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Sis Inlaw

Well I always admired my sister inlaw Candy's tits, they are so huge!
This happened on my wife's birthday, we had a super bash party for her, the even started with a sex toy demonstration, eating food and drinking, as time went by and guests left, my wife being so tired from working all day long decided to go to bed , this is when it happened, Candy and I continued drinking, we talked about her separation from her jerk husband and during this time she told me "it has been 7 months since I left him and not been with any man".
Well few more drinks and with this information processed, I asked her if she wanted to have sex?, she said "yes why?", well before any words could come out, I reached for the massive tits and squeezed them hard, she just let a chirp sound and I popped them out her blouse, I was amazed at the pancake aereolas, I sucked them hard while rubbing her between her legs, I felt the sexual heat and moisten pussy right thru her panties because that short skrit made it easy access to fondle her.
In no time at all, I was smashing my face on her shaved pussy, my hands streached out squeezing her gigantic breasts, she moaned quietly yet her hips moved gyroscopally, at one point she grabbed the back of my head pushing it into her super wet vagina, I was running out of air so I pulled away from her juicy pussy then I managed to run my tounge up to her aroused clitoris, finally she said "please fuck me!!!"
I flipped her doggy style and jammed my cock, I pumped and pumped, with different angles, feeling the inside walls of her tunnel, making squishy sounds of love, feeling the love juices drip around my legs, I can feel her legs tremble and quitely the sounds of our forbidden lust echo in the walls of the living room praying they don't venture too far into the masterbedroom.
Finally I came, she just pulled so fast, I made a mess, then she said "enough this is gone too far!"
Well that's about what happened that night, yet it has gone further than that, because every time the wife is out partying or out town Candy seems to be around to have fun! I love you sis-inlaw!!!

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