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Our Getaway (mmf)

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My name is Sara and I wanted to tell my story of our first experience. My husband Jake and I have been married for ten years. We have a really good marriage and have always had great sex. Lately it has been getting really spicy and hot. We have been role-playing about different ideas like me being a sex crazed neighbor or the sexy babysitter. One night we were having some fun with me getting some sexy lingerie on and him out in the living room waiting. When I came out I saw my husband jump up from the computer and go sit down on the couch. As I sat down next to him I decided to ask what kind of porn he was looking up. He said, ?I found this web site with some really hot stories.? I could tell he was really turned on by what he was seeing. I told him to turn it back on so I could see what he was looking at. As he put on the web site it was full of different profiles with different couples and singles looking to have some fun. He put on the story and I started to read it. It was very erotic. I told him to go take a shower and maybe we can play out the story. He rushed off and I was left to get really aroused. As I was reading the story it was a real turn on. I couldn?t stop touching myself and my pussy was getting soaked. I had to sneak into the bedroom to get my vibrator. As I went in I could see my husband from around the corner. He was still a rock and that was making me even hornier. I knew I was in for a good night. I went back out and started to read the story. It was so arousing to read how this wife was going to get it from two guys. I was so into what I was reading that I was surprised by my husband standing right behind me. He told me to keep reading. He went between my legs and spread them open. He was shocked to see how wet my pussy was. I wasn?t wearing any panties on. Just my little lace lingerie. As I got to the end of the story the wife was getting it really good and I needed a good fuck. My husband was licking my pussy and sliding his fingers in and out of me. I grabbed him and took him over to the bed and sat right on his cock. He was throbbing hard. I couldn?t get enough of his dick. As we were fucking I asked him if he wanted to play out the story. I felt him get even harder. He said, ?I would love to fuck you any way you want.? I was feeling very naughty. I started to talk like I was the woman in the story. It was one of the hottest nights we had in a while.

The next couple of weeks we couldn?t keep our hands off of each other. We would find different stories to play out. My husband would surprise me every now and then with a new toy. It was very hot. We decided we needed a night away. It can be a little difficult because of our two children but we made it work. We had Jakes mother out and we had the day and night to ourselves. The days leading up to the trip were even hotter then it has been. I went out and got new sexy lingerie. He went and got me a new toy.

The day finally arrived. We got everything lined up and were out of the house by 10 am. It was so nice to be just us two. Don?t get me wrong I love my children but they are 8 and 3 and can be a hand full sometime. We finally got to the hotel. It is about an hour and a half away. It is a casino hotel that has all the amenities. We showed up just around 1pm and got right into our room. Jake got us a giant two-room suite. One room was just a couch and a TV. The other room was open to the other with a giant king size bed and a big TV. In between the rooms was a giant hot tub. It was perfect. I was so excited for the day and night to come. We decided to head straight to the pool and just spend the day relaxing in the sun. Jake could hardly keep his hands to himself. We had to leave the room or we were going to start having sex. I quickly got on my bikini and we were off to the pool. As we walked out it was very crowded. I didn?t see any empty chairs. When we walked out a gentleman from the hotel came over and already knew my husbands name. I told us to follow him. We made our way around the pool towards the cabanas. I should have known that Jake had something up his sleeve. He brought us to an empty cabana and told us a waitress will be here shortly. It was perfect. We had a great time. We started it off with a couple of drinks and just sat back and relaxed. We had lunch and a few drinks and I was feeling really good. The rest of the pool was packed. I was noticing a couple that walked by a few times looking around. I started to feel a little guilty about having all this room. The cabana was set up for at least six people. I started to tell Jake that we should see if they want to sit with us. We decided that if they walk by again we would invite them to join us. As we expected they came around again. Jake got up and started the conversation. They looked very happy and quickly said yes. Their names were Dylan and Jaime. They were from Denver and around the same age as us, thirty-eight. I could tell Jake didn?t mind that they were there because Jaime was very attractive but I couldn?t say anything because Dylan was very hot as well. We had a great time. They kept buying drink after drink. We all really got along and even decided to exchange numbers so we could all stay in touch.

