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Met Black Guy At Rest Stop

bi white was walking a trail at the rest stop.walked by a black guy rubbing his pants between his legs,i noticed he was getting hard.i got very excited and felt bold i walked back towards him like i was in slow motion.with much excitement i boldly reached down and rubbed his hard cock,then unbuckled his belt,unzipped his pants,slowly slid his pants down,then slid his underwear down.his hard black cock sprung out at me,must be 8 inches,well hung balls to match.i was drivein to opening my mouth and takeing his cock in my mouth and massageing his balls.some white guys saw us and came over,the black guy got worried and pulled up his pants.we realized these guys were excited and wanted to watch,they were all jerking off,so i pulled the black guys pants down again and i got so turned on sucking his black cock and finishing him while the white guys got off watching.

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