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St. Patrick?s Day was usually great for driving a cab. Tons of people out and about, mostly in the mood to go on to the next place to drink some more. Large groups of buzzed to already drunk passengers who would rather ride than walk two or three blocks to the inevitable next bar. This meant the best situation of all for a hard working cabbie, instantaneous turnover, short rides and large tips. So long as you could stay in the city you were just raking it in. This St. Patties was no different. This was one of those nights when New York truly deserved its reputation as the city that never sleeps.

I dropped three guys off at Maggie?s Place in midtown after a four?minute, $2.75 ride, $2.25 tip thank you! and immediately had two women enter the cab. I should say immediately after declining a begging offer from one of the exiting guys to come back to the bar with them. I looked into the back and saw they were both really good looking, young, with great bodies and dressed for a night out on the town ? short skirts, high heels, tight blouses, tiny black purses. One had bright red hair and the other was blonde. They also kind of looked alike. As I was briefly but carefully looking them over ? for safety?s sake, of course ? the red head said ?look baby, he?s really cute? to her friend. The blonde said to me with a killer smile ?I know it?s a terrible time for this and you?re going to hate us baby, but we have to go home to Brooklyn? I said ?Oh, Brooklyn Heights, nothing to it, just a quick trip back over the bridge and I?ll be back working again in no time?

Lovely Red Head said ?ha, we wish my man, you have to go to Starrett City. But at least we?re good tippers.? Starrett City was a huge housing project way the other side of New York. Definitely an end to the night as far as work was concerned, because there?s no way I would go back into the city at 1:30 when I already made a really good night?s money. Oh well, I figured since this was the end of my good busy night I?d go out gracefully.

?Very well then, sit back and relax as I bring the two loveliest women in New York swiftly and safely home to Starrett City in my golden chariot? They both laughed and off we went. Soon I heard a lot of giggling from the back. Buzzed happy giggling, not really wasted. Red Head said to me ?Hey blue eyes, we?re having so much fun tonight. We?ve been to five or six places, so many guys bought us drinks and wanted to dance with us and get fresh but we wouldn?t let them, just dance dance dance. And then we get into your cab and you?re the best looking guy we saw all night? ?I think you must have had your eyes closed most of the night, but thanks. What?s your name?? ?I?m Libertad and this is my little sister Sonia? ?Hello Libertad and Sonia, welcome to my humble taxi cab? I told them my name as well. Sonia said in a fake angry voice ?hey Lib, I?m not so little you know? and as I looked in the mirror she stuck her chest out and they both cracked up. Me too.

Sonia asked me if I had any pot but I didn?t, at least not in the cab. ?I have some super deluxe buds at home ? I actually live pretty close to you? In the mirror I saw them look at each other and use their sisterly powers to wordlessly decide something, and Libertad asked me if I wanted to share some with them. I said nothing could possibly please me more and stepped on the gas hard to make them both laugh again.

Lot?s more giggling from the back as we chatted. Eventually we made it home to the peace and quiet of my basement room. I could tell they both liked the place, must have been the crazy colorful geometric wallpaper. Took a little while to figure out music to play but eventually decided on Santana?s epic Lotus triple album. While the girls danced together and wandered around the room I rolled a nice fat joint of astoundingly good California sensimella. It took a while because the buds were really moist and had to be cut with scissors. The pot was actually too good to be smoked in a big fat joint but I thought this might be a special occasion.

We smoked and danced and quickly got really high. They decided to see who could dance sexier and while they were both great I think Sonia edged out her big sister. Or maybe Libertad edged out her little sister, they were both so hot. ?Did you dance like this in the bars, you must have been something to see? ?No baby, this is more of a private dance, you like it??

I couldn?t tell you who said that with the dim lights, hazy smoke all around and high head, but I really liked hearing it, and said I loved the dance. At this Libertad jumped into my arms, started laughing and said I should start kissing her. She had soft sweet lips and I was getting lost in them when I thought, where is Sonia? I had my answer when I heard the shower going in the bathroom. Libertad and I were making out pretty good and rubbing each other even better when the bathroom door opened. Sonia came out naked and wet and drying her blonde hair with a towel. Sonia was absolutely beautiful and even Libertad was impressed. She said ?Damn girl, you really are grown up now? ?Then why is he making out with you and not me?? ?Come here and I?ll kiss you all over your glorious body?

As I kept my promise to Sonia, Libertad decided to take a shower too. She came out like her sister, glistening wet and shining with beauty. They decided I had too much clothing on and started stripping me naked, Libertad taking off my belt, unsnapping my jeans, pulling down the zipper and taking the pants down as well. Sonia had me raise my arms so she could take my shirt, reaching up high overhead to pull it off while standing on her tippy toes. I licked and sucked as much of her tits as I could reach. Together they pulled down my underwear and had me step out of my pants and drawers.

We stood together, three equally pumped people. I kissed Libertad on the mouth and as we exchanged tongues Sonia kissed my neck and ears while her hands began playing with my nipples. I placed my hands on each of their asses and squeezed. This caused them to do the same exact cute sisterly thing, squeek a little then widen their stance just enough to permit pressing their pussies flush on my thighs then squeezing against me tight and hugging me and what they could reach of each other while rubbing up and down on me.

