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Our Trip to a Swingers Club

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Aloha from Hawaii..... I want to share with you all a recent happening with my wife and I. As I read the stories here on SLS, I realize that I too am very lucky to have a woman as I do for my wife who not only loves sex but craves sex.

My wife and I met nearly 20 years ago and have married now for 15 years and our sex life is better now than it's ever been. When we met, she was in college and I a young Soldier in the Army. From the beginning we have been each other's firsts..... especially when It comes to sex. We were each other's first in everything and up until about two years ago we thought we were content to having sex with just each other. One day about two years ago, one of my wife's girl friends from Zumba and yoga kind of started a spark on interest in my wife about swinging. Like most men, when she brought up the subject I was doing cartwheels in my brain at the thought of jumping into the lifestyle. We discussed things openly and completely about where it could lead and we finally took the leap several months later at a house party hosted by her girlfriend. We were a little apprehensive at first but once we took the plunge, we've never looked back. Debbie, my wife, and I have been enjoying the benefits and pleasures of our open relationship for about a year and a half now and it's actually made out marriage, especially the sex, better!

Debbie is a tall lady at 5'9" and she's maybe about 150 or so. She may not have the amazing figure she had in college, but then she's given birth to our two sons and has seemingly a million things on her agenda at any one time. How she squeezes time in to get in her workouts daily AND jump in the sack with me is nothing short of incredible. So, our day to day sex life is good, but we both look forward to those occasions when we go out to play. Our sons go to the grandparents house for the weekend and we unleash our inhibitions and go crazy for that weekend. Like many of the couples who enjoy the lifestyle, the "after" sex between just us two we share is often just as amazing and sometimes better than what happens when we play.

As I stated earlier, Debbie isn't a size 2 woman with a flat stomach and tits out to there. However, she has this amazing confidence and sensuality that makes both men and women find her incredibly desirable. She's got a nice curvy shape with very nice natural 34C's. Her areola are nice sized with nipples the size of a gr*pe, and when she gets aroused, both her areola and her nipples let you know she's horny. Debbie had both of her nipples pierced from she she was in college and often changed what she had on her nipples. Her hips are nice and shapely, the few extra pounds around her waist and hips gives anyone with her a sense that you are WITH someone and you're really holding a woman. Her ass is shapely and has a nice little giggle to it yet firm from her Zumba and yoga classes. Lastly her beautiful pussy, she keeps it well groomed and on occasion will get it waxed smooth. About a year earlier, on a dare from her Zumba girlfriend, she got the hood of her pussy pierced and now has quite an array of jewelry from barbels to rings that she always likes to mix it up and I love playing with her jewelry when I eat her.....

On a recent business trip, she decided to accompany me, sooner sons stayed with the in-laws and we looked forward to lots of sex during the "down time" and if we found the time to look into a local swinger's club. My trip was scheduled for a week and Debbie and I wanted to make the most of being in a new place and meeting new people. The first two nights, we weren't able to find much in the way of clubs in the area. On the third night, Debbie and I went to dinner with two of my co-workers and their wives. As the evening went on and the number of drinks we all had consumed began to add up, the conversation inevitably began to get sexual in nature and the topic of sex became the center of our conversation. One of the couples playfully joined in the conversation but that was where their participation ended. The other couple, however, made it clear that they too were looking for more than just a little banter and talk.

The six of us closed down the resturant and said our good nights and headed back to our respective rooms. The couple that clearly was looking for more was Kurt and Eve, they were in their mid thirties and looked like your typical "next door neighbor / PTA" husband and wife. Kurt was average build standing about 5'10" probably about 210 average build with moderate length brown hair and eyes an he had a neat personality and smile to top it all off. Eve on the other hand was very similar in size and shape of Debbie, a little bit heavier in the midsection but like Debbie, her flirtatious personality and confidence made her sexier than her outer appearance would indicate. What really made Eve sexier was her hazel colored eyes and her long straight black hair that went to the middle of her back.

