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  • New : You Are Not Alone In Your €œhardcore Fantasy”

You Are Not Alone In Your €œhardcore Fantasy”

To the writer of hardcore fantasy it seems you are not completely alone in your thoughts.

If you search the web for the erotic comic “the convent of hell” you will more clearly understand how a woman could be aroused and desire the experience described in your recent story on here. They say the mind is the devils playground but I wonder if they meant it so literally as it plays out in ”your” mind. Demonic eroticism conveyed in word and sexually illustrated art. It’s one of my favorites. Being a man I would choose to be a voyeur and watch your emblazoned sex as he makes his nuns and yes even you now take his grotesquely large member in all your pleasureful body orifices. Read the story and be inspired to share more of your unique mind fantasies with your readers.

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