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Truth Or Dare

"Truth or dare.....Sara!" Jolie said excitedly.
"Hmmmm...truth." Young Sara replied. She was new to Jolie's and Jessie's game. But she felt like a big girl playing with them finally.
"Have you ever touched your pee-pee hole?" Jolie asked.
Sara blushed. "Well....I guess so..." She smiled.
"Ewwww..." Both older girls said in unison.
"You touch your hole? You nasty ho!" Jessie teased.
"O M G! I'm telling mom!" Jolie yelled.
Sara looked like she might cry.
"Truth or dare Jessie!" Sara shouted.
"Dare..." Jessie said confidently.
"Put your finger in your pee-pee!" Sara said out of nowhere.
Both girls stared hard at Jessie. Jessie was frozen.
"Well..." Said Jolie. "You know what happens if you lose the game! So are you gonna do it?" Jolie was the oldest of the three and the bossiest by far.
All three girls knew what happens if they refused a dare. None of them wanted ... That.
She quickly pulled her shorts down and put her finger in her little pussy hole.
"There! Truth or dare...Jolie!" Jessie said angrily.
"Dare!" Jolie said confidently.
"Lick my finger!" Jessie said.
Jolie grabbed her hand and started sucking the finger that was still moist from Jessie's pussy.
"Ewwww..." Both younger girls said.
"Truth or dare Sara!" Jolie asked.
Not wanting to be left out Sara replied weakly..."dare.."
Jolie thought about the dare for a moment. An evil smile crept across her lips.
"Now that this little slut is all warmed up...lick her pussy hole!" She said.
Both younger girls looked at each other, shocked. This might be Sara's first time. But she knew this game was for real. There was no way of getting out of anything. Aside from losing. And none of them wanted that!
Jessie dropped her shorts again. Pushed her pelvis out.
"Do a good job!" She said with a smile.
Sara closed her eyes. Jolie grabbed the back of her head and started pushing her down to Jessie's pouting mound.
"Tongue all the way out! Bottom to top!" She instructed.
Sara stuck her tongue way out. Her tongue touched the bottom if Jessie's thin slit. She drew it all the way up, slowly. Jessie's little pussy twitched. Both girls secretly enjoyed it.
Jessie pulled her shorts up.
"Truth or dare Jolie!" Sara said defiantly.
"Dare!" Jolie quickly said. She liked where this game was going. She was turning into quite a nympho. Even at 14, she had a lot of sexual experience.
"Lick Jessie's butthole!" Little Sara yelled. She might only have been 10. But her sisters had been teaching her well.
"Why am I always the guinea pig?" Jessie said.
"Just get your shorts down bitch." Jolie bossed. She would never lose this game to her younger sisters.
Jessie again pulled her shorts down and stuck her butt out. She couldn't wait to have her ass licked. Her pussy tingled, she had butterflies in her stomach. She was almost shaking with excitement. Jolie did not disappoint. Her tongue ran up and down her crack and even poked inside her hole for a moment.
"Ewwww..." Sara said. The other girls both enjoyed it. Jessie pulled her shorts up and gave Jolie a warm glance. As if to say, thank you.
"Truth or's your turn, lick my ass." She said coyly.
"Truth..." Jessie said, throwing Jolie off her game.
Jolie was shook, but wouldn't show it.
"Do you want to lick my ass?" She said.
"No..." Jessie lied. "Truth or dare Sara!"
Sara thought about the place the dares were going..."truth..." She said.
"Do you wanna lick Jolie's asshole?" Jessie said half joking.
"Yes!" Sara said, her smile beamed at her older sister. She thought of Jolie as a god among them.
Jolie smiled back at her.
"You little fuckin lesbian!" Jolie said to the young girl. Then gave her a little nudge, to show that she appreciated that she would. "Your turn Sara, who's it gonna be?"
Sara thought for a moment. "Truth or dare...Jessie!"
"Truth..." She said.
"No...Nooo... No two truths in a row! You know the rules!" Jolie said angrily.
"Fine...dare!" Jessie said disgustedly.
Sara thought and thought. She wanted something evil. But she was also very curious.
"Lick my pee hole..." She said! "For 10 seconds!" She added.
"That's not fair!" Jessie protested!
"That's the dare!" Jolie interjected. "Do it or lose!"
"Fine...whip it out ya little queer!" She bossed Sara.
Sara dropped her shorts. Their tree house was soon becoming a den of sin.
Jessie dropped to her knees so she could reach the smaller girl easier. Sara quivered with the thought that Jessie was going to touch her in her no-no place. She didn't know what to expect. Jessie started licking and tongue fucking her hard. Jessie thought she was going to give this little bitch exactly what she wanted.
