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Talk about it enough, it just might come true Fantasy cone true

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My wife and I have been married 35 yrs. in the early years of our marriage I discovered I like to talk in bed. Talk about the porn we had just watched, what would happen with another man joining us or another woman. While talking about her having two men, I noticed she would really get heated and very wet. Her orgasms seemed longer and stronger. This went on for awhile like that, I didn't know if I wanted to take it furtlher. One night while sleeping in our 2nd floor apt, I woke up to the sound of something hitting our window. I look out and see that a friend and co-worker had climbed to the garage roof next to our apt. Yes, just like in the movies. I opened the window and told him come to the front door. My wife slipped on a robe, nothing on underneath and I threw on a t shirt and shorts. I opened the door and he was very apologetic saying he had had a big fight with his wife. Not the first time this happened, he would crash on the couch and be gone in the morning. He was especially agitated this particular night, he was a mess. My wife and I had talked about this couple before, they always seemed to behaving problems about everything big and small. He asked if he could light up so he could calm down. Usually my wife does not partake, but tonight she joined us. After one joint, we had another. We sat there talking for awhile and I just said to myself, "why not?" I put my arm around her and brushed the side of her beast with my hand. She knew it was not accidental but said nothing. I leaned over to kiss her neck and I could hear her give out a small moan. Things seemed to be moving along naturally without anything being said. I had her stand up and then sit in front of me on the couch facing out. I continued to kiss and lick her neck while my hands began to slowly move up and down the front of her body. Meanwhile our friend was sitting across from us enjoying the little show. My had dropped down to her lap and I started to stroke her pussy through the silky robe. Her legs immediately began to part to let me gain better access to her now very wet pussy. I whispered in her ear "are you sure about this?" She did not answer in words but she reached behind me to rub my cock through the shorts. I was kissing her from behind and my hand undid her robe and spread her legs wider. I began to focus on her clit and she started to moan louder I looked up at our friend and motioned him to join us. He was on his knees in front of my wife and began to lick her beautiful, soaking wet pussy. She dug into my shorts trying to get at my cock. I was afraid to stop, but I also wanted this to comfortable for all. I suggested moving to the bedroom and my wife took my cock and led us inside. All our clothes came off in a flash. My wife was on her back and our friend continued to eat her pussy. She came at least once when she took my cock and told me she wanted it in her mouth. I moved my cock to her mouth and she sucked aNd licked like a woman possessed. To this day I still don't know if it was me or her who was orchestrating our positions, we just seemed seemed to glide from one position to another. Our friend and I, we're lying down side by side. My ace kneeled down in front of us and took a cock in each hand. She took turns suck all the while stroking them. She wanted both in her mouth at the same time, we leaned our bodies inward and she took both heads in her mouth. I felt like I could cum anytime but I wanted to be in her pussy. She got on her back and I entered her from the side letting her access to the other cock. It was just the most amazing thing to watch her deep throat that cock while I fucked her. She was amazing. I knew I would not last long and I asked her if I could come in her mouth. She moaned loudly with our friends cock in her mouth and I took that as a yes. A few more strokes and I yelled out "I'm going to cum". I pulled out of her and saw how wet my cock was from her pussy. Just when I was getting my cock into position our friend said he was coming. Since he was already in her mouth he just let loose. My wife gave a little sound of surprise as she swallowed him whole and he was looking like someone having a spastic attack. Meanwhile I have A death grip on the base of my cock because I want to come in her mouth. I could not hold it any longer. As she was sucking the tip of his cock, I took mine and came all over his cock. What she did next gets me hard thinking about it even now. She watched me shoot my load and then opened her mouth very wide. She took his cock all the way in. She slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and it was clean of cum. She then took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to milk me dry. After that, we all sort of crashed, woke up in a pile and just picked up where we left off. Don't know how long we slept but it was enough to charge our batteries. I wanted her on top of me and I know he wanted to be in her juicy pussy. Luck would have it that we had no condoms so her pussy would have to be off lm to him. He did not seem to mind. While she was riding my cock our friend stood up and put a foot on each side of my head so my wife could fuck and suck with a little more comfort. It was a title disconcerting to look directly look up and see my wife swallowing his cock whole. I remember wetting a finger and slipping the tip into her ass. She was surprised, but receptive. We I continued to play with her ass and she continued to ride my cock and suck our friends cock. We had tried anal only once before. She was uncomfortable she said because of my size. Our friend cock was not as thick as mine so I thought that she might want to try. Eventually our friend took the hints. Especially when I tools my hands and spread her ass cheeks wide. He knelt behind her and put the tip of his cock next to her ass. She was still riding me and leNing down so I could whisper in her ear and stroke her hair. In courage do her to just relax everything. I whispered to her that she was so fucking hot, how sexy she was and that I didn't think 2 of us could satisfy her. He very slowly eased his dick in a little more with each small stroke. I finally felt her relax and felt his dick sink in. He was all the way in and she was in ecstasy. The sounds coming from her were incredible erotic. I would not last long. Just like before, I said I was coming and a second later ha said it too. We were both in her deep, I felt his cock spasm plus mine. 3 people coming at the same time, it felt like I was in a movie. But this was real. Things got hazy Nd lazy. We were all gassed. Morning light was starting to blind, he left to patch things up with his wife. No work that day, in bed stroking and resting up. As incredible as that night was for all of us, nothing like that has ever happened again. Why not, I could not tell you. Still hoping. Still remembering.

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