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Power Outage Part 2

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After our afternoon delight, Jenny and I were tight lipped about it. Not that Dana would have minded, but I had something else in mind.

Dinner was casual, some good food, some wine, good conversation. The chat got around to Jenny's husband leaving her in such a mess. She said that her and her hubby have an agreement, they are free to do their own thing. Saying that she didn't mind him going was all it took for him to head south.

After a few glasses of wine, Dana asked about Jenny being free to do her own thing. What did that include? Anything and everything was her answer. This raised Dana's eyebrows, I could tell that the wheels were turning. This could be fun!!

Jenny asked about our hot tub. It is an indoor tub, easily accomodates 6 adults, with glass panels above for a view of the stars. Asking if she would like to use the facilities, she nodded in the affirmative. Saying she lacked a swimsuit, Dana informed her we were nudists when it came to the tub. If that was to make her uncomfortable, we would wear suits. Jenny was good with nudity. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!!!!

Dana headed toward our bedroom to undress, Jenny headed to the hot tub. Slowly stripped and entered the tub. Not to be outdone, Dana, who watched the disrobing followed. There were two naked beauties in our hot tub. DAMN!!!

"Do you need a special invitation"? I was mesmerized by the naked women. I took off my shirt, khakis, and socks. Entering the hot tub I wondered about the seating arrangement. I was told to have a seat between the two naked, wet, sexy women.

Dana's hand was on my left thigh, mine on her right thigh. Jenny was rubbing my other thigh, while i played with her leg.

"Should I stop"? Jenny asked me. "No" I replied. "what about Dana"? " NOT a problem" we heard Dana say.

Jenny then wrapped her fingers around my cock, Dana was headed there, also, by found my balls instead. I was feeling great!! Two incredibly sexy women, fondling my manhood. What could be better?

Dana had me sit on the upper level of the tub, licking my dick, masterfully. Jenny got behind Dana and played with her ass. Slowly moving up to Dana's breasts. This sent a shock through Dana's body, resulting in her letting out a low moan. I love that sound, knowing where we are headed.

The girls then turned their attention to each other. Kissing passionately, tongues swirling, lips pressing, hands on breasts. It was HOT!!! So I wouldn't feel left out, Jenny gave make hard cock some oral pleasure. Dana carressed Jenny's breasts, pinching her nipples. This had an effect on both ladies. Dana suggested we head to the bedroom.

Our king sized has seen many GREAT lifestyle nights, I could only hope this was going to be another.

The ladies kissed each other very passionately, feeling each others breasts as they did. Jenny slowly made her way down Dana's body. Breasts, navel, thighs were tongued. Dana was squirming, panting, begging, pleading, moaning. It was a scene that you had to see to believe. Jenny was on her knees as she assaulted Dana's pussy. She shook her beautiful ass, I took it as an invitation. Slowly, I slid my cock into her wet, slippery pussy. Dana was approaching orgasm. Jenny was as well.

Dana came with a scream, Jenny followed. I slowly kept my pace. I heard Dana ask to be able to return the favor.

Things moved along quickly. Jenny's pussy was soon occupied by Dana's hot tongue. I slipped into Dana, she was soaked. I was sure to cum soon if I didn't slow my fucking. I slid out. The girls took this as a sign for them to enjoy each other, and that they did. 69 became my favorite number!!! Dana planting her pussy on Jenny's face then diving for her pussy. This continued for about 10 minutes or so. Both women were emitting muffled moans, the smell of sex was all around us. It was soooo fucking hot. Orgasms were rolling through both women.

I was treated to one of the hottest sex shows I had ever seen. Soon the ladies settled in to a very nice rhythm, pleasuring each other over and over again.

The ladies slowed their lovemaking, had me lay on my back. Jenny straddled my face, Dana mounted my cock. I ate Jenny while Dana slowly impaled herself on my dick. I was licking Jenny, reached for her breasts, only to find Dana's hands there. I was about to explode and Dana knew it. She pleaded with me to fill her pussy. It was not long before I erupted. Jenny came on my face. I was totaly satisfied.

As we came back to earth, Dana apologized for not sharing my load with Jenny. It became clear that we should let her in on our "secret" afternoon playtime. We told her about Jenny finding our profile and showing me hers. Dana was a little surprised, but glad to know we had made a new "friend:.

The power was restored the next day. Jenny and I made love in front of their fireplace. Dana and Jenny have become GREAT friends!!

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