That night when Debbie and I got back to our room we talked at length about the possibility of swapping with Kurt and Eve. Both of us agreed that there were some serious possibilities and would jump at the chance to swap with them. Debbie and I made love that evening and everything was great but we were still wanting to add more to our sexual repertoire. Debbie decided that she would approach Eve the next day about the four of us finding and going to a swingers club the next night. The next day, I was in one of the seminars I was required to attend when I had gotten a text from Debbie that she and Eve had discussed going to a club together and the two ladies were our shopping while Kurt and I were attending seminars and classes.

The mere thought of going to a club that evening got me thinking of the possibilities for that night. Kurt and I would stumble across each other during some of the breakout sessions and confirm with each other what the two ladies had discussed. I later found out that Kurt was also getting texts and pics from his wife throughout the day showing our two ladies together shopping for outfits for the night. Some of the dresses Debbie was looking at left nothing to the imagination, very form fitting and showed lots of skin. One in particular was nothing more than an oversized sheer dr*ped hoodie where the neckline plunged all the way down to her belly button..... that instantly gave me a hard-on. One of the lasts texts I got was a group text from the two ladies for both Kurt and I, it simply read "All four of us have tickets to a swing club tonight..... be ready for some fun!"

Debbie and I went to dinner and returned back to the room and got ready to go the the club with Kurt and Eve. Debbie got ready in the bathroom and when she came out she was wearing a calf length coat covering the surprise she had gotten earlier that day for the evening. We met Kurt and Eve in the hotel lobby and we headed for the club. Kurt looked clean and sharp definitely dressed to impress. Eve, unlike Debbie wasn't wearing a long overcoat, instead she wore a very fitted pair of low rise jeans and a gold sequenced halter top with a very low plunging neckline. Her top hugged her full shaped breasts and with the cool veining air it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

When we got to the club, Debbie stepped out of the car and removed her coat revealing her surprise for me. She was wearing a sheer black gown that hugged her curves beautifully. Her dress was sheer enough that it was clear.... Debbie was wearing no underwear what so ever under her dress. Much like with Eve, the cool evening air had Debbie's nipples rock hard and her dress struggled to no avail to keep her girls under some sort of wrap. The piercings she had on her nipples were if the ring sort having a gemstone at the bottom of the circle. The bellybutton ring was a dangling charm with a gemstone that matched her nipple rings. Then to top it all off, even the jewelry on her pierced pussy matched too...... My cock was a raging hard on and wanted so badly to escape.

We entered the club and got our tour of the joint. The first floor was the bar and dance floor where no total nudity or sex was allowed. The second floor had another bar and smaller and more intimate dance floor with small booths around the room with couches and chairs for groups of 4 to 6 people. Finally, the third floor was the "play room" floor. The center of the floor was a large room for 20 to 30 people or so with mattresses and pillows all over the place. There were small night stands which had the lamps and candles that lit the room very seductively. Jetting out from the group playroom were 4 hallways that we were told led to smaller rooms for play groups of 4 to 6 who wanted to play in private..... The club was well laid out at there were many beautiful people in there. When our tour was completed Kurt and Eve decided to remain on the third floor while Debbie and I headed to the second floor.

We got to the second floor and there was about a dozen or so people there. Debbie and I took to the dance floor and began to dance. As the lights of the dancing area spun and lit up the room, it caught the gem stones of my wife's piercings and sparked through her sheer dress. There were several other couples and two females dancing together on the floor. The sexual tension was so heavy, you could cut it with a knife..... One of the couples on the floor had the woman in only a black thong panty, thigh high stockings and her stilettos. Her male dance partner was caressing one of her breasts while fingering her on. The two women dancing with each other were passionately kissing each other while their hands explored the body of the other. It was so damn hot watching all of this raw sexual desire being unleashed.

After several songs, Debbie and I found one of the open booths and ordered some drinks. After only a few minutes a couple asked us if they could join us. The couple was an older couple, both in their early 50's. Bruce is a banking executive and Shelly is an attorney, both of them are in exquisite sharp and obviously know their way around a gym. Bruce was very slender with a very tone physique and Shelly was a tall woman with a body of a thirty year-old.... she was very open about having a great plastic surgeon who had done a "mommy make-over" on her several years earlier including her beautifully enhanced 36C's. Both of them were dressed to impress, him with silken slacks and fitted long sleeve shirt and her a sultry very short black dress. We began talking and before long the four if us were on the dance floor with each other's partner.

