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Two new friends accross the border

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I've read a lot of stories on here and for most, thought ...thats definetly made up.. but occasionally one sounds true, and they are the hottest.. well as you are reading this know that it is true, it really happen.

She's 44, tall, red haired, log legged professional woman with amazing breasts that just happens to love sex. We'll call her Lias, He (me) is 54, attractive guy who has spent much of my life trying to find new ways to use my 8 inches.We'll call me Dan. We are not married, but very commited to each other. We got into swinging about 7 years ago, but only have a chance to play a couple times a year. On this particular day we had a few drinks for lunch and started to plan our evening wishing we could find another couple to fuck with. Lisa was feeling very horny. But as swingers know, spare of the moment hookups are tough. So we decided we to take one of our fun road trips to a strip bar in Canada. We live in the Buffalo NY area, so going to Canada is just a short trip over the bridge. And in Canada strips can get totaly naked, shot pingpong balls at the crowd out of their pussy's, and get totaly crazy...our kind of place.

Lisa wearing sexy clothing is a turn on for both of us, so she went with a little black lacy short skirt, and pull over white strechy top. But she did wear a thong and a bra. I usualy request thigh highs but this was a hot summer night and her legs were very tan. She wear the hottest stellettos that had ankle straps. I was wearing...... oh givies a shit what I was wearing....

We got there around 9. We had some champagne in the car on the way up so we were ready. The place has two stages, a long bar, and was about half full. People, mostly men, were either at the ring side seats around the two stags, or at the bar. This is one of the classier clubs, so there were some couples, and the men were mostly business men looking, some even in suits.

We decided to go to the bar, there weren't any seats open so we stood. We had stood there for awhile facing each other drinking, talking about the great tits and juicey looking pussies on the dancers (Lisa's bi)we were just about to move to a table when the two men sitting on stools behind Lisa offered us (mostly her) thier seats. One had on a suit, the other looked like he had just taken off his suit coat. Lisa thanked them and laughingly said she preferred to stand because she though it made her look better. They laughed, and that started the conversation. They complimented her several times and told me I was a lucky guy to have such a sexy woman who would go to strip clubs. As we talked more they got more and more friendly with Lisa touching her arm or shoulder as they talked into her ear (the music was very loud). Lisa was loving the attention. Then we started to bet on things, stupid things, they were all sexual and about the dancers. But then the guy next to Lisa said he bet he could tell what color her thong was. He made the bet looking more at me, I'm sure he was looking for my approval. He got it. I said "ok if you're right she"ll give them to you, if your wrong you have to buy us a private lap dance in ther VIP suite" He couldn't say "OK" fastest enough. He guessed black. I smiled and said "nope" they are pink. Of course he needed proof.. so I said to Lisa , "show him" She said (to him) " oh I feel bad you lost" and with that she reached under her skirt and pulled her thong down to her shoes, stepped out of them and gave them to him. Both him and his friend let out a big "o yea" and grabbed the thong. Then turning to me the guy said, "a bets a bet so pick a dancer and I'll pay for the lap dance" ... I tapped the next dancer to talk by and told her I wanted a VIP dance, she sais great and it would be $60 for two songs. Our new friend handed her the money and I said to Lisa, "ok lets go" She turned to me leaned over and said she would pass on the dance, but I should go ahead and enjoy myself. I looked at her for a minute, and knew what she was up to. She knows I love seeing her fuck and suck other men and she was obviously enjoying these two, so I said into her ear I want to see you kiss them both before I go for my dance so I know this whole thing is OK. She turned around, put her arm around the neck of the guy closest to her and gave him a huge open mouth kiss that lasted forever, then without hesitation she did the same to the other guy. With that I walked away to get my lap dance. When I returned she was standing between them slowly turning back and forth kissing one then the other. When she was kissing one, the other guy hand his hand under her skirk from the back fingering her. Her feet were pretty far apart to give them easy access. I watched this go back and forth for quite a while. When I walked over she slowly turned to me and began to kiss me. She then , moaning, told me that he had his finger in her ass and itwas making her crazy.... to be continued

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