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lisas friend

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My name is Lisa

we are a hot couple im 5'4 d cup washboard flat stomach... Ben 6''1 nice body and cock. my husband and i started this when he kept telling me about how much he wants to have a threesome. i would yell at him and tell him knock it off, little did he know i loved it. When he would go in to detail of how he?s going to fuck another girl, it would make me so horny. well one day he stared to talk about again and like before i started to get wet and horny, and thats when i finally told him that i wanted to see him fuck another girl so bad. he was so exited i told him that i will surprise him on or anniversary. i would always imagine him slamming a girl and how horny i would be if that would happen. one of bens friend had a really hot wife that became my friend from going out with couples ( Jill ) 5'10 hot body nice ass out of all bens friends gf and wifes, Jill is really the only one that i get along with the most its probably because im attracted to her LOL. one day we were having sex and after we finished i asked him ''Ben what do you think of Jill do you think shes pretty'' BTY thats his best friend wife. he answered ''yeah shes pretty'' but what i really wanted to ask him was ''Ben would you fuck her for me please''..??

Here?s the story one day Ben went out with his friends to a bar, BTY when guys say there going to a bar that probably means they are really going to a tity bar LOL. anyways the guys went to the bar and Jill told her husband to drop her off at our place cause she didnt want stay home, i told her to bring David her son over to play with my kids. An hour past by the kids ate and played then they fell asleep. me and Jill were getting bored waiting for our husbands to get home. i said hey lets take some shoots she said ''sure if you drink with me'' we had a few shots and we started to talk about our sex life she was telling me that she loves her husband but the sex was not so great i said what do you mean Jill said I want to try new things but he?s to conservative. i said what kind of new things she started to laugh and said no like i want to have sex in different places like public places like the park or the movies or any ware it really dosent matter but he?s not that type of guy i guess. then she asked me ''what about you, hows your sex life'' i said its great i cant complain and on the subject on having sex in public we did that several times. she said wow where i Told her bla bla the places we had sex in and she said see thats what i want. then i started to tell her how great Ben is in the bed. she was curious and said like what dose he do thats so great. i told her do you really want to know, ill tell you its not a big deal to me. she said ''yes what'' so i said do you know his um she said yeah what about it and i said he has the perfect one and he knows how to use it. she said what do you mean its perfect i said the way he uses it then i said very softly he knows how to fuck. then i told ben just knows how to turn me on Jill said ??how?? and i said its hard to explain i couldn?t be to graphic because I see Jill and her husband almost everyday their around us all the time holidays,birthdays,bbq ect

What im trying to do is set Jill up so I can see if this will lead to sex down the road but I got to play this right. When i told her ''do you really want to know ill tell you its not a big deal to me'' and she said back ''yes what'' thats when i new that got her because she asked me ??yes what?? meaning yes tell me more i got her to comet to it and if she would of told her husband i could easily say Jill is the one that wanted to know, Also if she were to freak out and tell her husband I can say Jill is the one that said that her sexlife sucks which she did say, man am i good. I know Jill is super sweet and wouldn?t do that to me but I have to cover my tracks just in case if that were to happen. i also like the challenge thats what makes it so fun. Back to the story

i stated to say that for some reason girls are so attracted to him which was a total lie i just wanted Jill to think that, like Ben is this amazing guy then she said he?s lucky to have you, ??your really pretty and you have an amazing body?? i said thank you, you have an amazing body too when i first saw you i always thought you have a nice ass. she started to laugh and said back its funny when i first saw you i was like wow this girl is really beautiful. things were starting to get real hot. Now at this point im just opening the idea of having a threesome but not actually saying it.

i never done this before so i want to be very gentle with this and i definitely want Jill to be the one to have a threesome with because i know her and thats what makes it so hot i want this to be as real as possible more then a fantasy i feel if its someone that i know it makes it more real to me back to the story

