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The Veteran And The Virgin

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Another horny fantasy As she looked at herself over in the mirror, she wondered why. What was she thinking? ?Take the dress off, put the slacks back on,? she thought. She could hear him in the living room. He was here to help decorate the flat. He'd finished that but she kept making excuses to keep him around. Barely nineteen, he wasn't anything special to look at. He wasn't an athlete or any kind of hunk, just an average teenager. But Hazel couldn't take her eyes off him and she thought she was brave enough now to make her move. She'd told him to wait while she went upstairs to get changed. It was an old dress she hadn't worn for years. Backless, it had a deep vee necked front, almost down to her navel. The straps came up across her breast and tied behind her neck. She ran my hands across her hips, and turned to the side, examining her profile. ?You're too old for this,? she scolded herself. ?What makes you think you can seduce him? He's half your age, less than half. You don't think he's going to be interested in someone your age.?

She went back and opened the wardrobe, intent on putting the dress back. She could hear him sorting through her CDs. ?Mrs. Evans?? he called. ?Yes?? she called back. ?Is it okay if I put some music on?? ?Sure go ahead.? She turned back to the wardrobe and pulled down the hanger for the dress and was about to take it off when she heard the music. It wasn't any new fangled stuff, or whatever the kids listen to nowadays. It was an old Beatles CD, her favourite.

Her hands were shaking. She had to do this. She had to at least try. ?No don't do it,? she screamed at herself. ?Put something else on first.? But she was already at the door. She moved down the hallway to the lounge. ?Stop! This is stupid! Go back and change!? Down the hallway, one step at a time. It seemed to take forever. Her heart was pounding, but she couldn't stop. All the while, mentally yelling at herself to turn around. She took the last two steps, now she could see into the living room. She peeked around the door and saw him, standing by the fire place, his arms behind his back. He looked proud and strong. If he turned, he would see her, way too much of her. This was her last chance. She could make it back to the bedroom before he saw her, and get changed. She still had time.

?Hi.? The word just slipped out. She'd ruined everything! Stupid! he turned round. She could see he was surprised as their eyes met. She forced a smile, the hardest thing she'd ever done. He smiled back at her. ?You look great.? His quiet reply showed how timid he was. He stepped towards her. She brushed a strand of hair out from her face, and she began to feel better. The hardest part was behind her. He just saw the dress. He didn't think any less of her, and nothing more had to happen. Then she stepped towards him. They met in the centre of the lounge. The blinds were drawn, as the sun was strong outside and it was getting hot, but it kept everything inside in a dim light. There were scented candles on the coffee table, some weird flower name she couldn't pronounce, but the fragrance always made her feel good.

The track on the CD changed, but it helped break the silence. They both looked toward the stereo, then back at each other. ?Would you like to dance, Mrs. Evans?? ?Yes,? she replied and please call me Hazel.? For what she had in mind, Mrs. Evans seemed so formal. Just like that, they were in each others arms. Like clumsy teenagers at their first dance, they were both nervous about where to put their hands. She settled on his shoulders, while he held her at a distance around her back. She could feel his warm hands on her skin, as they slowly began to move to the music.

?Just tell me when you want me to stop." he said softly, he was always polite. Now, he was asking her permission to proceed. Somehow, their bodies were working themselves closer and closer. His hands were now resting on the small of her back, while her arms were wrapped around his shoulders, their bodies now pressed together. She could feel his heart beating. She could feel her nipples were hard under her dress. Her chin was now on his shoulder. His hands rubbed her back, sending shivers up her spine. His light breath on her neck gave her goosebumps. His hands began to move lower. ?Tell me when you want me to stop,? he whispered again. ?I will,? I whispered back. His hands moved to her buttocks, stroking them softly and lightly. He didn't grab them, or push them. He just gently massaged them. He ran his fingertips over them, and back up to her spine and she shivered, noticeably. ?Tell me when you want me to stop,? he whispered again. ?I will,? she gasped, as this time, he kissed her ear.

She breathed in deeply. It was all she could do to keep from arching her back against him. He softly nibbled on her earlobe, all the time rubbing his fingers up and down her spine, first to her shoulders, then down to her buttocks. Her knees were shaking. Her loins were burning. She couldn't take much more. But she wanted it.

