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Vacaction sex 2

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I am not leaving to get a bottle T knows that I am going around the side of the building and watch her tease him. T and him are chatting about her other ink, he says he is very interested in seeing the unseen, T tells him she really shouldn?t show him and that she things it will make hubby mad. He persists almost begs to see them, she smiles and tells him he can?t tell a soul that she showed them. With his agreement on not telling she stands walks over to in front of him and lift her dress to reveal the tat on her mid thigh. They are less than a foot apart now, he studies it closely, his face 5? away from her pussy. While they chat about it she puts her hand on his shoulder to balance herself and, tells him she is a bit tipsy. T asks if he is ready to see the next one, she reminds him of there agreement, I see him shake his head yes. T pulls her dress up to expose the tat that she has on the front of her hip. With her dress up like that her panties are in full view, they are completely seethru and leave nothing to the imagination.

I see him compliment her on the ink as he takes a very close look at it, his face is 5? away from my wifes pussy and as horny as it is right now it is giving off the most seductive musk scent you have ever smelled. T is super horny now, almost to the point of grinding her pussy in his face. T asks if he is ready for the next one, she pushes the front of her panties down to just above where her slit starts and tells him that that tat is the initials of the artist that did the final tattoo he will see. She tells him she got the last two done when she and 2 friends we on spring break in Mexico. T tells him the artist was really cute and that is the reason she had him do them, the artist and his wife had a shop where all the girls went for ink. On that night all three of us girls had one form or another of a pussy tattoo. It was really hot time the three of us all got naked in the back and let them do their work. One of my friends asks his wife if she minded if she gave him a blow job for a tip. His wife was good with it, so my friend sucked him off right in front of all of us. Later that night that night, while sharing a bong with the couple, she told us that they were swingers and that they have been doing ink for sex for 20 years. The night ended with them fucking as we watched, it was our very first experience with swinging. As T told the story I watch a respectable lump grow in our friends pants. After the story T dropped her panties to the floor and showed him her final tattoo, he looked at it very close, his nose 1? form my wife?s slit. My wife is standing in front of a man we just met, with her pussy so close he can taste it, I know she is about to push him back and ride his face.

T drops the front of her dress and sits on the floor in front of him, he asks her if she always keeps her pussy clean shaven, she says yes and goes on to explain why. She says she likes it smooth and during sex it is always wet and slippery. She also tells him it makes it easier for her to rub her clit on her partner. She says hubby likes it because he can feel her bare lips slide up and down around his cock when they fuck. I watch his face and the lump in his pants grow, she has him about ready to jump out of his skin. She asks him if his wife shaves, he says they have talked about it but never have done it. She tells him it feels great and asks him if he would like to touch her and feel the smoothness, of course he says yes. She gets up off the floor walks the long way around the couch, swinging her ass back and fort is a seductive way, stops right if front of him pulls up her dress and says, touch it. I see him take one finger and reach out and touch it very soft, form where I stand I can see T lips shine from the wetness running out of her. He pulls his hand back and says it feels very nice, she tells him that he hardly touched it, she grabs his hand and puts her whole pussy in the palm of his hand. She tells him to really feel it and asks if he can feel the wetness, she asks if his wife ever gets that wet, I see him shake his head no.

That?s my cue to come back in the room. When I enter the room it is a mad hustle to get back in the spots they were sitting when I left, pretty much like it was when we were kids and someone turned the lights on. I sit on the couch so I can see both of them, both of them are a little flush. I can smell T?s musk filling the room and that gives me wood. I notice just a bit of a wet spot on the front of our friends gray pants, T has that affect on guys like that. I tell them while I was out I got a call from the rental car company about a problem and I have to go down there and straighten it out, the car company tells me it will take about a hour and a half. T says she will stay her and entertain our friend while I?m gone, if he agrees, and of course he agrees. I give her a peck on the cheek as I leave and I tell her to behave while I?m gone, that is our signal that it is ok for T to take it to the next level , with that I leave.

I go around the building to enjoy the show. T goes to mix another round of drinks and asks our friend to come and help. While pouring the vodka she spills it down the front of her, she tells him she has to change her clothe and heads to the bedroom. I can hear them talk back and forth from bedroom to kitchen, she says before she changes she is going to take a shower, if he don?t mind. She strips, drops her clothes on the floor in the bedroom and sticks her head out the door into the living room, making sure he can only see her head and tell him she will be right out and, help himself to anything he wants, she says again anything he wants. When she turn to go to the shower she pulls the door open ever so quietly, so it opens all the way. He hears the shower start running, stands in the kitchen a second and then heads to the bedroom. I see him sneak in and peek around the corner into the shower. The shower is one of the open type they use in gyms so the view is unobstructed. When you are in the shower, and leave the one bedroom light on you can see a shadow when you are in the shower, this way T knows he is watching her. She puts on quite a show when she knows someone is watching and he looks to be enjoying it. While watching I notice he has pulled his Johnson out and is giving it a soft pull, I?m wondering if he is going to make a move on my wife.

