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Yet another wonderful house party

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Yet another wonderful house party.

My wife and I have been known to throw the occasional house party. We enjoy the time with some of our closer friends as well as meeting some new friends along the way.

Monday evening my wife comes up to me as informs me that Gary and Naomi were asking if we would be interested in hosting another party. It had been a few months since we had held one so I told my wife, Crystal that sounds like a good idea. I began to send out the invites to some of our closer friends first to see who would like to attend. The responses were swift and positive. All in all we had invited 10 couples.

Saturday night arrived. We had the house all ready to go. Our normal play area is in the basement family area where we have a pool table and 2 couches. In one area we had set up the black lights with the body paints. The pool table was set up and ready for anyone who wanted to play, and true to our fashion we had the twister mat out and ready. Naomi had spent the day with us getting the house cleaned and ready. We had told everyone to arrive around 9:30 or so. Gary arrived at 8 to help me split some firewood for the backyard burn pit.

The first couple who arrived was from Omaha. I showed them around and invited them to make themselves at home. We sat out on the front porch talking and waiting for others to arrive. Soon there were cars pulling in. Everyone made their introductions out on the front porch. I went back to the back yard to light up the fire incase anyone felt like sitting around the fire throughout the evening. As I was tending to the fire the husband of the couple from Omaha approached me and informed me they were not going to stay. I thanked him for coming and told them to have a safe drive home.

So there we all were. Of the 10 couples we had invited 5 were there. Most were our old friends, and then there were 2 couples that we did not know very well. Lastly there was Jarrod. I had been talking with his wife during the week. Sadly she got called into work at the last minute, but I invited Jarrod to stay anyways. We all went into the house. I had drinks set out on the kitchen counter and a full bag of ice in the freezer. Everyone got themselves something to drink and we made our way downstairs. Soon I heard the front door open. I walked upstairs and to my surprise there stood a couple who we have known for several years, Norm and Kay. They are very good friends of ours, and we have enjoyed their company many times. They had even brought Kays? symbian along. I invited them to grab a drink and join us. As we walked back downstairs everyone was laughing and joking. My wife was sitting on the sofa with Monty and Frank on either side of her. At 29 years old my wife is a very attractive woman. She is 5?4? and 105 pounds, After 2 kids she still has a toned body, and she eats more than I do. I look at her and motion for her to break out the twister mat. As she is spreading the mat out she starts to explain the rules. ?You fall, you loose an article of clothing.? Funny how none of the guys were lining up to play. I pulled her aside and told her we are going to amend the rules a little. The new rules are, you fall you loose and article of clothing, however you also get to choose a man who will also have to remove and article of clothing.

So there we are, all the guys standing around watching as 4 lovely ladies are getting twisted and tangled up in eachothers bodies. The first to fall was Naomi, ok it didn?t help that Crystal had kind of pushed her over, but hey rules are rules. Naomi stands up and quickly removes her top exposing her lovely B cup breasts. ?Of all the days I choose to not wear a bra? she complained laughing. She looks at Frank and says ?your turn? Frank being the ever smartass makes a smart-alecky comment and removes his shirt. A few rounds later and Naomi is completely naked, Michelle is right behind her. Michelle opted out of the next round, but still none of the guys wanted to join the twister game. Well I am sure not afraid to get tangled up with 3 sexy ladies, so I jumped right in. Funny how I ended up on the bottom of the pile when everyone fell.

One of the ladies had noticed the bag that contained the symbian and asked what it was. We asked if she had ever tried one before. Sheepishly she replied ?no.? Kay and I went about setting it up. As Bed looked at it with amazement she commented that she didn?t know if she could handle that. Needing someone to demonstrate I asked Naomi if she would like to take a ride. She wasted no time in jumping on. With Crystal at the controls and me behind Naomi holding her up, she proceeded to climax time and time again until the final time when she sprayed a stream half way across the floor. I helped her to her feet and asked who was next. The ladies took turns on the symbian. I retreated upstairs to pour myself another drink. When I came down the site was wonderful. There was my beautiful with a guy latched on to each of her tits. Deb was giving Gary a blow job that must have been very intense because he soon shot his load all over Debs large tits. Naomi was sucking Frank, Jarrod was eating Michelle, Angie was giving Bob head, and it was just an oral extravaganza. As I walked thru the room my wife looked at me and said she needed my help on the symbian. I asked Naomi if she would like to take the controls, while I held my wife in an upright position. Naomi wasted no time and grabbing the controls. Soon I could tell Crystal was about to explode, but what sent her over the edge was when Naomi bent over and began to suck her nipples. Crystal shot a stream like I had never seen before. It covered Naomi?s chest and stomach, and began to run down to her bald pussy. I helped my wife stand up, which was not easy to do, her legs were like Jell-O.

