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One summer afternoon

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It was a beautiful summer?s afternoon?. She had been to her neighborhood bar and grill for a late lunch and a few drinks. Feeling pretty good, she ventured homeward. As she pulled in her driveway, she was feeling a bit sadden by the fact there was no one at home. Her daughter was visiting her dad and her boyfriend was working late. Accepting the fact, it was going to be a lonely evening but knew she had many things to keep her occupied. Once she entered her home, she turned on the television the proceeded to her bedroom to slip into some more relaxing clothing. As she entered her bedroom, she was grabbed from behind and a hand was placed over her mouth. In a man?s voice, she hears ?Don?t say a word!? For a moment, she was a bit frightened until she recognized the voice as her lover. He removed his hand from her mouth and took a blindfold from his pocket, placing it over her eyes. He then demanded her to remove her clothing. He guided her over to the bed, setting her down on the edge and she begin taking off her cowgirl boots, she proceeded with her top then laid down on her back unbuttoning her jeans.

At this point, her sexy boyfriend took over and remover her jeans. Now she?s laying on her bed in her sexy red thong panties and her matching lace bra. Feeling a very soft, light touch across her belly she flinched a tad. She wasn?t sure of what this object was but totally loved the arousing feeling it was giving her. As this feather was being run up and down her beautiful tanned body, she felt a second person climb onto the bed. A bit startled, she asked ?What the hell, who is that?? In a very demanding voice, she heard ?I said, don?t say a word! If you disobey me, I will have to punish you!? At that point, her left hand was taken and a scarf was tied around her wrist, her hand was pulled up to the top of the bed and tied to the bedpost, then the right hand was taken and also tied. She knew she better not fight this. Feeling the feather upon her body, she also felt a tongue licking on her nipple and another. As best she could assume, her boyfriend was controlling the feather and this third person was licking on her. This feather was being softly run up the inside of her legs as he had force them apart. Her vagina was beginning to become moist. As the tongue was running all over her breast, her body began to squirm a bit, all she could think was; please lick my pussy.

This teasing went on for several minutes, until she couldn?t help but say ?Please baby, I want more!? His reply ?Oh, now you?ve done it, we will not touch you for 5 minutes? then she felt both bodies climb off the bed. Leaving her all alone, wet and hands tied. She is so frustrated, she actually tried to squirm her hand loose. A smack on her leg told her to stop. Knowing they were watching her, she pouted her lips out. Her lover stated ?That makes her look so sexy, doesn?t it, my friend?? The third voice spoke ?Yes it does.? To her surprise it was a female voice. Now she?s trying to recognize the voice, but can?t seem to figure out who this woman is.

Five minutes later, she hears her lover say ?Now, do you agree to behave? Do you agree not to irritate your master?? Her reply is ?Yes, master.? Then, he demands the woman friend to begin pleasing his lover. The woman?s hand began running up her leg as she climbed back onto the bed. Chill bumps were forming on her legs from anticipation. She felt the woman?s soft lips on her belly as it ran down to her vagina, she immediately felt the wetness begin again.

Once that tongue reached her sweet cunt, she began to moan and wiggle. She heard her master say ?Now, finger that sweet cunt for me, make her cum!? not to disappoint, his slave does as she is instructed. That feeling of her tongue?s movement alone with the 2 fingers being jabbed inside her, made her pussy throb. She felt her master sucking on her toes which was more than she could handle. She came so hard that her legs closed on the slave girl?s head, moaning, in relief.

The master instructed that we would only be taking a short break, as to she has a long night of fucking whether she likes it or not. Her master leaves the room and she can hear him making drinks in the kitchen. The slave girl was still in the room, she could only wonder what the girl is doing.

Her master returns and offers her a drink, so she leans up and sucks down a very strong white Russian, only taking a few sips. He insists she drink more, so she complies. She then feels him climbing no top of her and he forces her to take his dick in her mouth. She begins licking on his large rod as he is gently pumping her mouth with it. She feels the slave rubbing on his ass. He then removes his dick from her and tells her, it?s time for the slave girl to have a turn. She can hear all the slobbering on his dick as the slave girl is giving him head.

She can hear him moaning from the pleasure. She asks ?Baby, is she good?? He replies ?oh hell yeah, baby she?s awesome. Do you want me to help you know what she?s doing?? ?Of course.? She replies. So he begins telling what he is feeling?. ?Oh baby, she is sucking my rock hard dick, I?m going in & out of her wet lips. She is tickling my balls with her fingers and I?m about to cum in her mouth, oh baby, she?s going to swallow my hot wod? oh, ohh, baby I?m cumming, I?m cumming? my dick is all the way down her throat. Whoa, baby she is so good at sucking my dick! Oh, I gotta rest now!

?Now back to my girl,? he proclaims while pointing his slave girl to get back to work. Once again, she is being teased by her lips and gentle touch when she hears a vibrating sound. Just then she felt a silicone vibration rammed into her vagina. Umm, what a wonderful feeling, she thought. This vibration has a very soft outer piece that tickles the top of her lips. Awe, her very familiar rabbit! She once again came for her watchers. Only, the slave girl isn?t taking it out as she cums, causing her to have multiple orgasms. Her whole body is shivering from the release of her juices as she is screaming of the excitement. Begging her to stop ?I can?t take no more!? she yells. ?Ok, you can stop.? He instructs.

After a few minutes to rest, she has been instructed to take care of ?our? slave girl now. She agrees as he unties her hands and allows her to remove the blindfold. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw how beautiful the young lady is. He instructed her to get her head buried is that beautiful pussy. She begin with softly rubbing her big breast and nibbling on her nipples then works her way down to the sweet treat. Yummy, she tasted good. Sucking and twirling that tongue around, our girl was really letting her juices flow. Fingers added to the mix makes her squirm. At this point, Master has recovered from his rest and decides he wants to fuck, so he climbs behind her and inserts his large cock into her (doggie style), softly stroking so that she is still able to nibble on the slave girl. Almost immediately our slave girl screams of ecstasy, giving him the urge to pound her hard, pulling her beautiful long blonde hair as he slams her, in and out?. She begins moaning, he spanks her ass for he knows she loves to be spanked. Pounding and pounding, he reaches that awesome release of semen once again. Falling over to rest, they all are worn out! The girls were officially introduced and cuddled up to their master for a much needed nap.

~the end~

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