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Sharing my Sexy Wife at a Hotel

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My wife and I need to get away from our neighborhood and stay at a hotel where we can be other people. So we pack our car and head for a place where we are strangers to others, and others are strangers to us. We had struck up a pen-pal relationship with another guy using our adult website. After a few e-mails and picture exchanges, we both finally decided that this guy might be alright, as his age is about right, he seems polite and will obey our rules. Oh, and he has a friend that may come with him, that also fills the same criteria. So here we are heading on our private adventure. We have both been abstaining from sex for a few days, as we want this to be awesome. Her pussy is freshly shaved and I picked out just the right cloths and sexy underwear for her. I can smell the vanilla fragrance that she often sprays on her, as we drive down the highway.

We arrive at the hotel and check in. After preparing our room she again freshens up in the bathroom and we have ourselves a drink. We had smoked a little something in the car so we are both relaxed, and filled with anticipation. I give her a little kiss as I gently run my finger under her the inside of her panties. She is so wet already. I pull my fingers up to my mouth and first smell them, then lick the juices off. I put on a porn film using my computer and tell her to lay on the bed and enjoy her drink. I excuse myself and go down to the hotel bar to met our "friends". He is a nice gentlemen and so is his friend. We have a drink together and make sure that we are all OK with one another. We discuss the scenario, lay down a few ground rules and then I choreograph the concept of what I want to happen. They are both alright with everything. His friend agrees to stay in the bar and wait on his buddy to come back down and get him in forty-five minutes to an hour.

I take him back to the door of our room, and ask him to wait out in the hallway for about 2 minutes, as I go in and set up the situation. My wife is still sitting up in the bed and has finished all of her drink. I pull the sheet back and look at what she is wearing. Just a sexy camisole and panties, but her panties are soaking wet. I place a blindfold on her eyes and give her a big wet kiss. She moans a little and then squeezes my hand know what is about to happen. I cover her back up with the bed sheet and I tell her to lay back against the headboard and obey everything that I tell her to do. I turn on some soft music and turn down the audio of the porn movie she had been watching, but not quite all the way down then go back to the door and let our new friend inside.

I motioned with my finger for him to be quiet. In our discussion down at the bar he had agreed to minimal talking. I lead him over to the bed and he sees my wife quietly propped up, then looks over at the porn movie that was playing on the computer. The porn itself was hot... some girl eating a cream-pied pussy that the guy had just came in. I pull the bed sheet back an reveal her sexy body. Her pink nipples are erect and pressing up against the inside of the top. Her panties are wet, and her legs are already spread wide open per my instruction. I step back and sit in a chair by the bed, as he starts running the backs of his fingers over her big titties. He pulls up her top and continues doing the same, as he couldn't wait to get started on sucking those big titties. He sucks on them hard, leaving black and blue sucker bites like in high school. She tenses up a bit, but arches her head back and moans a little, he had run his fingers across her panties and brushed against her clit. He goes for more and pulls her panties to one the side... his finger slid inside her pussy hole and she moans yet again. He has one hand on her tit and the other one is finger fucking her for a few seconds then pulls his finger out of her and smears the pussy juice on her face and lips. She licks it off and runs her tongue around her lips to taste more.

He takes his shirt and pants off and drops them on the floor, all the while I continue to just sit in my chair... but now rubbing my cock through my pants. He re-positions himself between her legs, still holding the panties bunched to one side. He still has his finger in her as he lowers his mouth to her crotch and starts licking her pussy. She again tenses up, but immediately starts enjoying the foreign tongue in her pussy. She gaps, and presses her pussy hard against his face. This was a new tongue that she had never felt before. His tongue probes her pussy hole deeply and he reaches up with both hands and grabs both big titties as he keeps eating her out. I can see he is getting real hard as he starts humping the bed as he eats out my wife. He rises up up with a totally wet face and reveals his hard cock pressing out through his underwear. He drops his briefs and puts his cock in her pussy and starts fucking it.

My cock is very hard as I sit in the chair. I had worn jeans and they had just become extremely tight in my condition. I stand up and undo my belt dropping the jeans on the floor. He is now quite rhythmic with fucking her pussy and doesn't let up a stroke. I pull down my underwear in front propping my balls and hard cock out, then walk over to her face and start rubbing my cock across her lips. She is getting fucked by another guy. I run my cock in her mouth and she starts sucking it with pleasure. I reach for the camera and take a few pictures of his cock going in and out of her pussy, being careful to take no face-shots except hers. After about two to three minutes of her enjoying two cocks I pull back and walk around the other side of the bed. Still this guy keeps fucking her pussy.

