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We made it to the motel and inside without many people seeing her. She kept telling me to go faster but I said that I didn't want to get stopped for speeding with her stark naked in the car with me. Actually, I was enjoying the looks of the tourists as we passed by see her naked beside me and trying to cover up best she could!

At the motel, I saw that Richard was already in his room because his truck was in his parking space.

I unlocked the door and Ann ran into the room and fell onto the bed sobbing.

You OK? I questioned I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life. He treated me like a total slut and you seemed to enjoy it. She was nearly at a yell.

I felt badly for setting it up but I admitted to her that yes, I was turned on watching her with another guy. Plus, before it was over, she looked like she was enjoying it herself.

A giggle came between the tears and she did say that it was sort of fun. She was scared and it could have ended badly but it all went well.

I lay next to her and held her and we started talking about the experience and the parts we liked the best!

He didn't have to take my cloths though, she said Yea, that wasn't ( I stopped before saying planned) expected but it was fun driving through town with you naked.

Totally embarrassing, she said.

After she calmed down we decided to try to go and enjoy the mountains a bit.

As she was showering and washing all the cum off herself I texted Richard "What the hell. You are not doing as planned!"

All I got back was, "Just wait, you will love what's next."

Shit, what could I do? I couldn't tell Ann that I set it up for her to be forced into being humiliated and used like she was. It would be the end of our marriage. I had to just keep playing along to the end.

After my shower we started dressing and there was a knock on the door.

I thought, Damn, he wasn't supposed to be here until this evening he said.

I opened the door and two officers promptly said, Is this your car sir?

Ann fell back onto the bed and I nearly fainted myself.

I stuttered, Yes sir it is. Something wrong?

It was reported that you were riding through town with this lady naked. Please come with us.

Ann immediately broke down and I was the one this time pleading.

Officer, you don't understand, we were going to have a little fun, and then proceeded to tell him in detail what happened earlier. Then the Ranger took her cloths. We had no choice!

Hands behind your backs, they said.

As they handcuffed me, Ann again was pleading, saying she would loose her job and be ruined in the community.

I will do anything, please don't arrest us!

One officer looked at the other and said, Well, going by his statement, she will actually do most anything.

Yes, Yes, she said. Anything, just please don't arrest us!

I was told to set in the chair and stay quite.

I sat but couldn't lean back because of the cuffs.

Ann was told that she must follow instructions and she agreed.

One officer went out the door and returned with a video camera.

After setting it up she was instructed to state that she, out of her own free will wants to have sex with officers Davis and officer Cochran.

She complied and then was instructed to disrobe.

Tears flowed as she stripped naked once again knowing that her sore pussy was about to have yet another workout.

Both officers took their cloths off and one had the biggest cock I have ever seen. It had to be at least ten inches!

Ann actually gasped when she saw it.

Suck it, he commanded.

Ann immediately got on her knees and grabbing it with both hands she took it in her mouth and started sucking.

As she was busy with that, the other officer said, Davis, why not get on the floor so I can have some fun too?

Davis lay on the floor in front of me and Ann got on her hands and knees and took his huge dick into her mouth again. Cochran reached over and got his Billystick and started using it on Ann like a dildo.

Soon, I could hear Ann reaching an orgasm and so did the officers.

This bitch is enjoying this one said. She really is a total slut.

That statement seemed to spark something in her and she popped his dick out of her mouth and yelled Fuck me.

My cock nearly exploded seeing her act this way.

The Billystick was tossed to the side and officer Cochran started fucking her.

Ann met his thrusts until she moaned as she herself started cumming.

Officer Davis took that opportunity to command her to take all his cock.

She tried but could only get half of it in.

I knew what was about to happen and so did she.

I saw her mouth widen as he put both hands on the back of her head and forced her to swallow nearly every inch of his dick. He kept pushing and said that she wasn't going to stop until he could fell her chin on his balls.

Officer Cochran said he was cumming and as he filled my wifes pussy full of his cum officer Davis said, "Eat my cum whore, eat it now.

Ann stroked and bobbed as fast as she could. Then Davis took her hands from his cock and forced his huge dick into my wifes mouth all the way to the balls.

I could see his muscles strain from the force as he held her there.

She tried to pull off to gag but he forced her back down several more times.

Take it bitch or go to jail.

Ann stopped struggling and let him use her like a whore.

Soon he started shooting his wad into her mouth and it was more than she could swallow.

Cum dripped from her lips as she continued to suck.

Cochran said, This bitch is hot. We need backup.

Anns eyes widened with alarm and tried to get up but officer Davis sternly said, I didn't say you could stop.

Ann kept his limp dick in her mouth as officer Cochran got his cellphone and texted someone.

Soon the door opened and in came Richard.

That is when I knew this was all set up by him without my knowledge.

I relaxed and prepared to enjoy the rest of the show.

As he undressed, Officer Davis told Cochran to take his place so she could clean the cum off him.

As they swapped places Richard slid his dick into my wife for sloppy seconds.

Davis came over to me and unlocked my handcuffs and told me to get in line with her so he could rest.

I stood behind Richard and stroked my dick to keep it hard.

It was hard not to cum watching Ann be a total slut in her first gangbang.

He pounded her a good long time before he too shot his cum deep into Anns pussy.

Ann was nearly worn out.

Her eyes stayed shut more than not from exhaustion.

As Richard pulled his dick out of Ann and moved to her mouth I took my turn.

It was like sticking my dick into slick fire!

Sadly it only took me a few minutes to cum because I was so aroused.

Knowing the routine I pulled out to get my cleanup blowjob and saw officer Davis with his dick hard again and headed towards ann.

Ann took my slimy dick in her mouth and I really don't think she knew or cared that it was mine by this time.

Not feeling anyone behind her she collapsed onto the floor stinking of cum.

Just as she lay down, Davis grabbed her hips and said, you aint done yet bitch and pulls her back to her knees.

Anns mouth widened into a moan as he slid hid huge dick into her swollen pussy.

I took advantage of the situation and pulled her head down making her deep throat me for the first time and it felt sooooo fucking good!

I too held her head and fucked her face hard making her take my dick to the hilt with each stroke as Davis lifted her ass with each stroke of his cock.

Cock in mouth Ann was constantly saying, Fuck me, fuck me harder.

Soon Davis and Ann both exploded in orgasm as she engulfed my dick.

Ann collapsed onto the floor and all the men got dressed.

Ann was totally exhausted.

She lay still as if she was dead to the world.

We, all the men, got dressed and Richard went out first. She never even realized that it was him that came in.

Then officer Cochran left and as Davis was about to leave he said, We will be back tonight and then shut the door.

Ann shot up and spun her head around.

What did he say?

I said, He said that they would be back tonight for more. Guess they liked that pussy.

She never said a word.

She laid her head back down and just sighed.

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