That felt fabulous and I stood tall and strong and as hard as humanly possible. I was taking it all in, on many levels, first purely experientially how it felt physically on my thigh and ass and torso, the heat, their lovely living lively flesh on me, sensing the open wonderment Libertad and Sonia felt being stoned on Cali super-sense and freshly showered and naked and for the first time ever pressing on a strange equally naked man not a trusted boyfriend, in his room, and so amazing and beyond all imagination so exciting to them both, something never discussed or even expressed as a thought before, being with each other for the first time in a sexual way which I found out later when, finally satiated we lovingly talked about these awesome events and seemed as close in languid conversation as we did in intertwined passion and still in retrospect as purely joyful about what had happened as we were now purely delighted about what was happening and purely lustful in anticipation of what was about to happen, At this point they decided I should take a shower and be as clean as they were before we got really dirty.

Sonia followed me into the shower while Lib prepared anther joint.

As I stood under the hot water Sonia soaped me up and cleaned me lovingly. She made my dick so clean it shined, too. She soaped up my asshole, slid her little finger in and said ?Oh, I?m sorry, must have slipped? My cock grew and grew.

As soon as we exited the bathroom Libertad got down on her knees and said ?look at this Sonia.? My dick was reaching to the heavens in preparation for reaching heaven with these sexy creatures. Sonia got down next to her and they started licking up and down like I was a sweet treat, fake fighting for control and each trying to stick it fully in her mouth.

This was incredible and getting better. These were definitely my kind of women! After a while they got up and Libertad calmly said ?we just wanted to make sure it tastes good, if we?re going to be fucking you all night it has to be nice.? We all laughed, lit up the joint Lib had rolled and walked over to the bed, my smiling, happy dick pointing the way.

We laughed and kissed and touched and made love and smoked the rest of the night. I fingered them both at the same time with my special three-fingered technique, thumb rolling around the clit, next two fingers alternating between exploring deep inside and holding the inner wall near the clit with a little upward pressure. These girls were tight, smooth, wet and hot inside. I loved getting them excited that way, while they moaned and kissed each other.

We changed things up and Libertad licked my dick up and down while Sonia put her fresh pussy on my face. It was soft and dripping down like honey. I inhaled her pussy juice and never smelled or tasted anything better. After a while Lib looked up and must have seen Sonia rolling her wet cunt back and forth on my face while she made incredibly sexy noises of pleasure. Lib said she wanted some of that so they switched places. But first she licked some of her younger sister?s juice off my face and said it tasted fine.

Libertad had a just as freshly showered pussy. She sat ass toward me with me on my back so her ass was on my head and her cunt was on my nose and mouth. Besides shoving her ass on me this way she got to see what Sonia was up too.

Lib?s taste was different but equally fabulous and distinctive. I loved it. My hands played with her adorable ass perched on my face and head while my nose and mouth and tongue went to town. Meanwhile Lib got to see Sonia sucking my dick like she was starving for it. Sonia cupped my balls with one hand while tickling my anus and then fingering it with the other. Libertad started to orgasm on top of me, grinding hard into my face with her sweetness. This made me start to cum and I exploded into Sonia?s mouth. She swallowed it all and then moved up and kissed her sister full on the mouth. We relaxed for a little ecstatic while, took a couple of tokes and got right back into action.

The two of them pretended to fight to determine who got to fuck me first. They wrestled and little sis Sonia ended up on top. I figured she was the winner so I took her from behind with Libertad pinned underneath her. Sonia moaned immediately. They kissed briefly then Libertad started slowly so sexily sliding her body up so that her neck then her firm young tits followed by her smooth belly were all kissed by Sonia in turn. Watching the sisters together and hearing their terrific moaning and talking got me fucking harder than I ever had before.

Lib writhed all the way up so her cunt was by Sonia?s mouth and spread her legs. She bent her knees up and let them fall apart to give her sister full access. Sonia said ?I never thought I?d be doing this but I?m really glad it?s with you Lib? ?Stop talking Sonia, I want you to eat me baby?

Sonia did what she was told and started licking and sucking her sister?s pussy, but first she inhaled deeply several times and savored the aroma. This excited all of us tremendously. I fucked even harder and harder. Sonia sucked harder and fucked me back more furiously, her cute ass up in the air. For a first time pussy eater she knew just what to do. Libertad began to cum again, so hard I thought she might pass out, not that my conscious thinking mind was all that involved here. This set Sonia and me off and soon we were all getting off again.

We rested again but not for long. My dick knew it was special party time and was gloriously cooperative. Hard again in minutes, actually instantly once the two girls started making love to it with their mouths, kissing and licking it and each other, beautiful lips and tongues on each other and me.

Eventually we went at it a little slower, taking time to savor the ecstasy. Libertad liked watching Sonia?s face while I fucked her, and Sonia liked sticking her finger up my ass hole while I fucked Libertad. There wasn?t a combination of one penis two vaginas and balls three assholes noses and tongues four nice tits five fingers each on six happy hands we didn?t get to eventually. It was a great, crazy night.

This was no peaceful erotic looking and breathing and following and feeling and enlarging and embracing and feeling one with the universal life force. This was lots of good hard pounding and physical sensation, sweat and screaming. Sonia for being only twenty-one was a freak. While she had that finger in my ass she said I should fuck her sister as hard as I could, make her come hard. She climbed on top of me while I was on Libertad and fucked my ass with her hot wet pussy. Then while Libertad was having an orgasm she tenderly held her sister close.

Hours later when we were finally, finally, absolutely done the sun was coming up and they just had to go home. I gave them some of the super pot and they gave me their telephone number. I had left the meter running in the cab and as a joke said ?That?ll be $234 please, but I?ve already been tipped? We had one final laugh and then I drove my girls home. This time they both sat in the front seat, squeezing in for the short ride, all of us incredibly relaxed, peaceful and dreamy.

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