Bruce and Debbie were dancing together and it didn't take long for the two of them to begin to turn up the heat. As Shelly and I danced, she confessed to me that she gets incredibly hot watching her husband get it on with other women. So as Debbie and Bruce started dancing more and more erotically, Shelly positioned herself with her back to my chest and set herself up for the show. Bruce was now moving his hands over every bit of Debbie and I could tell she was getting even more turned on than she already was. Shelly grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits leading me to massage her luscious breasts.... I now had my first experience playing with "enhanced" breasts, and I liked it. Debbie and Bruce were now kissing each other's necks as their hands began exploring the other's body. It didn't take long before Bruce was rubbing my wife's love slit while he massaged one of Debbie's tits and passionately kissed my wife. I was so turned on watching Bruce pleasure my wife.

Shelly was now grinding her ass cheeks into my crotch which was now sporting a full blown hard on. When she felt my cock with her ass, she spun her head around to look at me and placed a deep wet kiss on my lips. "Do you and your wife full swap? 'Cause I want you to fuck me and I know Bruce wants your wife!" "We sure do.... You two wanna go up stairs?" "If you two are ok, Bruce and I like to put on a show.... you two ok with the booth we were sharing earlier? I kissed Shelly as she and Debbie went back the their respective husbands. Debbie told me that Bruce had asked her the same thing Shelly asked me a few seconds earlier. Now Debbie and I aren't usually the kind to have sex in the open, but the passion and desire got the better of us and we decided to go for it.....

The four of us headed back to our booth and the wives exchanged partners. Once again, Shelly chose to take on the role of the voyeur as Bruce and Debbie began to play. It only took a couple of seconds before Bruce and Debbie were going at it full throttle. Debbie had her dress wrapped around her waist and Bruce was devouring my wife's breasts with a vengeance. As Debbie threw her head back she let out a moan filled with sexual fulfillment. Debbie was unzipping Bruce's pants reaching in to pull out his cock. When she got it out, she broke her contact with Bruce and began her masterful consumption of Bruce's penis. Being on the receiving end of Debbie's talented tongue and mouth I knew Bruce was in for a blowjob to remember. Bruce yielded a sizable cock probably in the 8 inches plus range with an above average girth to it. I watched in envy and erotic wonder as Debbie bobbed her head up and down on him. Bruce struggled to fully open his pants to allow Debbie complete access to his crotch.

I now had Shelly sitting next to me stroking me with one hand and fingering herself with the other hand. While dancing with Shelly earlier, I found out she wasn't wearing any panties much like Debbie. As we watched Debbie suck the life out of Bruce's cock Shelly brought two fingers of her pussy juices to her lips, I grabbed her hand and licked her clean..... she tasted so delicious, I wanted more. We turned our attention to our spouses and Bruce now had his shirt off and his pants were down at his ankles. Bruce pulled Debbie to her feet and grabbed her hips and brought her to his face. "Holy shit!!!! She's pierced! I've never ate a pierced pussy before!" Hearing that, Shelly clamped down on my cock even harder. Debbie was now kneeling on the top of the back rest of the couch with her pussy on Bruce's mouth. Erotic moans of pleasure were now coming from both of them. Because of Debbie's piercing, it doesn't take much for her to cum,MIT takes just a few tugs on her piercing and some sort of clitoral stimulation for her to explode. My wife was beginning to thrust her hips into Bruce's face as she neared her first orgasm.

