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Wife Suduction Plan 1

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This is my plan to have my wife seduced by another guy. Let me tell you a little about us first. My name is Rob and hers is Ashton. She is 30 years old, very shy, red long hair, 100 pound (which most is tit weight 34D's), several tats and piercings. She does squirt if the stimulation is right and is very vocal in the heat of the moment. She has done DP and anal but prefers not to do it. I am 42 years old, military cut hair, 230 pounds, several tats and piercings. We both work and only get 1 day off every other week together so we don't get out to clubs or parties.

Just the thought of other guys penetrating my wife gives me the hardest boner I have ever had. Seeing and hearing her getting so excited from the pleasure is a real turn on.

Anyways this is my plan.

First I search SLS for the right single guy. Which is one that lives far enough away where he can't come play uninvited but close enough of a drive he can be here when I call.

Second I would meet with him to see if he would be someone see would be interested in and get to know him so I could see he is a friend coming by just to hang out (per the plan later on). Also explain my rules to him in which he must agree on. The rules are easy. No contact with her other than when I set up the play date and I wanted every drop of cum in her. Let me explain this. I had a vas during my first marriage so when we married I had it undone with no success and she wanted a child bad. All the medical options cost more than we could afford she this was my solution. Then if he is the right guy explain the seduction plan to him.

OK now one night when we are both off I invite this guy over for a BBQ. When he gets to our home I introduce him to Ashton as a friend of mine. Before I start to BBQ we all sit around talking. While we're talking his eyes are always on her. As she looks back at him he smiles and every now and then winks at her. Being the shy women she is she looks away. We continue to this for about an hour or so when I and he go outside to start the grill. Once the food is done we are at the table eating and talking. After we were finished he gets up to leave and I tell him we will have to do this again soon. He agreed, so we set up another day to do it again. Then he leaves.

That night she didn't say anything about him staring or winking at her but I know she liked the attention she was getting.

The next day I meet up with him and we discuss the night before and got his take on the evening and what he thought of her. He couldn't stop talking about how hot she looked.

I have him over a few more times to BBQ ,play cards and watch movies before we start the seduction plan so she can become very comfortable around him. I know she is aware of his attraction for her. One time while watching a movie I seen her glance over at him and he had a large bulb in his pants that you couldn't help noticing.

Finally I decided it was time to start the plan. I invite him over to a BBQ and go swimming in the pool. He arrives and we all grab a drink and head to the pool. He pulls him clothes off and is wearing a skin tight bikini swimsuit. Ashton comes out of the house in a skimpy 2 piece. As soon as he sees her he gets an instant hard on so he hurries to get in the water hoping she didn't see it but I think it was too late because her eyes was point straight at it. Anyways we swam and drank a little before getting out of the pool. Me and him went to start the grill while she went inside to prep some of the over items we were going to have. I ask him to go inside to get us another beer.

After he gets the beer from the frig he goes up behind her grabbing on to her waist and starts to kiss her on her neck. By this time I am watching through the sliding glass doors from the deck. She lays her head back on his shoulder exposing more of her neck to him letting him know it is ok to keep doing what he's doing. He brings his hands up to cup her D cup tits. By now her pussy is starting to get wet. She turns to him and starts to kiss him. As she kisses him he undoes her top and it falls to the floor exposing her nipples so he can pinch them. Moving his head down, he takes one nipple in his mouth and starts running his tongue around the nipple. His cock is so hard and stiff the head has worked its way up and out of his tanks waist band. He moves his hand down and rips the string to her bikini letting them also drop to the floor. Now she is completely naked exposing every inch of herself to him. He goes back up to kiss her some more while his hand wonders down to her bare shaved pussy and starts to message her clit. Her pussy is soaked with moisture and as he rubs her clit she lets out a moan. I still watching but now I have my cock out stroking it. I know she is very horny by now so I enter the house and motion to him to follow me to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom he pushes her onto the bed and bends down to lick her wet pussy some more. As he is doing this I get undressed and move to where she can suck my dick so she will no loss her excitement when he quits so he can undress. Once undressed, I noticed his cock is larger than mine by about 3 inches and larger in girth. I couldn't wait to see it in her and if she could handle it all. I asked him if he had ever made a woman squirt before and he replied no. I love it when she squirts on my hand. There is nothing else like it. She told him what how to do it and within minutes she was moaning, whole body was twitching and then let out a big gush of warm cum all over his hand. I was amazed. I thought he was going to cum right then and there. He couldn't wait so he took the head of his cock and started to rub her soak clit so he would have some lube on it as he started to enter her. I was so excited when he made it all the way in her. I could see she was not use to this size of a cock she was grabbing the sheets and pulling them and I could feel her sucking me even harder. About that time he started to thrust in and out of her a little quicker. As her moans got louder the harder he pounded it into her. Finally she let loss and cummed all over his dick. As he continued she cum 3-4 more times until she passed out for a few seconds. Once she awoke he was still deep within her. She was in so much pleasure she didn't even feel me cum in her mouth she just swallowed every drop which is unusual for her because she doesn't like the taste and it usually makes her gag because it is so thick. He looks over at me and says he is about to cum and if he could shot it inside of her. I told his yes I wanted every drop in her pussy. You could see it on his face every squirt that was entering her.

He fell to the side of her to make way for me to fuck her. I moved her around into doggie so she could suck him while he laid there. I already had another hard on after seeing him cum in her tight, wet pussy. There was plenty of cum in her so I slid in real easy. Once in her I stood up and was fucking as hard as I could. She was streaming in pleasure. I could see her sucking his cock and licking his balls. This turned me on so much that I couldn't take it no more so I let loose and shoot my cum in her pussy too.

He thought it was done but I told him to make her squirt again. He did but this time she let out a gush more than I have ever seen soaking the bead sheets. There wasn't a dry place on them anywhere. He couldn't take it any more so he asked if he could fuck her again and I said yes. He once again had her moaning in pleasure at the top of her lungs. He blew his complete load in her again. By this time we were all exhausted so we all laid there and went to sleep.

The next morning me and him woke up first and went out into the living room to talk about last night. He was amazed over the whole squirting thing. I was surprised on how well see took his monster cock. About that time she woke up and I could hear her getting into the shower. I looked over at him and asked if he wanted her one more time before leaving. I didn't need an answer because I could see he had a hard on. So he headed to the shower and got in with her. Meanwhile I got the video camera out and was filming him with her. He washed every inch of her body paying more attention to her pussy. It didn't take long before he had her bent over and was fucking her from behind. Her body starts to quiver as she starts to cum. Her moans grow louder and about that time I hear him tell her he is about to cum. She looks back at him and tells him to pound her hard and shoot it deep inside her. So he did. They remained in the show until his dick went limp and fell out.

Him and her got dressed and came into the living room. He commented her on the good time he had and how hot she was. I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to ask her when we all could do this again but I think he was scared. So I looked over to Ashton and asked if this was the right guy to play with every month when it was that time. She just looked at me and smiled so I know she was ok with this so I told him we would do it again and I would call him when the time was right.

He gave her a kiss and left.


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