He has a not bad package, T doesn?t care about size she just likes a strange man hands all over her. As she is showering I hear her have a orgasm, she always used the shower head to get herself off. She does it one more time, immediately shuts the water off and walks out of the shower and in to the bedroom. Our friend turns and hurries out of the room but T sees him leave, and the game is on.

T throws a robe on and walks into the living room, he has made it back to the kitchen, she walks over to him and asks if she smells better, he says she smelt pretty good before, she says before I spilled the booze on me or after, he says either time, she says before I spilled the booze on me all I could smell was my pussy getting hot, she finishes by asking him if he could smell it too. He turns around and looks at her, stops for a second and says you smelled excited. T laughs and smiles, she says hubby always can tell when I am in heat, he asks her if she is, she says I am a bit. She drops the conversation and they both head to the living room. She sits across form him, her robe is kinda falling open, top and bottom. T starts by asking how him and the wife?s sex life is, he says she likes sex but he could use more than she wants, she asks him if he jerks off to take the edge off, he says he does. T says she is just the opposite of his wife, she says I always want it, I love having sex in strange places and like a man enjoy having strange sex. Her robe has fallen open now to a point where you can see her whole left tit, and at the right angle you can see a peek of pussy on the bottom. She asks him how many women he has slept with, he smiles and says 3, none of which he thought were very good. He asks her if she thought she was good, T fires back are you asking me if I am a good lay, he blinks slowly and says yeah. T asks him, don?t I look like a good piece of ass, his reply is maybe. T looks right at him and tells him she would be the best piece of as he would ever have.

He looks at her and says how will I ever know, T says you would know, he says how will I find out, she smiles and drops the conversation. He looks a little bewildered, really not sure what happened there. T walks out to the kitchen, grabs a bottle of wine and walks back into the living room, but as she walk back in her tie on her robe come loose and the whole front opens. She knows it?s open but she just keeps walking. He looks up and smiles and says, you are pretty horny aren?t you, she says yes I am and , I can?t wait for hubby to get back. She sits down on the couch, he gets up and walks over and sit side of her, reaches and grabs her chin and kisses her deep. Kissing send T over the edge, she kisses him back. T stands and asks him, do you want to fuck me, he says I do, she says about time.

She strips him in the living room, he tells her he needs a shower before it goes much further, she tells him we have to be done with this before my hubby comes back. He heads in to the shower, she gives him a couple of minutes and follows him in. She finds him washing himself with his cock at full tilt, she immediately grabs his cock and they kiss. She tells him that she will do the washing, just stand there. She starts with his cock then his back and his legs. When she is done with that she begins to wash his ass, he squirms at first but she tells him to let loose and enjoy what she is going to do to him. She runs her finger up and down the crack of his ass, stopping at his ass hole every time. He can feel her finger working it?s way inside him, it is starting to feel good. She fingers him with one hand and grips his cock with the other. Just when she feels him getting ready to cum she stops, tells him to rinse off and come out and join her.

She tells him to sit on the couch, she gets down on her knees, he thinks he is getting a blowjob but, there is more to it. She sucks his cock one good time, slides her tongue down the bottom of his cock to his balls. There she sucks his balls in her mouth and washes them with her tongue, she spends quite a while loving his balls, I can hear him whimper. She raises his leg and licks her way to his ass hole, she plays with his ass hole with her tongue, with her hand on his cock she can feel that is getting ready to cum, she stops. She grabs him by the hand and leads him to the floor, she lays him on his back flat. She crawls up on him and sits on him so his cock goes right in to her pussy. She moves her hips and grinds her clit in to him, she feels him getting ready to cum and she stops. He has precum running like a faucet out of the tip of his cock. She slides and grinds her pussy in his face, she tells him to eat her pussy as she rubs her cunt all over his face. The juice is just running out of her now and his face is covered.

I sneak in to the room and sit where niether one can see me, I have a raging hardon watching my wife destroy this guy. She has brought him to near climax 3 times and shut him down. She gets him up off the floor and in to the bed, she lays him on his back and mounts him. His cock slides right up in to her on the first try, she rides him grinding her clit in to him. All I can smell in the room is sex, everywhere she sits on him she leaves her juice. This time she is going to ride him till he cums, I hear her give out a huge cry as he dumps his load into my wife, he bucks against her like he is being electrocuted. From where I am standing I can see his cock pump load after load. Then it all stops, T slides of to his left side, I can see the cum running out of her, both are soaked in sweat. He has no idea what is happening around him, I pull T to the side of the bed, drop my pants and enter her, she screams with delite. As I pump into her I can feel the cum squirt out the side of my cock. I pump her like that for a bit, I roll her on her stomach and lift her ass in the air. I use our friends cum to lube her ass and I push my way in. I pump maybe 20 time and I explode in her ass. I pull out and watch the cum still running out of my cock.

I head to the shower, when I come out they are both still out cold with a sex hangover . I put on clean clothes and leave, I wait 15 minutes and I come back in catching them both in bed. After I scold them both for fucking like that, I tell our friend that this time when he fucks my wife I am going to watch, he agrees. After this afternoon this guy is never going to be pleased with sex with his wife. And we are off to find another friend.

End of story

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