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Sex Down On The Farm

As usual on my friday night out. I get all dressed up as sexy as my budget allows. I'm driving past the typical farms. my car breaks down. I get to the farm house. The most good lookin farmer i ever saw. standing their muscles bulging. I standtheir in my stilletos and barely cover my ass type skirt ,im wearing a black lace G-string. He invites me in, I can see his bulge in his pants. He was going out to his barn, their was this beautiful pony. I commented. H e asked if i ever fucked a pony. No of cource not, i replied.... He said ?do you want to try?..... After seeing his throbing cock in his tight jeans.. i was getting really turned on.. the pony nudged at me. My farmer gave him a decient washdown`He then grabbed the pony's dick, was a huge cick. He then toldme to takemy panties off. i then got on a table thepony mounts me.Its going up my ass,never thought anything that huge wouldnt fit. Ohmy gracious that was almost heaven. he pounded in me for about 25min. till he came. about a glass full up my ass. I want to do thatagain. The farmer said after i fuck him, i could go.I ended up getting double fucked.Which i willnever forget.And gotmy car fixed.. I'M truly hoping i can get that mans name

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