Bruce grabbed Debbie's ass cheeks and pulled her tight to his face as he brought my wife to her first orgasm. Debbie bucked wildly shoving her crotch onto Bruce's face expending the last bit of her orgasm on Bruce's face. The moment she finished her orgasm, she slid down Bruce's body and inserted his cock into her now dripping wet love slit. Debbie posted herself on Bruce in reverse cowgirl position giving Shelly and I a front row seat to the action. Shelly and I were mesmerized as we watched Debbie's pussy slide up and down on Bruce's cock. "Look at her pussy gobble up my husband's cock.... and I love that dangling piercing she has. I want to eat her!" Shelly got off the couch and dove right into Debbie's pussy licking her as she rode her husband's dick. I was so turned on seeing Shelly going down on Debbie as she got fucked. As I said earlier, Shelly was wearing a very short dress which with her bent over now showed me full access to her ass and pussy.

Shelly stopped just for a second to tell me to fuck her. I was no fool, so I dropped my pants pulled my cock out and placed the tip of my man meat at the entrance to Shelly's lips. She was so warm and wet and the vision in front of me was so hot, the first drips of pre-cum began to seep from my head. Feeling my head at her lips, Shelly forcibly shoved her hips rearward impaling herself on my rock hard cock. We were now engaged in a full blown four way full swap. The initial feel of Shelly's tight pussy was nothing short of amazing. I could feel the silky satin walls of her pussy lock on around my cock as she rode back and forth on my dick. As she rode me, I reached forward and grabbed me two handfuls of her beautiful tits.

I was enjoying the feel of Shelly around my cock, when I heard Debbie nearing another orgasm. I knew Shelly must have been playing with Debbie's piercing. The familiar low rumble of Debbie's orgasm started to build from the depths of her lungs and she was soon erupting in another explosive eruption. Seeing Debbie cum, I wanted Shelly to feel the same pleasure. With one of my hands, I began rubbing her clit as I fucked her doggie style. My pace quickened and became more forceful. "Fuck me hard, shove it in me..... I want to cum!" I could feel how hard Shelly's clitoris was so I knew she too was about to unleash her passion. "I'm cuming, I'm cuming, I'm cuuuuuuuuuming". I could feel the walls of Shelly shutter around my cock as she rode out her sexual explosion.

I heard Bruce nearing his own orgasm as Debbie continued to ride him like a banshee. As he announced he was ready to cum, Debbie got off him and engulfed his cock in her mouth to receive his blast in her throat. I know Debbie likes the taste of cum and knew she'd suck him dry..... sure enough, when she was finished with Bruce, there was no sign of cum or her pussy juices left on his cock. She finished sucking Bruce and then she sat on his lap and the two kissed each other deeply. Right about that time, I was ready to blow my load.... "Where do you want me to cum?" "Shoot it all in me.... Fill me with you cum!"

As I launched my semen in Shelly, I felt this amazing release in every thrust. My cock released the last of its load in Shelly and began to extract itself from her pussy. Shelly tried desperately to keep me in her to no avail, my now limp cock eased its way from Shelly and I marveled the sight of her freshly cream pied pussy. She reached between her lips and pulled some of my cum out to taste it. She stood up and she pushed me back on to the couch and sat on my lap and deeply kissed me. When we broke our embraces, we heard the sound of some clapping. We had built an audience and apparently we were quite entertaining to our bystanders. Included in the voyeurs were Kurt and Eve the look on their faces was sheer excitement and desire.

Kurt and Eve joined us in our booth and the two got comfortable real quick. Kurt started playing with Shelly and Eve was stroking my cock while Eve and Bruce were engaged in a hot kiss. Shelly mentioned that she had reserved one of the private playrooms on the third floor and offered it to us to continue our play time. Bruce and I got our pants on while Debbie and Shelly removed their dressed that were around their waists and all six of us headed upstairs. When we got to the third floor, the large playroom had maybe 20 or so people in a variety of groups from male/female couples, threesomes as well as lesbian players too. The action in the large playroom was so hot, my cock was once again hard wanting to get busy again.