??Jill said hey Lisa lets put some music on?? i said only if you give me a lap dance and i started to laugh and said im just playing Jill said ??I can do that?? i put the radio on and i said hey Jill set down right here ill give you a lap dance Jill said ??yeah do it pretend im Ben?? i said the way i give Ben a lapdance is very sexy i dont think you would want me to do it like that. Jill said yes i do i want to see, maybe ill learn some new tricks so i started to dance very sexy then I took my shirt and pants off i was in just my bra and thong, Jill never seen me like that ever. Jill said wow your very sexy im getting turned on but she was being very playful and laughing about it i wasn?t sure if she was serious it was hard to tell. anyways i started to dance slow touching my boobs and my ass then i went to her i turned around and i sat on her then i took her hands and put them on my thighs while moving on her back and forth then i took her hands and i put them on my boobs then i got up and I spread her legs and I went on top of her and put her hands on my ass then i decided to stop shortly after because i didnt know when the guys were coming home. i asked Jill if she liked that and she said now i know why Ben is crazy about you while laughing.

it was getting late so i decide to call Ben and see what he was up to and to see when they were coming back home so i call and Ben picks up i said what are you guys up too he said ill be home in an hour oh and tell Jill that one of us, you or me is going to have to drop her off i asked why he said back because Steve dosent want to go home yet someone going to drop him off, i said ok ill see you later bye.

now i started to think that maybe i can pull off this threesome today but i had to think how am i going to approach this. first i have to get Jill on board and finally tell her that we should have a threesome. with anyone you try to do this with you have to make sure you cover your tracks

(#1) if she told you some secrets which she did by telling me that she dosent have a good sex life (#2) she was so curios about mine and bens sex life (#3) we were flirting with each other the whole night (#4) act natural about everything dont make it in to a big deal if she would freak out act like its nothing (#5) we have been drinking so if everything fails you just blame it on liquor that you were drunk

so i soaked all that in and i new that i had a real good chance to do this. now i have to figure out away to convince Ben to have sex with Jill. i know he would be attracted to her, but i don?t know if he would even do it because its his best friend wife so now i have to make sure he dosent freak out. the smart move would be to give him a heads up and tell him months before that we should try to do this with Jill but i didnt get the chance to because this situation was all spur of the moment all i wanted to do was to set Jill up so down the road we can do this, but this day was so perfect her husband was getting drunk somewhere and is not coming home until the sun comes up.

back to the story after i got off the phone with Ben Jill just came out of the bathroom and said hey did you call the guys and i said yeah i just got off the phone with him Jill said what did they say i said Ben should be home in an hour and Steve is still at the bar he?s staying out a little longer Jill said oh great i guess he?s coming home 7:00 in the morning again i said dont worry ill drop you off when Ben gets back she said ok thats fine Jill said I think I need another drink i said yeah we should have another Drink! we put the music back on and we continued to have a good time we were trying to figure out what kind of drinking games we can play we decided we should play truth or dare i ask her is it true you fantasized about another men she said no i said what about another women she started to laugh and said well besides you no she asked me the same question and i said maybe if the girl would look like you then i started to laugh and said im playing around then i said to her im going to ask you a question this is all for fun im not going to get mad or anything and know one will never ever know, lets say i didnt exist or you never new me i just want to know would you ever have sex with i guy like Ben Jill said are you crazy no at that point i said this is just for fun its just me and you here no one else i would never tell anything that we did here, that would be so embarrassing Jill said no i wouldn?t so then i said back do you think he?s good looking Jill said yeah he?s ok. Jill then said to me would you ever have a threesome i said like me another girl and Ben? she said yeah i was acting like i was shy and said back if the girl was you maybe then i played it off and said im just joking. i then asked her i dare you to give me a lapdance since i gave you one and Jill said sure ok she started to dance all over me it was making me so wet she looked so horny too. i said can you imagine if Ben walks in and see us like this Jill stopped dancing and said omg do you think he would get mad i said no i bet he probably would like it Jill was laughing. Now im waiting for Ben to get home so we can get busy, the only thing that can go wrong is if Ben dosent want to hurt his friend feeling but lets be honest here how is he going to hurt his feelings if he dosent know its just sex the way i think about it is its just an activity im not breaking her up with her husband its just for fun and i hope Ben thinks the same way.

