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Embarrassing Way To Be A Cuckold

I wish I could sit here and tell you that I have this hotwife and a great sex life and she loves me to death but messes around with other guys once and a while to make me happy. She messes around, but she's totally doing it behind my back. I always suspected it but it wasn't until I went to her work unannounced one day that I found out for sure.

My wife is a bartender. She's not a 10 but she is good looking and has a nice body. She works at a place that caters to mid-older crowd. Typical bar. Bands some nights, Karaoke the other nights. She doesn't work full time but she's always brought home great tips. I just assumed the place was real busy. So I stopped in one day just to say hi. I never do that.

The place wasn't busy at all. In fact, there were three guys huddled at one end of the bar and that was about it. Jennifer was no where to be seen. The cook was behind the bar. I sat down and he served me a beer. I could hear the guys a few stools down joking and high fiving each other. They were looking at the one guys phone and I could hear them say things like, "slut and whore". And some other things. I didn't pay much attention.

I asked the cook where Jennifer was. He said, "who"? I described what she looked like and he said, "oh, Candy. Um, she's busy at the moment, what can I do for you"?

Candy? I was confused. He caught me off guard with that comment. I figured I'd order some food and wait for her. As this was happening, a man came out of the bathroom and walked over to the other group of guys. He high-fived his buddy and said, "your turn". His buddy said, "did she swallow". He said, "well, she tried. I got a lot on her face I think" and they all laughed.

Now my interest was peaked. I leaned over to the one guy and said, "hey man, what's going on in there"? He said, "the bartender gives blowjobs for 20 bucks and if she's in a good mood, she'll let you fuck her for 50. I said, "you're fucking kidding me right"? The guy said, no, look. He held up his phone and there was the top of my wifes head and his cock was firmly thrust in her mouth. I was stunned but acted like nothing was awry.

"So, does this happen often?" I asked. "we come in a couple times a week".

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