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The Younges Man Ive Been Intimate With (22 to my 49)

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I told the story of the oldest man I've been with, now I will tell you about the youngest I've been intimate with who was 22-years old.

This happened last year when I was at the ripe young age of 49. In this stage of our swinging adventure, my husband and I have settled on what makes up both very happy. I love sex with other men and he loves to watch. However, there are many times when he is not around (out of town on business) and he gives me permission to find someone if he can at least listen on the phone form his hotel room.

Last year, I was at a bookstore chain going through some books my daughter had asked me to get for her college class that she couldn't seem to find. I was in the biography section which was near the science area when I bumped into a nice young man named Josh. We exchanged pleasantries and we got to talking and he soon invited me for coffee at the coffee bar inside the store. I accepted and we had a nice conversation. I liked his mind and his way of thinking. He was also very handsome and was involved in athletics at college.

As we talked, I got a wicked idea in my head about bringing him home, but quickly put it aside. I didn't want to corrupt this nice young man. He saw my wedding ring and asked about my husband and I told him that he was an engineer and that he was out of town for the week. I confessed that I was a bit scared at night without him and he jokingly said that he wouldn't mind staying over to protect me.

I laughed and told him that I would think about it and we continued talking. I could tell that he was attracted to me so I tried to put him off by mentioning my age and that I was probably older than his own mother. He said that he was but that didn't bother him at all. We had an awkward silence for a moment and then I told him I needed to go. He walked me to my car and I could tell he was trying to work up the courage to ask me something. I let him stutter for a few moments before stopping him and told him I would love to cook a dinner for him at my home. He was shocked at what I had said but he quickly accepted and we set the date for that night.

I think of myself as a fairly good judge of character and didn't think I was inviting over a murderer or rapist. I've never had a problem in all these years.

I gave him my address and left. I then texted my husband to tell him that I might get lucky that night and needed to talk to him. He called me back a few minutes later and I told him what I had arranged and he quickly told me to go for it and that he was amazed at how I was still attracting such young men. I told him to go to hell (jokingly) and then told him I would call him later with updates and I went to the store to buy what was needed for dinner that night.

I could go on and on about the preparations I made, but then you would get bored. Let's just say that Josh arrived at my home on time and was very pleased to find me answering the door. I answered the door wearing a long dress in a single piece and flip flops. My cleavage was showing. He seemed even more pleased when he found out that I was truly alone except for my dog, who is in fact a very good judge of what people are on the inside. One bark form my dog and out he would have gone. when no bark came I relaxed and offered him a glass of wine to calm down.

We ate dinner and then did some more talking. We had been flirting all evening and it was obvious that we were going to end up in bed together. I had told him about sexual lifestyle that my husband and I had chosen, which only went to cement his intentions of getting me into bed.

To cut the story short, we flirted and I touched him on his leg. I complained that my feet were sore and asked if he would give me a massage. He then gave me a wonderful rub and I let his hands explore my legs as he inched higher and higher.

I then decided to take the bull by the horns and I reached for him and pulled him on top of me and kissed him. If he had resisted I would have let go immediately, but he didn't and we kissed there on the living room couch for probably 15 minutes. I let his hands explore my body and they got bolder and bolder and soon they reached my breasts. When I didn't complain he started to rub my breasts which felt good and I moan lightly.

I then told him that I wanted him to take a shower and got up and escorted him to the master bedroom bathroom and turned the water on for him. It was about 8 p.m. at the time and while he was busy showering, I called my husband and gave him a report. I then told him I would leave the phone on and on the night stand so he could hear what was going on.

It's also a safety precaution I like to take also as well as a source of great enjoyment for my husband. My other safety precaution is my dog. One scream of terror and my dog would have taken care of him before he could do anything to do. Of course my dog has had to learn how to tell the differences between my scream of passion and terror. To date no one has gotten bitten.

When he got out he was wearing a towel. I told him to dry off and I would take a shower. I got in, had a quick clean before drying off and getting into my sexy black teddy. I came out and his eyes were bug eyed as he looked at me. I decided not to tell him about the open telephone line to my husband. I didn't want to spook him off. I got into bed with him and we continued kissing. When I took a hold of his penis for a moment, I felt that it was rock hard and a bit thicker than normal.

I knew that he wasn't going to last very long and I really wanted to have an enjoyable time, so I made a decision. Since he was so young, he could orgasm and be recovered for another round in less than an hour. What I wanted was for him to give me oral and then go at it and make his release inside of me. We would then relax and when he was ready we could go again, but his time much slower and with more patience on his part.

I told him what I wanted and he readily agreed. I knew my husband had also heard my plan from the open phone.

We continued kissing and then I maneuvered myself onto my back and let him begin kissing my body from my neck to my lower regions. He did a good job and it felt nice and I let a few moans escape my mouth when he got near my vagina hair line.

Yes, I do have hair between the legs. Alot actually. I keep it under control but do not shave it. My husband loves it hairy and so do alot of men I've been with.

He began to lick me and I instructed him exactly where to lick and how much pressure he needed to apply. Though he wasn't a virgin, he still needed instruction. He found the right spot and with my encouragement he was able to bring me to an orgasm.

I relaxed for a moment and then asked him to open up the night stand and take out a condom. He quickly complied and I asked for him to hand it to me. I then opened it up and rolled it on his very erect penis. I then got onto my back and told him to enter me. He mounted me and I felt his penis fumbling around near my entrance. I reached down, took hold of him and placed the tip at my entrance (I have to do this with quite a few men I've found). As he pushed inside of me I felt my vagina lips being stretched and I felt pleasure. I love the first moments when a man enters me. The head of the penis entering me feels wonderful.

Once he was inside of me he began moving between my legs. He actually lasted longer than I expected and I was actually starting to feel very good when I heard him grunting as he came to an orgasm. I felt his penis pulsating and knew that he was releasing his sperm. He thrusted a few more times before stopping. Sweat was dripping off his chin so I reached up and wiped it off and then held him to me.

I absolutely adore a man being inside of me and Josh was no exception. I then let him get off of me and let him rest. I reminded him that it wasn't over yet and he smiled and told me he was looking forward to round two. I took off his condom to throw it away and saw that he had filled it quite high. I wrapped it in a piece of toilet paper and then threw it into the trash. I had also taken my phone and quietly told my husband what was going on and that I would call him back so he could listen when we started up again.

I returned to bed and we talked as I played with his penis which was slowly getting harder.

I got up and excused myself and took my phone and called my husband again and told him to get ready and then returned to bed. He was interested again and we began kissing and touching and this time he was definitely slower than before and was taking his time.

About an hour later I was moaning as my orgasm swept over me. Josh was on top of me moving between my legs. I could tell that he wasn't going to be able to last much longer and whispered that I wanted him to come inside of me. That's all it took and I felt his pace quickening and his penis pulsating as he had his orgasm. He was absolutely exhausted. I got my phone whispered to my husband that it was over and turned it off. It was about 2 a.m.

I normally don't allow men to spend the night with me but in this case I let him since it was so late that I felt sorry for him. Plus, since my husband wasn't home I really did feel scared without a man beside me in bed. We both went to sleep. In the morning we had a quickie and I then made him breakfast before he left.

Unfortunately, that was the only time I've met him. I think he felt a bit guilty about things since he had told me that he came from a Christian home. Once his lust for me was spent, the guilt probably set in and I was a Jezebel to him in the morning. Of course it didn't stop him having that quickie with me.


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