Sara immediately started to squirm, she made oooh and ahhhh noises involuntarily. Jolie's eyes were transfixed on the action. She couldn't believe her sisters were going at it like this.
Jessie looked up..."who's counting?"
Jolie started counting, "3...4....5..." Jessie's was already back to work. Tongue punching her little sister with all she had. The little girls young pussy tasted a bit salty, but also a bit sweet. She was loving it.
Sara felt like she might pee herself..."10..." Jolie finished, Jessie stopped.
Sara's knees shook.
"I think both you little sluts enjoyed that way tooo much." Jolie laughed.
Sara pulled up her pants. Jessie wiped her mouth.
All three girls stood and stared at each other. Things had really heated up with this dirty game.
"Last round!" Jolie announced. "Make em good or there will be no winners or losers, it's almost dinner time!" She was always in control.
It was Jessie's turn, "truth or dare...Jolie!"
Sara didn't want to hear that. That meant that Jolie was going to dare her and Jolie could be extra evil.
"Dare!" Jolie said.
Jessie tried to think up the most sinister dare ever. She looked around the tree house for ideas. Jolie expected her to make her lick something or stick something inside her. She didn't expect the dare she got.
Jessie walked over to their box of junk. She grabbed something and turned with a smile.
"You are going to lose!" She taunted. "I dare your nipple with this!"
She held up an old safety pin and waved it in her sisters face.
"That things filthy!" She protested. "I'll get sick and die!"
Jessie quickly held a lighter under the pin and wiped it on her shirt.
"There...sterilized." She said still holding the pin. "Do it or LOSE!!!"
Jolie was in a bad position. She could just say no...but that would ruin the game forever. She could lose the game. But that would be worst of all. Or, she could do the dare. She grabbed the pin. Bending it straight she held it up. She looked at both girls. Sara looked scared. Jessie looked victorious.
She pulled her shirt off. She didn't wear her training bra. Her breasts were getting bigger but still just buds. She licked her finger and rubbed her nipple. It hardened as it cooled.
"Don't do it Jolie!" Sara was near tears. Mostly scared that she would get the same dare.
"Shhhh..," Jolie said to Sara. "You can't beat me bitch!" She sneered at Jessie. "Just you wait till the next time it's your turn cunt!"
She pulled her nipple out, placed the pin into a good position. And pushed with all her might. The pain made her head swoon. Electric jolts ran through her body. Her pussy became immediately wet. She laughed as it went through. She relaxed a bit. Gave Jessie a defiant glance. And said, "truth or dare Sara!"
Sara was shocked! She couldn't believe she did it!
"Dare...." She whispered, staring at her sisters pierced nipple. She barely heard the dare. "Eat my pussy until I cum." She said with a sigh. Already pulling her pants off. She stood nude in front of her sisters. Pulling Sara towards her. Her pussy almost dripping.
Sara fell to her knees. She want sure what to do but after Jessie worked her tongue on her little parts, she had a good idea. Jessie stood wide-eyed at the whole situation.
Sara's head was pushed into Jolie's lightly hairy mound. She started to lick the best she could. Jolie held her head, pushing her deep into her pussy. Her tongue swirled and dabbed around her lips. Jolie grabbed Jessie and pulled her close. She started kissing and nibbling on her soft, smooth neck. Both girls started moaning lightly. Jessie started kissing her back. Her hands crept to her perky breasts. She rubbed the one without the pin tenderly. Jolie's moans increased.
"Pull the pin out..." She whisper to Jessie between kisses. Jessie found her new power over her sister very appealing. She held her nipple with one hand and the pin with the other. Her tongue darted back to Jolie's mouth. She pulled hard. Jolie cried out. Her pussy erupted into Sara's face. Covering her with creamy juice. The pin came free. Jolie held both girls close to her nude body, panting hard.
"Girls! Dinner!" Their mother called from the window.
The girls quickly tried to gather themselves. Sara wiped her face with her shirt and climbed down. Jolie quickly got dressed. Kissed Jessie one last time and both girls headed down the rope ladder.
Dinner was good as usual. The girls mother wondered what all those 'knowing' glances meant. She smiled, she thought she knew.

End of Story

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