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Hi, I?m Beth, 60 years old, and very Sub. My husband, Steve, and I have been in the lifestyle for over 20 years but it was just about a year ago that we found out that I loved to be tied up, spanked and have other pain inflicted on me before and during sex. We have gotten some crops, handcuffs and other things having to do with BDSM. Don?t get me wrong, I do not want it to go too far but it seems like each time we have sex I want a little more.

Steve had a conference in Florida and we drove the 6 hours. On the way down I had to insert a remote control bullet; Steve had the control and would turn it on and off and change speeds all the way to our hotel. I was so horny and wet when we got to our room that I wanted him to throw me on the bed and fuck the daylights out of me. Steve just looked at me and said I would have to wait until he was ready. The next few days were fun and we had sex several times a day.

When we were getting ready to leave he told me I was to ware only a dress with no bra and not panties. I of course complained but did as I was ordered. We had been on the road about 2 hours and saw that a sex shop was at the next exit. Steve pulled off and we went in to check things out. There were 2 female clerks and no one else in the store. We had been in the shop about half an hour and saw a man pull up on a motorcycle. He was about 40-45 and not bad looking but nothing to write home about. We had found several things (lubs and a new rabbit) that we were going to get. Steve was looking at the BDSM stuff and found a red crop. I was at the counter talking to the ladies when he told me to bend over. When I did he hit my ass with the whip. It felt so good. He did it several time on each side of my ass. The ladies must have been into this because I could tell that they were getting aroused by the smile on their faces.

Steve noticed that the motorcycle man (MC for short) was watching and slowly moving toward us. Steve looked at him and ask if he would like to try it. He ask if it was OK with me and Steve told him that it did not matter one way or the other. If he said it was OK then I had no say in the matter. MC said he would love to. Steve then ask him if he wanted to use the whip or his hand. He looked surprised and said if I have a choice I would like to use my hand. Steve told me to bend over and lift up my dress so he could see what he was spanking. I was about to protest and Steve slapped my ass with the whip. I bent over and reached down and pulled my dress up. No spread your legs. He then told MC he could start. The first slap was real easy. Steve told him if he was going to spank me to do it right. The next one was real hard on my right ass. The next was on my left. This went on for a short time and Steve told him my cunt needed spanked also but not as hard as my ass. Steve knows that I am not really into my pussy getting spanked but I was so turned on when he hit my clit I about went through the roof. I could see that the ladies were rubbing their pussy. Steve told him to stop and he reached his hand up and felt my pussy which was dripping. He ask MC if he would like to fuck me. I was uneasy about this since I did not know him or anything about him. MC said he would love to. Steve ask the ladies if there was somewhere that he could fuck me. One of them said we are not allowed to have that going on in the store but what goes on in the restroom stays in the restroom. Steve told him to take me in there and fuck my brains out. You can be very rough with her but you must cum in her pussy and when you are finished she is required to clean you dick with her mouth. If you get hard again you can fuck he again in any hole you want. You will only have 45 minutes. You will leave the door unlocked and I will be right outside. If she uses the word Red you will stop whatever you are doing. Do you understand? He said that was good with him. Steve told me if I need to pee to do it before he fucked because I was not allowed to pee after I had his cum in me. If I did need to pee I would do it in front of MC with my legs spread so he could get a good look. He took my hand and stood me up. He then took by right tit in his hand and pulled me to the men?s restroom. As soon as the door closed MC told me to get on my knees and take his dick out. I got on my knees and undid his belt and unzipped he pants. I pulled his pants and underwear down and out came a very hard cock. It was about average size but nice. He ordered me to start sucking it which I did. After a few minutes I was told to get up and take off my dress and give it to him. When I handed it to him he said that I looked better without it and that I had nice tits. He took my left tit in his mouth and started sucking. He put the dress on the hanger in the stall and told me to bend over the sink and spread my legs. I felt his dick rubbing up and down my slit. He ask me if I do this often. I told him I had never done anything like this and was not sure I was up to it. He then rammed his cock into me. It really hurt since I was not ready for it. He pounded my pussy for a few minutes and pulled out. He then slapped my ass several times. He stood me up and took both my nipples in his hand and pulled them straight down. When I cried out, he stopped but I guess he remembered that the only way to stop was for me to say RED. He then slapped my tits and then my pussy. He made me go into the stall. Do you need to pee he ask. I did and sat down. He said spread your legs slut. I was really not enjoying this part of the game but did as he said. When I finished and started to get the TP he told me not to bother and made me stand up and bend over the toilet. He started fucking me again. This time he fucked me hard and fast. He said I am ready to cum in you cunt bitch. With that I could feel his cum hitting against my pussy walls. He held his cock in me for a short time. When he pulled out he pulled me up and pointed to the ground. I could feel his cum running out of my pussy and down my leg. I got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth. I could not believe that he started getting hard again as soon as I started cleaning off his dick. Before I was finished he told me to stand up and bend over again. He stuck his cock in my pussy and pumped a few times. He pulled out of my pussy. I felt the head of his cock at my ass hole. It really hurt as he pushed in. He got about 2 inches in and stopped for a second. I thought he was letting me get used to it. Then all of sudden he pushed hard and was all of the way in. He started pumping hard and fast. He reached around and slapped my tits. My ass was burning but he kept it up. He was pulling my hair and my tits. When I thought I could not take any more he shot his load in my ass. When he pulled out his cum started running out of my ass too. He got me up and turned me around and pointed to his dick. I said sir I cannot do ass to mouth. That is a RED. He looked at me and smiled. He said that I could just wash it off which I did. I wanted to get the TP and wipe myself off but I knew that Steve would not be happy if I did. MC (I never did get his name) pulled up his pants and told me I was a good fuck and had a great ass. He could not wait to tell his wife about it. He waited until I put my dress on and we left the restroom. Steve was waiting outside and told me to pull up dress so he could see if MC came in me. I did as I was told. I ask Steve if I could clean up. He said that little sluts need to sit in their mess. We got some sex toys and as we were leaving MC came over and gave me a big kiss and said he had a great time. He also could not resist giving my ass one last slap. Steve and I talked about this all the way home. He was so horny he fucked me as soon as we got in the house. It was great but I am not sure I would like to do it again, well maybe.

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