I climb up next to her one the left side and start kissing her deeply. Our tongues are dancing with force in each others mouths. His hands are pinching both nipples as stroke after stroke of a new guys cock goes in her pussy. I keeps kissing her deeply and she whispers to me that "he's fucking my pussy"... and "his cock is inside me". He stops and pulls out, but I'm still kissing her. He comes up to her face on the right side of the bed and puts his cock right in her face as I'm kissing her. She stops kissing me and turns her head to face his pussy juice covered cock. She opens her mouth and starts sucking it and licking it all off. He is not ready to cum by any means so she uses her tongue to dig into the top slit of his cock to try and see if she can detect a little pre-cum. She moans as she gets just a little taste. I just watch in amazement as he face fucks her for a couple of minutes. Then he gets back up and goes back down between her legs and continues fucking her. She slowly turns her face back to me a starts deeply kissing me as if there was no interruption. I can taste the pussy juice in her mouth now, as he is again fucking her pussy. Again, he stops and pulls out of her hole, and again he comes up and interrupts us kissing to get his cock sucked again. Then, once again back down to keep fucking her again. Her panties were still on, but still pushed off to the side, and now they are completely wet . He looks at me to give me a signal that he is getting close to cumming. I get up and again pick up the camera, placing it is video mode. I stand at the end of the bed and zoom in close to his cock going in and out of her cunt. He's starting to go faster and deeper. I have the full image on my camera screen extremely close-up. He quietly says to her "I'm going to cum in you... I'm going to dump my cum in your pussy", and she says "do it...cum in my pussy... cum in me... my husband wants my pussy full of cum... do it...cum in me.". He keeps on fucking her harder and harder, the looks at me and says "I'm going to cum in your wife... I'm going cum in your wife's pussy!". I keep on filming as I see his cock pause in the rhythm and then throb and throb, pumping his cum in her pussy. He slowly pulls his cock out of her, and a stream of white glistening cum can be seen running out of her little hole and off the tip of his dick. He places the panties back over her pussy as if closing a jar and then moves up to her face as she opens her mouth and cleans the cum juice off of his cock and balls. He rubs his cock all over her lips and cheeks...leaving a trail of wet semen. He quietly retrieves his cloths off the floor and starts getting dressed. No further words are exchanged as he leaves the room.

Her tits are covered with his sucker bites and there is a stream of cum running down her cheek from his left over cock juice. Her panties are soaked, and the inside of her thighs are wet, as is the bed sheet underneath. I move over and again start kissing her. I run my hand inside her panties and feel the cum left behind. My cock is so hard as I've wanted her like this for so very long. I have longed for her to be used and then come to me. I pull her panties to the side just as he did and start fucking her. I can feel the warm cum run out of her pussy as my cock goes in it. I slowly fuck her and squeeze on her sucker bit titties, but I am unable to finish as I hear a quiet tapping at the door. I say excuse me and put my cock back into my underwear. I leave her still blindfolded and answer the door... knowing all the time who it is. It is his friend that we left in the bar. He comes in a assesses the surroundings. I motion for him to have a seat in the chair that I had sat in only a few minutes before and watched. He undoes his zipper and pulls his cock and balls out of his underwear, leaving his cloths still on. I grasp both of her hands and pull her up from the bed. She takes a couple of steps as I guide her towards the chair and then I push her down to the floor on her knees. Her top is still pulled up and her panties are still cum covered and a clear wet spot is visible. I guide her head over to his now erect cock. She grasps it with her hands and squeezes it hard. I push her face and mouth towards the dick and she starts sucking it. Stopping occasionally to lick his balls... she begins to lick the cap...then takes in her mouth. Soon she is deep throating him as far down as she can. Minutes pass and I again get the camera. I get a nice close up of her taking that cock in her mouth. The pace is getting faster now as he starts reciprocating her stroke with his hips. She is squeezing that cock with her hand as it slides deep in her mouth. He looks over at me to let me know he is close to cumming. I just keep on filming. His hands are pinching her nipples hard as she keep servicing his cock. He groans and begins to heavy breath. He takes both hands from her hanging tits and grabs the arms of the chair, as his cock explodes in her mouth. She makes a satisfied whine with her voice as he dumps as much of his cum in her mouth as she could take, but some still manages to run out of the corner of her mouth. He finishes off and she turns her mouth towards me, then opens her mouth to show me his full load in her mouth. She then stands up and I guide her back to the bed... placing her back in the propped up position. She lets his cum run out of her lips and it all runs down onto her tits leaving them covered and messy. Several streams of cum are dripping off her chin. He re-zips his pants and leaves the room quietly.

It is over, as they have now done as I requested. She is used and cum-filled. The room smells of sex, and the bed is soaked. I have her the way I want her.... used. I remove her blind fold so that she may observe the aftermath. I tell her there are lots of pictures and videos to look at and there is no better time to watch them then right now. The night is young and we have until morning. Now she is mine...used by others...and now mine. I love her so much, and wanted her this way for so long. The night continues for me....

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