back to the story i new that Ben was on the way home so now time to get Jill horny. i pretended to put a cd in and said hey what is are sextape doing over here. Jill said are you serious you guys have sextapes i said yeah we have a few but what is it doing out here, wink wink Jill said Ben was probably watching it i said do you want to watch it Jill said do what you want honey this is your house while i was debating if i should put it on or not we hear the front door open i said hi Ben we immediately started to crack up we could not stop for a good 5 minutes. Ben said whats so funny we both said nothing we were drinking Ben said i can tell you girls look like you had more fun then i did. we started to crack up even more because Ben didn?t know all that stuff we did here then Ben said ok you guys are definitely drunk then he walked away to go change in to his sleepwear. I said i cant believe I was about to put the tape in Jill just couldn?t stop laughing. i said to Jill i think im going to give him a lapdance i dont want to freak you out or anything but you should watch his not going to mind if anything were drunk so its not a big deal Jill didnt say anything i new that she wants to see this so i tell her im going to get Ben just relax Jill said ok I said hey Ben why dont you come and drink with us were having so much fun Ben said sure I can use a drink lets go.

we all sat down and took some shots and i whispered in Ben?s ear me and Jill or so horny Ben looks at me like are you crazy. Then I said Ben why was our tape out here Ben said what tape i said the one of me and you. he still didnt know what im talking about so i said our sextape, but really its still in our room I lied just to bring it up his face turned red and said i dont know dont tell me that you girls accidentally put it on Jill said no we didnt but your wife was about to, but you can home right then. A few minutes later while we were talking i put my hand in his pants and grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off under the table Ben looks at me like what the hell are you doing but i didnt care and he didnt look like he mind ether because he had a bonner. Jill was trying to play it off like she didnt know what was going on. then i got up and put the radio and i striped down to my bra and thong started to give Ben a lapdance i can tell Ben was so horny his cock was so hard i whispered in bens ear would you fuck Jill if she wanted too Ben said back if you join in ill fuck her Jill was just watching she didnt know what i said to Ben. then i turned to Jill and gave her a little lapdance and i whispered in her ear i want to see you give Ben a lapdance dont worry this is all just for fun and Ben knows it too he?s ok with it were all adults here know one has to know anything that goes on here. Ben was setting down just watching so i took Jill by the hand and said out loud hey Jill can you give Ben a lap dance.

you can tell at this point both Ben and Jill wanted to fuck each other and i was loving it Jill started to dance very sexy i can tell she still was a little shy so i went to her and said Ben thinks your so hot then i said out load Jill how can dance that sexy and not take your cloths off then I walked up to her and helped her take off her shirt then she turned around while she still dancing and took her pants off she was wearing a sexy black thong then she went to Ben and sat on his cock Jill was so turned on i can tell as soon as she felt his cock rubbing against her she started to move her ass all over his cock mean while i went in front of her and started to kiss her while im touching her boobs then i stood her up making out with her she grabbed my ass while i was kissing her she then took of all my cloths then i unclipped her bra kissing her neck liking her nipples and worked my way to her stomach then i took off her thong and i started to message her pussy then i put my finger inside of her then i worked my way back up to her boobs again and back to kissing her Ben was loving it then Ben took his cloths off and walked over to us Ben grab her by the hair then grabs me by the hair and puts both of us on our knees then I told Jill to grab Ben cock she grab it and started to jerk him off then I said Jill suck his cock she started to suck it. it was turning me on so much, then I started to suck his cock at the same time, she was on one side licking his cock and i was on the other side doing the same thing we meet at the tip of his cock we were tonguing each other while his cock was in the way Ben really got off on that then i started to lick Ben balls while Jill was jerking him off then me and jill started to kiss and tongue each other then Ben joined in we all started to tongue each other at the same time it was amazing then i pulled back so i can see Ben and Jill kiss. i can see their lips meeting, their tongues touching he?s licking her shes licking him also Ben is playing with her ass it was so hot so i decided im going to watch for a little longer. then Ben put his fingers in Jill she moaned and kissed him then, the part i was waiting for Ben took her by the hair bent her over Jill spread her legs and he put his cock in her and started to slam her Jill was so horny she was moaning. seeing Ben fuck her like that was amazing then i went behind Ben and hugged him while he?s smashing her feeling bens body while he?s trusting her ben screamed out is this what you want jill, Jill said yes fuck me Ben said did you always want my cock in your pussy, Jill said yes yes i always wanted your cock in me fuck me, then Ben said do i fuck you better then your husband she said yes,yes your cock feels so good inside. then Ben grabbed me put me on my back started to slam me i thought we were going to break some thing.