By this time everyone else was busy fucking, sucking, and licking whoever they could. Frank was fucking Deb, Michelle was on the loveseat getting screwed hard, and everyone was just involved in the moment. Crystal, Naomi and I excused ourselves to clean Crystals love juice off of Naomi?s body. I helped Naomi clean up in our bathroom, and walked out to see Crystal lying on the bed. Naomi wasted no time diving between Crystal?s legs and proceeded to lick and suck on her pussy with vigor. I came up behind Naomi and began to tease her clit with the tip of my hardening cock. I would rub it across her slit and up to her engorged clit and then back down again. It must have been enough to wake her want more because without taking her mouth off my wife?s soaking wet pussy she reached and grabbed my dick pulling it right to her opening and thrust herself back onto my rock hard dick. As I began to slide my shaft in and out of her already soaking love hole, I reached around and began to tease her clit more with my finger. Gary joins us in the bedroom and Crystal began to suck his cock. She could taste the mix of his cum and that of another woman?s. I increased my pace and began to fuck Naomi hard and fast. All the while she is eating Crystal?s pussy like it is her last meal. Suddenly Crystal explodes all over her face. Crystals hot love juice dripping off of Naomi?s chin. This drives Naomi over the edge and she begins to cum all over my dick as I slam into her swollen pussy as hard as I possibly can. Naomi collapses to the bed. I look at my wife and say you are the only woman here who has not had a dick in your pussy. I asked her who she wanted. She pulls me on top of her. I begin to slowly slide my dick that is still covered in Naomi?s sweet nectar deep into my wife?s waiting cunt. Gary pulls Naomi over to the side of the bed and proceeds to fuck her more. Jarrod joins the room and puts his dick right between Crystal and Naomi?s faces. They take turns sucking him while they Gary and I fuck our respective partners. Soon Gary empties his dick into Naomi. I pull Crystal ass up and begin to fuck her hard. My balls are slapping against her ass with every thrust I make. She begins to cum again. This sends me over the edge and I slam into her hard and deep and let my cum explode into her quivering pussy.

We gain our composure and get up, well all except Naomi, she passed out on the bed, her pussy still dripping with cum. We rejoined the rest of our guests in the other room. Angie was already dressed. Deb was lying on the floor looking like she had just had the fuck of a lifetime. Michelle was on the loveseat trying to gather her thoughts, Norm and Kay were on the couch. We all proceeded to chat for a while as people began to leave. It was 3 am after all. Soon it is just Norm and Kay and Crystal and I sitting on the couch. Norm packed up the symbian and goes to take it upstairs. We asked Kay if she had a good time. ?Yes, except for not getting to have Crystal lick my pussy? she replied. Well not being one to deny our guests request Crystal quickly got on the floor in front of Kay and proceeded to go to town licking and sucking Kays tight hole. Kay began to stroke my cock. It quickly rose to her touch. I got on my knees beside Kay and she quickly sucked my dick into her mouth, all the way down my shaft. She continued to suck my ever hardening cock while Crystal licked at sucked at her pussy. Kay had me so worked up I was about to explode into her mouth when Crystal asked me if I wanted a taste of Kay. Not being one to pass on enjoying the taste of a sexy woman?s pussy I quickly took Crystals place. I remembered just how Kay liked her pussy eaten. I sucked her clit into my mouth and then flicked it with my tongue. This instantly sent Kay over the edge. She began to buck widely, pulling my face deep against her. She soon came all over my face. Her sweet nature dripping off my goatee. Crystal not wanting to waste a taste kissed me deep and passionately.

We said out goodbyes and told them to drive safe. By 4am we were waking Naomi up so she could go home and we could go to bed, but not before Crystal and I enjoyed each other one last time for the night.

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