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White female sub gives her self again ,to Chocolate

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I am cute white 39, 5ft.6in.,curvy-firm,nice legs,long blondish hair,brown eyes,pretty feet,shaved female.This is how it happened the 2nd time-without hubby being there.

By now, his cock is rock hard. I lay on the bed with my legs spread wider than i thought they could go-remembering the time you asked about how far i could spread my legs(so i practiced alot, waiting for the day he would make me or tell me to open them-spread them for my Dark Master

So now.....and stare at your fit,hard dark body enjoying and watching you play with your hot dark manhood-(a site i have never seen before,but could only imagine-now here you are Live!,right before my eyes and i stare in a kinda disbelief-because of how long i have waited-and anticipated being with my Dark Sexy Master) .

My white shaved puffy pussy is so wet ,it is dripping down my legs.So,You see how wet I am and want to put your face there and lick my juices. But before you can, I take my fingers and rub them in my juices and then suck them dry getting to taste myself before you,then you tell me to slide them slowly back inside my pussy...i do,and i almost lose it-(his stares,his voice,his look,his intensity,his confidence is all watching me-i feel so proud but so very nervous at the same time..for he is my first DARK MASTER ever,my first African Man,and he is gorgeous, and i want it all to be right, and to give my hot white body totally to him and him only!)So i finger myself some more -then he pulls them out of my hot pussy and licks them. My fingers feel like super sensitive tentacles and i feel electricity running through them!

Wanting me now, you tell me to come over to you and straddle my pussy over your face. I am not sure that I want to straddle you, but do as I am told. I am facing the top of the bed holding onto the head board,kneeling with my [as my master has said i have such beautiful sexy shapely legs and ass and feet] hot pussy spread over your face. You start licking my pussy and it feels so dayum good. I can feel your tongue on my clit and your hands grabbing my ass and big tit's,pinching the nipples while i grind my face on your hot dark mouth and hot tongue, and pulling me closer tease me.

I try to pull my pussy away?,before i cum,but there it is ( SPANK! a hard slap on my azz,and it stings like shit,but i know what this means,and i realize i have been a bad bitch and must comply with my Masters wishes or be ass slapped again,though it felt so good for him to punish me)...he pull's me closer, I pull away again, (SPANK another slap,harder and more serious this time,and i know it and he does too,because i really like my Master ,so i know beter to do it again,or there will be hell to pay,) so after that he takes control to grab my ass tighter and pull me closer holding me tightly over your his as he rubs it in my juices.

The scruff on your face(different from the first time we got together as you were clean shaven) feels so good it helps to bring me close to orgasm. Before I cum again, you put your big thumb in my pussy and a finger in my ass.

(Fuck,he knew i was going to cum,my Master knows how to finger and lick me like a fucking champ-he knew i would be cumming hard soon...) It feels so good that I cum loudly,frantically,wildly and quickly screaming obscenities and as I orgasm hard and wet,as my legs squeeze your face tightly and do not release it until I?m completely done.....

By now, your sexy dark dick(as he refers to it) is so hard. I look at it as I lay there and it gets me excited. I want to feel you inside of me but before I do? you tell me to give it a little love. Grabbing the back of my head forcing me down on my knee's,telling me to open my hot slutty mouth,he is so tender ,he kisses my mouth lovingly,and then he just ramm jams that 8" cock right inside my hot wet mouth.He is right,as per usual(one of the things i love about my MASTER,his wisdom) i am a cock sucking sub slut -i love to suck cock. i absolutely love sucking dick and he has a nice dick to suck!!