We made our way down the hallway and entered the room and the girls got naked in nothing flat. As the men worked at getting naked, the women engaged in a three way daisy chain on the mattress. It was so hot watching all three women going down on another while getting eaten at the same time. All three guys were nude sporting our respective hard-ons, and with the hot lesbian show in front of us we all began striking ourselves. Eve was eating Debbie, Shelly was getting eaten by Debbie and Shelly was going at Eve.... it was so fricken hot! Debbie began her third orgasm as Eve ate her with a feverous pace. As Debbie was cuming, she was now fingering Shelly as she licked her clit. With Debbie and Shelly erupting in their respective orgasms, Eve made it known she wanted a cock in here that very moment..... who was I to disappoint.

I pulled Eve from the group and turned her on her back and slid my cock into her waiting love slit. I loved fucking her, the little extra meat on her was very sensual to watch shimmer as we moved together. Debbie was once again going at it with Bruce riding him like there was no tomorrow, and Kurt and Shelly were getting into a doggie style fuck session. It was so hot seeing the three couples fuck crazy. Just when I was about to explode, Shelly screamed "Switch"... all three girls broke from their partners and sought to fuck someone new. I now had Shelly again, Debbie was with Kurt and Shelly was on her husband..... after a few more minutes of that, Shelly again called out switch and the ladies switched again. I now had my wife and feeling her freshly fucked pussy around my cock was nothing short of earth shattering.

The look on her eyes as we fucked with an incredible passion was so invigorating and erotic. There was my lovely wife on her back with legs wide open looking at me with loving and passion. It was so hot, I knew I wasn't going to last long.... not wanting to be the first to blow his load, I pulled out of Debbie and dove head first into my wife's wet and juicy pussy. The combination of her fucked pussy juices combined with her sweet sweat was heavenly. I love the tasted of pussy and what I was tasting was the best pussy I had ever tasted. I alternated between sticking the tip of my tongue in her pussy hole to flicking her rock hard clit. I knew that if I so much as tugged once on Debbie's piercing she'd loose it. I inserted two fingers into her hole as I licked her oussy. She began to erupt in yet another orgasm and I began to stroke her g-spot with my finger and I finally gave her piercing a tug..... that's when she went over the edge. Her orgasm went into levels beyond her normal orgasm. It was so intense she released a flow of ejaculate all over my face......

As her bucking began to subside, I reinserted my cock in her and resumed my thrusts in her. I looked around the room and watched as Eve was on top of Kurt and Shelly was taking it from behind from Bruce. Bruce was now unloading his man juice in his wife as she screamed from her orgasm. When they finished, Eve went to Shelly and Bruce and Kurt came by Debbie and I. I lost focus on the others as I focused on Debbie and I. Debbie was rolling through another orgasm as I played with her clit as I fucked her and the feel of her pulsating pussy walls pushed me to my own orgasm. "Shoot it on my tits!" Debbie said! I pulled my cock out of her and unloaded my jinx all over my wife's tits.

Debbie began to use her fingers to smear my cum all over her tits. "Can I lick her up?", Kurt asked.....WTF?!?!?! I'd never seen a guy want to lick up another guys cum.... Debbie agreed and Kurt began seductively licking up every last bit of my cum. Debbie pulled him up to her and Bruce dripped a bunch of my cum from his mouth into Debbie's. I found that actually very erotic and exciting watching a man lick up my cum and swap it with my wife. As Kurt and Debbie finished sharing my love juice, Shelly and Eve were getting a face full of cum shot on them from Bruce. When Bruce finished shooting his load on the two women, they went about licking the cum off each other's face.... It was so fucking hot watching all these people swap cum.

We all relaxed in the arms of our respective spouses for a few moments before we all got dressed and headed on our way. Shelly and Bruce broke away from us and headed to the large playroom while Kurt and Eve along with Debbie and I headed back to our hotel. During the ride back to our hotel, Kurt asked me what I thought of him knowing that he likes to eat cum.... I told him that what he does in the Lifestyle is no ones business.... "That's not for me! but I gotta admit! watching you and my wife swap my cum was pretty hot!". We got to our hotel and kissed each other gods night at the lobby and went our separate ways. That night, Debbie and I made crazy love three more times before we collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

That night of sexual passion, release and total submission to our carnal desires was a night I will long remember......

Till the next time.


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