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The Great Smokey mountains

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Every year my wife and I go to the Smokey Mountains to celebrate our anniversary because that is where we honeymooned.

Every year I ask to take a photo of her totally naked at the Smokey mountain Sign as you enter the park from Gatlinburg with the same answer each and every year. NO A few months ago we started our usual planning of the trip and to my surprise Ann smiled and said that her anniversary gift to me this year, our 30th, is to let me take that photo I have always wanted to take.

I instantly got excited and aroused and then the "conditions" came.

I will only do it if no one is within sight and there are no cars on the road. She said I instantly lost both hope and my erection.

What's the chances of no cars or no one around in the most popular area in Tennessee?

A couple of weeks went by and I asked if we could try early mornings while there and she agreed that early morning may be the best time to try.

Yea! There is hope again!

Then one day while browsing here on SLS to see who may be available to play while we were there I had a totally fun yet evil idea.

I contacted a guy I met while on a construction job, Richard" and asked if he would like to have a fun vacation while filling a BIG fantasy of mine.

After telling him in detail what I wanted he eagerly agreed.

The following week we met again at a costume shop and found a uniform that resembled a park ranger for him.

I then booked two rooms. One for us and one for him.

Richard went up two days in advance to get up well before daylight to check out traffic conditions and pedestrians.

As we were in route to the mountains I received a text. All it said was 5 am.

When Ann and I got to the motel she loved the room I had booked. Especially since it had a Jacuzzi in it.

I asked her if she would want to start our stay off right by getting up real early to try to beat the crowds so that I could get my present from her. She agreed and I suggested that we get up by 4 because I was sure no one would be out that early. Plus, afterward we could go eat breakfast before the big crowds hit. She said that 4 am was pretty dang early but she would do it.

As she was showering I texted Richard and told him it was a Go for the morning!

4 am the alarm went off but I was already awake and excited.

Ann woke up and we did our normal bathroom stuff and brushed our teeth. She then put on a new dress she had bought for the occasion. It was one that wrapped around and was held together by a tie.

As we drove to the Park sign there was no cars in sight and I was concerned that we were to early or that Richard may have overslept.

The sun wasn't up yet but it was getting light enough to see well by five.

As I parked the car she breathed deeply and said "Let's hurry and do this before anyone comes."

As we walked towards the sign I stopped about 20 yards from it and told her to get naked.

She said "No, I am going to just quickly open my dress so you can get the photo and then we will leave."

I acted pissed. You said my present was to finally take a nude photo of you at this sign and now your going back on your word. Just forget it. I turned to walk away and she said, OK I will do it.

Looking up and down the street to make sure no cars were coming, she quickly took her dress off and started to walk quickly to the sign.

WAIT, I said.

Scared, she thought someone was coming. I said, you said totally naked. Take your shoes off too.

Reluctantly she hurriedly kicked off her sandals.

As she stood there posing I set the camera on video and am glad I did.

Richard came out of the woods and said with a voice of authority, "Halt what your doing and put your hands on your head now."

Ann didn't know whether to run, cover up or comply. She looked at me with total fear in her eyes.

Again he said, "Hands on your head now."

This time she complied.

Her standing there shaking and nearly crying beside a total stranger to her nearly made me cum in my pants.

He grasped her wrist and said, come with me so others can't see you. Sir, bring her cloths and follow me.

She was crying now as she walked naked into the wooded trail.

Please don't arrest us, I am a teacher and I will loose my job if I am arrested. I will do anything you want but please don't arrest us. She pleaded over and over.

When we were well out of sight of the road Richard looked at me and I said, If she is comfortable with it, you have my permission to do as you want with her.

With tears she again sobbed, I will do anything.

Richard smiled and said, get on your knees.

Ann knelt in front of him.

He undid his pants and let them drop. Now suck it. You sir, start recording your wife sucking my dick.

I did as instructed.

As Ann sucked his cock he told her to tell him that she wanted to eat his cum.

Ann never has talked dirty for me but she pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked up and said "I want to eat your cum."

Deep throat it you whore.

She tried but said it was to big.

He said, take it all or go to jail bitch.

Ann tried. She thrust forward and gagged but she tried. Then as she was about to try to take it all he grabbed her head and forced it all the way down her throat and held it there a few seconds.

She coughed and gagged after he released her but went right back to sucking.

See, I told you that you could take it, Now take it again. He again grabbed her head and fucked her mouth forcing it in all the way to the hilt with each thrust.

Get on your hands and knees he ordered.

She got into position and he mounted her from behind.

As he fucked her he held her hips and pulled her hard to meet each stroke until he filled her pussy full of cum.

You fuck her now he commanded.

Suck the cum off me bitch.

As Ann took his cum covered cock back into her mouth I stuck my dick into a well lubricated hot pussy.

Watching Ann suck and lick the cum off him nearly made me blow my wad.

Then Richard said, fuck her asshole.

Ann started to say something but he forced her head back onto his dick.

Ann has never allowed me to ass fuck her before.

I guided my dick into her tight ass and it slid in easily since it was coated with Richards cum.

To my surprise, she actually started moving to meet my thrusts as I fucked her. Shortly I cummed in her ass and pulled out totally satisfied.

Richard stood and told her to suck my cock clean.

She took it to my surprise without hesitation.

As he dressed he asked where we were staying.

I told him.

The sun was up bright now and we could hear cars starting to drive into the park.

As he turned to leave, he grabbed up her cloths and my camera and said that we could get them back tonight after Ann pleased him again.

Terror shot over Anns face when he said, "I will be watching, Do NOT give her anything to cover up with."

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