said while his cock was about the same size as mine, the head was huge and throbbing. She said she climaxed as it entered her hot, hungry young pussy. She said he was soon fucking her good while hotly French kissing her, his hands roaming her legs which were wrapped around him.

She said she moaned constantly as he fucked her. He kept telling her hot sexy she was and what great legs she had as well as what a hot fuck she was. She said at one point she was so into it that she blurted out, "ohhhhh fuck me baby, fuck me." He pounded her good and hard bringing her to several climaxes she said until finally he announced, "oh baby, I'm going to cum." She said she moaned wildly and said, "oh yes, yes, yes. Cum in me. I want it. I want it all." He obliged her and emptied his lust for her deep into her young, snug, hot, wet pussy as they again hotly kissed.

She said the hotly kissed a little while and then he had to get going thanking her for a fantastic time. She said she thanked him as well telling him she had enjoyed it as well.

Needless to say, I fucked her 3 times that evening and again first thing in the morning as she relived it for me each time.


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