As we got up to go to the room I was feeling a little drunk. We got up to our room and had a few hours until our dinner reservation. Jake quickly pulled my bikini off. I really wanted him. He was licking my pussy and had me so horny. I had to try really hard to stop. But we finally stopped. I really wanted to keep going but we had a plan to play out a fun little fantasy. He reluctantly agreed and we stopped. He had to go do something and I really wanted to take a nap. Having two kids I haven?t had a good nap in ages. Jake got dressed and went down to gamble and I just passed out naked on the bed. It was great to have some time to relax.

When I woke up I found a note. It said ?Be ready in 2 hours, I will come and get you for a night of fun. I could tell that we were going to have a great night. I was feeling great after the nap. I took a hot shower and started to get ready.

About two hours later I was ready in my small little black dress that barley cover my ass. My husband showed up looking very hot. He had a new suite on and looked damn sexy. We went out to a great dinner at a steak house. As we sat there we were playing around like we were on our first date. I was playing the married women on a business trip. It was so hot I could hardly keep my hands off him. He started to order me shots. I was getting really drunk. I always feel like I really let lose and get naughty when I?m drunk. He started telling me how he wanted to see me go in a bar alone and see if guys will hit on me. I quickly agreed and we were off to one of the bars in the hotel. As we got close he started to hang back. He let me go in first and he came in a bit later. I went up to the bar and started to feel really drunk. I had a guy come up to me right away. He got me a drink and stayed around and chatted for a few. He decided to leave and almost right away I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought it was going to be Jake. As I turned around I noticed it was Dylan. He told me that his wife was up in the room still. She got to drunk at the pool and was sick in the room now. He started to blame me. I started to laugh and told him if she couldn?t keep up then she should have stopped. He said it was my turn to get really drunk so he ordered me a shot. I was getting really drunk now. I could tell Dylan was checking out my body, but I didn?t try to cover anything. My dress is really short and was starting to creep up. Dylan noticed and couldn?t take his eyes off of my legs. It was such a turn on to think I still got it. After a while Jake came up to the bar. I was kind of funny because Dylan asked us flat out if we were playing out a little game. I turned bright red and all I could do is just laugh and take another shot. Jake started to explain and Dylan told us that him and Jaime do the same thing from time to time.

We were at the bar for at least an hour having shots. I was feeling very drunk and horny. I leaned over to Jake and told him I was heading up to the room and would be ready for him in about 15 minutes. He put his hand on my leg and slowly moved it up to my pussy. I got instantly wet. I told him I was ready for a naughty night. I think I said that a little loud because Dylan stopped drinking and just looked at me. I was so drunk I didn?t even care. Jake told me to go put on my blindfold and get ready. I got up and made my way out the bar. I could feel the two of them watching me leave.