Then their heads parted and they looked each other in the eyes. He leaned in, and planted a delicate kiss on her lips. It was so light, but it lasted so long and she began to kiss him back. The kiss grew stronger. Now she was taking initiative. As their lips parted, she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

While they kissed, she rubbed his shoulders, bringing her hands down his chest. She began to rub his chest while he moved his hands up her back, and tugged at the top her dress. The knot came undone, and he moved his hands over her shoulders, brushing the straps away as they slowly slid down her arms. Her breasts were now fully exposed, as they continued to kiss. His hands ran across her nipples. They stood there, French kissing, and massaging each others breasts. If things had stopped right there, she still would have considered it a better sexual encounter than she'd ever had before.

He pushed her dress down to her hips, and he began to work it down. She copied his moves, moving her hands to his waist, undoing his trousers. She pulled the bottom of his shirt up, and worked it back up his chest. They broke the kiss, as he raised his arms over his head. His shirt was off, and they were both naked to the waist. They resumed the kiss as she continued to undo his pants, and he her dress. Both garments dropped to the floor simultaneously and they stepped out of them. Now in only their underwear, they pressed against each other again. She could feel his erection through his briefs, and she could also feel the wetness in her panties. He moved his kiss to her cheek, and from there to her neck then slowly moved down her body, lightly kissing and licking along the way. He moved to her breast and began to tease her nipple with his tongue. Her legs almost gave out as he moved lower to her navel, and began to pull her panties down, dropping to his knees as he did. He reached her crotch, and began to kiss the inside of her leg. She stepped out of her panties and parted her legs, aiding his gentle assault on her pussy.

He began to nibble at the edge of her outer lips and she had to take a break. She reached down, grabbed his hands, and pulled him back to his feet. They started kissing again, but it was her turn now. She moved down his neck, to his chest and he moaned as her lips brushed his nipple. Seeing that as a good sign, she paused a moment, kissing and licking his nipple, while teasing his other nipple with her fingers. With her free hand, she moved down to his briefs, working them over his erection, and down his legs.

She'd never been one for deep throating. She gagged too easily. But that didn't stop her from nibbling. He seemed totally content though, as she ran her lips and tongue down the underside of his shaft until she reached his scrotum. She'd never done this before. In sixty two years, all her sex had almost always been missionary position, with oral, just occasionally. But she'd never kissed a man's scrotum. She paused. ?Better late then never,? she thought. She ran her tongue over his ball sack and he gasped and fell over the arm of the couch. She had him where she wanted him and where he apparently wanted to be. She continued nibbling his balls then began to kiss back up to his chest. She crawled over him. This was it.

She slid her body on top of his. Their foreplay had had the desired effect and there was no resistance as his manhood slid into her. Shivers shot up and down her spine as she pushed down onto him and he pushed back up. He wanted this as much as she did. He massaged her breasts as she leaned back. Her first orgasm came easily. She'd almost had one earlier as he kissed her. It came so close, then faded away but now it hit her hard, harder than any orgasm she'd ever experienced. She moaned out-loud. Her mind was a blur, she couldn't tell whether is was three or four orgasms in a row, or one big long one. Every time it began to fade away, it rebounded and came on even stronger.

?Wait, Hazel!? Mike was breathing hard. She stopped. ?What? What is it? Are you okay?? she asked in genuine concern. ?Yes...yes I'm fine. I just need a break.? She nodded and lifted herself off him. He sat up and she sat down next to him. He stroked his erection, and wiped the pre-cum from the tip with a tissue from the box on the coffee table. He looked back at her, and smiled. He ran his hand up her arm back to my neck, and began to massage it. She nodded and purred, letting his fingers tickle the back of her neck. He leaned over and began to massage her shoulders. She was already feeling so good, she didn't think it could get any better. ?You don't have to do that,? she mumbled. ?Just tell me when you want me to stop,? he said, almost mockingly. ?No don't stop, don't stop,? she gasped, He began to nibble her neck again while still rubbing her shoulders. As he kissed her, she arched her back. He lay her down on her back and began to kiss her again. He moved back down to her crotch, and she spread her legs for him. His tongue and lips moved over her clit, licking, nibbling, and even sucking on her g-spot and her orgasms started again. As each one faded, another, twice as strong coursed took it's place. Suddenly, he stopped. Before the last orgasm had died down, he quickly, but gently, slid back inside her. The pleasure she'd got from him the first time was nothing compared to sensations that hit her at that moment. She didn't want it to stop and it didn't.

She didn't know how long they went on that day, but it didn't matter. What mattered was how well we went and how good he made her feel. The first fifteen minutes with him were better than an hour with any of her former partners. He was a virgin, as far as she knew, but he was a natural. She was a veteran of sex, but he taught her things she'd never imaged she could do. It made her wonder who was the virgin, and who was the veteran.

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