Jill was getting so turned on by that she started to lick my pussy while Ben is slamming me it felt so good then Ben got off and put me and Jill in the 69 position i was on my back Jill was on top. i started to eat jills pussy and she was eating mine, Ben went behind jill fucking her from the back i can feel the trust from Ben jills head was all over the place while she was licking my pussy i was on my back so i had a perfect view when he was fucking Jill. i can his cock going in and out. then Ben laid down and Jill got on top of Ben she took his cock and put it in side her and said oh Ben your cock feels so good in my pussy, Jill started jumping up and down on Bens cock Ben was holding her waist and Jill started to ride Ben like a horse. then i sat on bens face he started to eat my pussy and i was kissing Jill all at the same time while jill is getting smashed.

then Ben took me put me on knees and started to slam me from the back jill got so turned on Jill shouted fuck your wife ben fuck her harder. once ben heard that, He like read my mine thats exactly what i wanted him to do, He grabbed her put her face down and then he stared to fuck her brains out Jill started to moan Ben was slapping her ass while hes fucking her, jill said harder Ben harder then Ben grabbed her by her long hair and fucked her so hard he was hammering her then Jill shouted Ben i want you to cum in side me i want to feel your warm cum all in me. few minutes later Ben came and pulled hes cock out and i started to suck his cock, I cleaned him up really good....................

me and Jill both came 3 times Ben came 2 times during our little sex session.

after that we laid in bed for awhile Jill was kind of embarrassed of what she was saying when she was getting fucked. Jill said ??all that stuff I said don?t take it personal??. Ben said i know i feel the same way. I said ok so when do you guys want to do this again we all started to laugh

i said Jill do you want me to take you home she said yeah lets go i said if you want you can leave your son here there?s no reason you should wake him up. Ben and i could drop him off tomorrow Jill said thats fine with me. on the way home Jill said i can believe we did this i would of never thought this would happen i said yeah it was fun though Jill said it was we should do this again, i said we should but this time ill bring some toys Jill said yeah that would be nice.

i got back home Ben comes up to me, kisses me Ben said wow that was one of the best times of my life. i said i know I had a blast it was so much fun. We went to bed and i ask Ben dont tell me you feel bad for Steve Ben said i actually dont i said are you serious Ben said listen Jill participated its not like we force her, and lets say she cheated on Steve with some one else beside us do you really think i would care if she did. Steve is my friend but I can care less what their girlfriends or their wifes do behind their backs. Also what he dosent know wont hurt him and thats fine with me and at the end of the day the only person that i dont want to hurt is your felling and thats it.

since that time every thing was back to normal again the only thing that changed is now every time the three of us are alone we like to mess with each other and every time me and Ben want to involve a third we know that Jill is all in.

Tip: ladies think out of the box a little if you want to have a threesome with your partner just say it. don?t be afraid to speak your mind all couples fantasize of sleeping with other people

Tip:2 be very specific on what exactly you want to happen if you set up a threesome

Tip:3 ladies we all have that particular person that we would love to see our husband or boyfriend fuck just say it to him it will turn him on trust me. make sure when you do say it you truly mean that person that you want, dont do a test run and say someone else that both of you guys dont even know and dont worry on who that person is to him or to you it could be anyone your friend,cousin,sister,ect just tell him the truth. Theres a fun little game you can play by asking him is there someone I know that you would want to fuck he might think your tricking him so he?s going to say no. then say to him I have someone in mind that I would love to see you fuck. When you tell him be very specific of how you would want him to fuck her I bet his cock would be rock hard and you would be so wet. Then the next time you have sex have him call you by that name. All that that stuff you imagine him doing to her tell him that?s how you want to be fucked.

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