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  • New : Wife Does The Interviewing For A Possible 3some

Wife Does The Interviewing For A Possible 3some

About two years ago I answered a posting for a couple that was looking to have a 3some. The wife emailed me back and wanted to meet for lunch at a place that wasn't far from my house.

After eating lunch we talked a bit and through out our conversation that I only live 3 blocks away. She asked if we could go back to my place and talk.

Once we got there we talked a bit and the sexual tension started and we started to make out. After some heated petting we went into the bedroom, got naked and started to explore.

I wanted to fuck her so bad but she said no. I had to wait till we had the 3some and her husband was present. However she said I could fuck her ass!

After some heavy anal play and cumming deep in her ass she said I can't wait till you fuck my pussy. She leaves and we talked on the phone and she wanted to meet again. She came over and the same thing happen but no pussy play at all.

Now remember her Husband had no idea that we had met just talked on the phone. I had to act like it was the first tie I had met her in person and saw her naked.

So we all got naked and she was so hot for my cock that she grabbed it and guided it deep in her pussy and whispered in my ear that she wanted it so bad. Her Husband commented that it was like we had met before because we were so good together. For about three years we met once a week alone but she never let me fuck her pussy without her husband present, just her ass.

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