When I got up to the room I put on my new lingerie and turned on a porn. I found a hot video and was getting really wet. Jake had my toys out already. I couldn?t resist but to start to play a little. I was feeling really naughty. I heard the door unlock so I quickly put the blindfold over my eyes. Jake loves to see me play with my toys so I grabbed it again and put it in my pussy. He was taking his time coming over to me. I started off the role-playing. I started to ask him if he was the guy from the bar. He said he was and that he was here to fuck me. I got so wet just hearing him say that. He came over to me and started to rub my tits. It was very erotic. I grabbed his cock and started to rub him. He slowly moved away like he was moving. Then I felt my legs being spread. He was asking me if I fucked all my men like this. I told him I like to meet other men at a bar while I?m on business trips. He was licking my pussy and fucking me with my toys. He got off the bed and I didn?t even hear him move but he was right next to the bed and put his cock in my mouth. He told me to keep my hands down on my toy. As he was putting the head of his cock in my mouth it felt very hard and bigger than normal. I would try to take off the blindfold every now and then and he would stop me. He said he liked to fuck his women like this. I started to tell him I asked 3 men from the bar to come up here and I was trying to figure out whom it was. His cock got really hard and he pulled it out of my hand. He grabbed me and pulled me over to the side of the bed and started to fuck me really fast and hard. It felt so good and going really deep. He said that two out of the three where here. That made me so wet I almost had an orgasm right there. He pulled his dick out of my pussy and started to fuck me with my toy. I was really into this game. I was telling him to take turns fucking me. I could feel him step away then come back and started to fuck me for a while. It was so erotic to play like this. We have role played about other guys fucking me but this was so hot. Every thing was very erotic. I think I was really drunk because it seemed like at times there were more than two hands. Jake said now are you ready for your surprise? I thought he was going to cum so I said hold on I want to cum with you. He pulled my blindfold off. I was on my knees facing the TV. There was a hot video on. I said I am ready to be fucked on my knees. Jake was in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. Then I felt hands on my ass and a cock going in my pussy. I was so shocked. I quickly spun around and found Dylan was the guy behind me. I couldn?t believe my eyes. I started to ask if he was here the entire time. Jake said they have been taking turns fucking me. It all started to make sense now. Every now and then it would feel different. Dylan and Jake just stood there. I think Jake was a little nervous to see how I was going to react. It was so erotic to see two cocks all for me. Instead of saying something I just grabbed their dicks and started to suck on them. They were so hard. Dylan had a slightly bigger cock then my husband. Jake is not small by any means but Dylan was just a little thicker. I felt like such a porn star. I was going back and forth on their cocks. They quickly spun me over to my back. Jake started to suck on my tits while I was sucking on Dylan. Their hands were all over me. It was so hot. I couldn?t take it much longer so I told them someone has to fuck me right now. Dylan jumped at that opportunity and put me on the edge of the bed so he could stand up and fuck me. He started to get into a good rhythm and my husband was licking my tits and would put his cock in my mouth. I felt like I was in a dream. Jake and Dylan would switch positions after a few and take turns who would fuck me. It was so erotic. They would flip me around from on my back to doggy. After a while Dylan laid down next to me and was sucking on my tits as I was was on my knees. I moved over and started to ride him reverse cowgirl. Jake got up and was watching me. He was hard as a rock. I started to ask him if he liked to see me riding another cock. He came over next to me and grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. He was so hard he didn?t even have to answer. He was rubbing my body all over. As I was riding Dylan I could feel him start to try to rub my ass. I slowly bent over forward so he could get a nice view of my ass. All of a sudden I felt his fingers slid right up my ass. I almost lost it and had a huge orgasm. I quickly sat back and stopped for a minute. He apologized as if he did something wrong. I said, ?Did you want to do something like this?? I pulled his cock out of my pussy and slowly sat down on his dick so it was in my ass. My husband was very shocked. I rarely let my husband fuck my ass. I don?t know if it was the alcohol or what but it felt really good. Now I was lying back onto Dylan and Jake was fingering my pussy as I was getting it in my ass. I just closed my eyes and told Jake to come and fuck my pussy at the same time. I could feel the lube being rubbed on my pussy. As he put the head of his cock in my pussy I couldn?t help but just let out a long loud moan. I was being dped and it felt so well. They slowly got into a rhythm and were going nice and slow. This went on for about 5 minutes then I couldn?t help but start to yell out that I was going to cum. I had the biggest orgasm that I have ever experienced. As I was finishing I felt as though I had no control of my body and was just floating. They both shot their loads in my holes and moved me over to the bed. I could feel the hot cum running out of me. Jake went over to the bath and turned it on for me. He picked me up and put me in the nice hot water. I was feeling so good. Dylan and Jake sat out in the room chatting for a few. I could hear Dylan say how amazing I was. Jake would just laugh and say, ?I know, she is amazing.? When Dylan left the room Jake came in and joined me. We just lay in the tube for a few. We didn?t say a word but I all of a sudden felt horny again. I grabbed his cock and he was a rock again. We went at it all night long. The next morning we were down at breakfast and ran into Dylan and his wife. You could tell he was nervous we might say something around her. We just smiled and asked how their trip was. We did some small talk and went our own way. That was a wild weekend we had, it brought our sex life to another level.

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