I'm sucking and licking it ,tasting the pre-cum that has oozed out. I rub your cock all over my face.mouth, tongue enjoying it, knowing in a few minutes the head of your cock is going to be deep inside of my hot, sexy walls of my vagina. I look forward to feeling your rhythmic, deep pushes and thrust for the first time-riding me like a derrick-drilling for oil deep inside my white little body,knowing i amtoo excited from the moment... You look me deep in the eyes,(while fucking my mouth,loving the attention i am giving your cock and balls and later i will be licking his hot sexy round razz-which i know alot girls like) and I know you are now ready to be inside of me, deep,deep down inside of me and you tell me so

My heart beats faster again as you place me in the middle of the bed,grabbing my legs and pulling them apart as wide as possible,taking the high heels i have on,using my high 5" heels to spread my slut legs wider-(i know this and i like that he is in control of me and my passions) . Your cock is long enough that when I'm dogy styling it on I can feel it reaching extra.extra deep inside me. I rock my hips and your cock hits all the right spots. As I slide on your cock. its thick enough to make my pussy feel stretched-like this is even more enjoyable because I can hear you breath, watch you and look under my body watching your dick slide in and out of me!! UMM! what a fucking site watching his dick fuck me and fuck me good.(Girls ,you don't know what you are missing)

...Finally, you take me and push me on my back and laying on top of me you push your cock deeper inside. I enjoy feeling the weight of your body on top of me. I am so hot for you that my pussy is still dripping and sloppy (as i like to call/describe my dirty, nasty, white,hot,wet, shaved pussy to him) making all your rhythmic movements soft and smooth. But, your cock is wide enough that my pussy is starting to throb from the friction. You listen to me moan,groan,whine and with each movement (like i have done for you over the phone -like a whining hot submissive bitch in heat-yes ladies i have cum several times from his erotic voice on the phone-once while my hubby was out of town,thinking about how much of a bad girl i really am....) ,

I get louder and louder and louder (he loves when i express myself and my passions loudly and so do i- i don't like to be quiet. i love to cum.i love to express how i feel-how i am feeling like a hot bitch and hot whore that being desires lusted after-pleasured and deeply fucked with hot dark passions...... i love to be happy sexually.)

You like the sounds I?m making-so you told me on the phone-that you love an expressive girl (glad i am)... You like hearing me say your name (MASTER COCO) knowing that I am feeling immense,intense,submissive pleasure from you. And then i look into your dark brown eyes and they are looking through me like a devil taking revenge out on a sub that did not comply to his wishes-he is looking through me to my sexy soul,and i know whats about to happen,he is on a mission,to spread me,make me his,arrest me,molest and r*pe me,take me,ravish me completely and forever change me and my a machine but yet a man ...and strong a passionate man.Thats my Master!!..i can feel it and i love whats about to happen to him and to me.....

AND THEN like a splash down from heaven from my high,from my intense sexing,from my lost of hearing ,seeing,thinking or feeling straight-i am totally out of control with who or what i wet rain on a hot summer day cooling of a hot body,You finally shoot your hot sexy dark cum very deep up inside me and my legs are so wide and spread for him (as i have been practicing being as wide as i can for him arching my back-pointing my toes -for when this time came-that i would be spread like the biggest hottest whore, the wetness slut, the hottest submissive-giving my wet,white, shaved pussy and body totally to my DARK HANDSOME MASTER as we both scream in a sound that's menacing and treacherous that only hedonistic animals could ever understand and we are both making wild animal noises....

Your load is so fucking wet,hot,passionate,delightful, deliciously slippery and sloppy that I can feel the heat and wetness of your hard piston like pumping dick,releasing it Deep down inside my totally used,wet, hot pussy of mine,ummmmm!! it feels so dayum wet,jettng inside me.....i then reach down like a hungry slut(yes i know i am a slut-but thats what makes me proud of who i am and all the work i have put into this--i feel brave-bold-confident and powerful-i am a woman, i am strong,i am sexy,i dress sexy,i look sexy, i am free to enjoy the pleasures of my own sexual desire and interest and my hubby knows this in me now.... as slide my fingers inside my sloppy puss, and taste the creation-the love potion-his saucy seedy delight,the frothiness of my MASTERS work...i almost orgasm again...knowing i am exhausted but may want some more of him-and i will beg and plead with him for his excellent pleasure-because that's what i should and will do..ALWAYS..he is my MASTER and i am HIS....

....its so dayum much CUM that it will be dripping out of me for days and days(Master mentioned he saved up a week before he fucked me and ate healthy foods)...maybe i will get someone,like my husband to clean up all my Masters hot seedy mess, out of my hot, wet,cum filled used pussy...but that's a different story...

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